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Bespoke and Luxury Travel in Colombia



Explore the top tourist destinations in Colombia to discover what this country has to offer. From paradise-like beaches in the Caribbean to wild adventures in the Amazons, the different natural regions of Colombia have everything you need for your perfect vacation.


On our Blog you will find information about our past experiences as well as useful tips for planning your trip to Colombia.


Pelecanus is a Colombian travel agency and destination management company (DMC) based in Bogota, Colombia. We are specialized on inbound tourism. We offer custom made and bespoke itineraries for demanding travelers from all around the world for all over Colombia.

We organize the perfect Colombian experience to foreigners. As a boutique travel agency we organize everything from an architecture journey, history and culture travel up to pure luxury travel including private plane and helicopters and unique experiences. We are also specialized in golf travels in Colombia and have started a second brand for nature tourism with a focus on birdwatching.

We are highly specialized professionals and are happy to advise you. We know Colombia first hand through extensive travels. We will not only combine the best products and destinations suitable for you, we are also continuously expanding our offer and also developing experiences ourselves or in cooperation with our local operators. We believe that a sustainable tourism needs to grow locally. We will be more than happy to develop a tailor made Colombian experience for you. Do you have something in mind that the market so far does not offer? No problem, we are ambitious to make it happen.

All our employees speak English. We also speak German, Swiss German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.


In the second half of the 20th century Colombia was not safe for tourism and even within the country, Colombians could not move around safely and even not drive out of Bogota. In the beginning of the 21th century all this was about to change. The 2002 elected president Alvaro Uribe fought back the FARC and many places of Colombia suddenly became much safer. International tourism started on a very low scale and consisted mostly in backpackers. In 2016 the peace agreement between the Colombian state and the FARC was signed and signaled to the world that Colombia is ready to receive international tourism. In 2018 Colombia already received over 3 million international travelers. We are still a touristically very young country. Infrastructure and offerings still do not match international standards but Colombia for sure, with its natural beauty and diversity, will become one of the top destinations in the world soon.


Pelecanus was founded in 2016 with the aim to serve the growing number of quality tourists coming to the country.

The initial work consisted in traveling around the country and learning about the sites, products and local service providers. Also safety was in the focus. It became clear that Colombia possesses a huge tourism potential but also that most of the destinations are not ready yet to offer certain standards. While destinations like Cartagena are a non brainer and one not needs to be smart or a connoisseur to sell that destination to foreigners, other regions require personal travel and partnership with local providers of trust. To give you an example: A detail that seems to be very silly but in reality is a showstopper for demanding travelers, that in many destinations no hot water is available. Explaining this as being a key element for international travelers, having a hot shower even if the outside temperature is over 30°C, to Colombian providers, can be quite tricky. Explaining the non-existence of hot water to international tourists is even more difficult.

When specializing on custom travels and targeting the luxury segment, the offer in Colombia is not obvious on first sight. As luxury hotels are still not very wide spread, apart from Cartagena and Bogota, the real treasure and luxury can be found in the experience and in the amazing natural and cultural offer. Colombia not only is the second most bio diverse country in the world, with its various landscapes, 2 oceans, Andean mountain chains and different cultures within the country, the touristic potential is sheer limitless.

Providing a quality or even luxury Colombian travel itinerary to middle and upper tier travelers is possible, but many factors have to be taken into account. Therefore we set a lot of emphasis in our sales process where we usually have various direct phone session with our clients and in the first session ask about information from the client side. Drawing a client profile is essential to evaluate the wishes and interests of the travelers. Also the budget needs to be clear. Even more important is to learn about constraints and what people do not like. For example, if one does not like insects etc., the Amazon Jungle might not be an accurate destination. After knowing the client, we usually explain about Colombia in general but also dive deeper into possible destinations. Usually this part becomes quite interactive and clients can learn more about destinations they are interested in. Usually this first call takes between 30 and 90 minutes. Afterwards we draft an itinerary, which we send to the client for review. Following, the clients can decide whether they would like to discuss and/or change the itinerary again. This can be a very swift step but also can take various months and include many changes. Our goal is, that our clients receive their itinerary of choice. For us, luxury travel in Colombia already starts at first contact. As soon our clients agree on the itinerary, we will exchange payment formalities and after an upfront payment, which is usually 50%, we will start with all the reservations and preparations.

Our service not ends there. Demanding clients might change their itinerary or have special wishes during their journey around Colombia. We are highly committed and flexible to make any adjustments or finding solutions. The direct communication with us within Colombia gives us a clear competitive advantage against our foreign competition. Also within Colombia, our service and high level of professionalism remains unchallenged.


We are a Colombian company but different. As the owner is Swiss with extensive experience in working with the ultra wealthy of the world, we took the best out of the two worlds and implemented it at Pelecanus. We strive to offer you the best service and that you will gain great lifetime memories during your journey around Colombia. The true secret of our outstanding service as a travel agency in Colombia is embedded in our company culture and work ethics. This is also the most difficult part for our competition to copy and therefore we are relaxed to stay ahead of our competitors for a long time.


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