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Colombiafrank‘s Puerto Asis Colombia Travel Guide

Puerto Asís

Updated on 04/02/2024

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Why visit Puerto Asis?

Puerto Asis is one of the cities of the department of Putumayo and is located on the left bank of the Putumayo River.

The city borders to the east with the municipality of Puerto Leguizamo, to the south with the Republic of Ecuador, to the north with the municipalities of Puerto Guzmán and Puerto Caicedo, and to the west with the municipalities of Orito, Valle de Guamuez and San Miguel.

Puerto Asis is an excellent tourist destination as there are places surrounded only by nature and beautiful sunsets to enjoy while tasting some of the exquisite typical dishes that the region has to offer its visitors.

Facts about Puerto Asís

  • Puerto Asís is located at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level.
  • Puerto Asís has a warm climate with temperatures between 19°C and 29°C.
  • The main industries in Puerto Asís are trade, livestock and the oil industry.
  • Puerto Asís has the largest population in the entire Putumayo Department.
  • Puerto Asís is considered the commercial capital of the department of Putumayo.
  • Puerto Asís has a population of approximately 113,893 inhabitants.
  • Puerto Asís has more than 2,400 commercial establishments.
  • Puerto Asís is about 90 km (56 miles) from Mocoa, the capital of the department of Putumayo.
  • Puerto Asís was incorporated on May 3, 1912.
  • Puerto Asís has an area of 2610 square kilometers.

Tourist attractions in Puerto Asis

Here are some of the city’s top attractions:

Monument to the Centenary

The Monumento al Centenario is located in the Glorieta of Carrera 20, in the center of the city.

This bronze work by designer Arnold Ojeda pays homage to the 100th anniversary of the founding of Puerto Asis, celebrated in 2012.

Recreation center Comfamiliar

The Comfamiliar leisure center is a place with various pools and slides where you can have fun.

The facility is located at Calle 11 Carrera 17, Barrio Las Americas.

Pier La Esmeralda

The Muelle la Esmeralda is an ideal place to enjoy the Putumayo River.

From this jetty depart the various boats and launches that go to Puerto Leguízamo and Leticia.

Ecotourism Center Kofan

The Kofan ecotourism center is located in the village of Agua Negra.

This place is ideal for enjoying nature, as there are several natural pools and trails where you can spot macaws, primates and other Amazonian animals.

If you decide to visit the Kofan Ecotourism Center, you can also participate in community tourism with the surrounding farms and learn about the production of various Amazonian fruits.

Places of interest near Puerto Asis

Here are some attractions near Puerto Asís.

Hong Kong beach

Hong Kong Beach is 3 km (1.8 miles) from Puerto Asis.

This beach is the ideal place to relax as it is very quiet.

Best time to go to Puerto Asís

The best time to visit Puerto Asis is between May and July, when the weather conditions are more favorable to visit and enjoy the different touristic spots of the city.

Events in Puerto Asís

Asís throughout the year and not to be missed.

Putumayo River Regatta

The Putumayo River Regatta is an event in which more than 6,000 people take an approximately 5-hour trip down the Putumayo River in handcrafted rafts and hoops.

This event, attended by thousands of tourists from all over the country, takes place on January 3rd every year.

Expoasis livestock fair

The Expoasis Cattle Fair is an event in Puerto Asis that brings together the best ranches in the Putumayo department.

Horseback riding, dog shows, horse and livestock shows are held during this fair.

The Expoasís livestock fair is usually held in August.

Puerto Asis Carnival

The Puerto Asis Carnival is celebrated on the first of January.

Various folkloric events are held as part of this festival, among which the most outstanding are the dances, parades and comparsas.

Birthday of Puerto Asís

The founding of Puerto Asís is celebrated on May 3rd every year. Various cultural activities and sporting events take place on this day.

Patronal festivals of the city

The city’s patronal festivals are held in honor of San Francisco de Asis.

During these festivals, which usually take place on October 3rd, various activities are carried out, including the oral storytelling competition “La selva to do U.N cuento” (The jungle is a story).

Nightlife in Puerto Asis

Puerto Asis has some great places to listen to music and dance, here are some of them.

Euforia Rock Bar

Carrera 33 # 13A-15

The best place in Puerto Asis to enjoy rock music.

Chente Productions

Zona Rosa, Puerto Asis

Chente Producciones has a wide range of alcoholic drinks and live music of various genres.

Camelot Karaoke Club

Carrera 33 # 12 esquina, Puerto Asís.

Camelotkaraoke features one of the best karaoke bands in town.

Typical food in Puerto Asís

These are some of the typical dishes that you can find in Puerto Asís.


Chucula is a drink made from Chirario that contains cinnamon, milk and cloves.


Tacacho is made with pork skin, salt, and chopped onions.

It is usually served with coffee.

Smoked cachama

cachama Ahumada is a dish consisting of cachamas, salt, onion, and pepper, and is usually served with lemon, corn, and patacones.

Rainbow trout

This dish is made with salt, garlic, butter, pepper, vegetable oil and rainbow trout, which is a freshwater fish.

Accommodation in Puerto Asis

Here are some accommodation options in Puerto Asis, Colombia:

Hostal Suna Vito

Calle 34 # 100, Barrio Simón Bolívar


Hostal Suna Vito offers its guests very pleasant facilities such as an outdoor pool, a terrace, board games, mini golf, a garden and places for cycling and walking.

Rooms come equipped with a coffee maker, refrigerator, Xbox 360 video game console, flat screen TV, desk, private bathroom, and in some cases even a balcony.

Hostal Suna Vito is 3 km (1.8 miles) from Tres de Mayo National Airport.


Block F House 1 Luis Carlos Galan III


Apart-Hotel LENEMBERGER features a beautiful garden, a shared lounge and car rental.

The rooms have a private bathroom, air conditioning, a flat screen TV and a beautiful garden view, as some have a terrace and others a balcony.

LENEMBERGER Aparthotel is 2 km (1.2 miles) from Tres de Mayo National Airport.

How to get to Puerto Asis?

The city of Puerto Asis is 720 kilometers from Bogota, the capital of Colombia. There are several ways to get from Bogota to Puerto Asis.


The quickest way to get to Puerto Asis is by plane. Tres de Mayo National Airport is connected to Bogotá and the main cities in the country. This airport is located just a few meters from the city center.

You can fly with different airlines like Easyfly or Satena.

The airlines that offer connections are as follows:


Puerto Asis has a bus terminal at Carrera 19 #11-33, from where you can travel with bus companies such as Transipiales, Coomotor and Bolivariano.

The journey takes about 17 hours.

The easiest way to buy tickets is through Pinbus.

By car

Another option is to travel by car, although it can be quite long, taking between 18 and 19 hours depending on traffic jams and speed.

Please note that you have to pay about 7 tolls on the route.

The following companies rent cars in Colombia:

  • Hertz
  • Avis
  • ABC

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