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Updated on 03/12/2024

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Why visit Mitú?

Mitú is a wonderful destination for lovers of nature and ancestral culture. Located in the department of Vaupés in south-eastern Colombia, this town offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Amazon rainforest, where you can observe hundreds of species of birds, plants and animals.

Mitú is ideal for visitors looking for a different experience, away from modern life and in touch with the indigenous communities that inhabit the region.

Facts about Mitú

Mitú is a city in eastern Colombia, near the border with Brazil. It has about 13,000 inhabitants. The city was founded on November 1, 1935 and is located at an altitude of 183 meters above sea level. Mitú has a tropical rainy climate with high humidity and an average temperature of 26° C all year round.

Mitú ‘s economy is mainly based on subsistence farming, fishing and handicrafts. The city is known for the production of cassava, a type of bread made from cassava, as well as for the production of rubber and Brazil nuts. The tourism industry is also growing in Mitú as the town is a gateway to nearby Amacayacu National Park and other natural attractions in the region. The region’s natural beauty has made it an increasingly popular destination for ecotourists looking to experience the diverse flora and fauna of the Amazon rainforest.

Tourist activities and attractions in Mitú

If you’re planning a visit to Mitú, here are some must-see sights and activities you shouldn’t miss.

Getting to know Mituseño Urania

This is an indigenous community that can be reached either by tuk-tuk or by renting a bike. Here you can take a short hike, enter bat or guacharos caves and have your photo taken at the famous Vaupés sign while enjoying the panoramic view of the jungle and the Vaupés River.

Bird watching in Mitú

Mitú and its surroundings are a good destination for bird watchers. Macaws, toucans, tanagers, quinaquina parrots, trogons and rock cocks are just a few of the species that are easily spotted here.

Visit to the Yaigojé Aaporis National Natural Park

This park is one of the largest and most biodiverse in the country, covering more than a million hectares. Here you can admire impressive landscapes such as the Taraira mountain range, the Jirijirimo stream and the Campana hill. You can also learn about the culture and traditions of the indigenous peoples who inhabit the park, such as the Makuna, Tuyuca, Letuama, and Yauna.

Local gastronomy of Mitú

The typical cuisine of Mitú is based on the products that the jungle offers, such as fish, cassava, bananas and fruits. Some dishes to try are casabe (cassava tortilla), maito (fish wrapped in bijao leaves and fried over an open fire), tacacho (green plantain mashed with chicharrón), and copoazú (a cocoa-like fruit). You can also try drinks like masato (fermented cassava) and chuchuhuaza (homemade liquor).

Learn about the history and culture of Mitú

Mitú is a young city, only founded in 1935, but whose territory has been inhabited since ancient times by various indigenous groups who have left their mark on the local culture. You can visit the Ethnographic Museum of Vaupés, where you can get an insight into the crafts, music, medicine and cosmovision of these peoples. You can also take part in cultural events such as the Vaupés Festival or the Colombia-Brazil Binational Meeting.

Best time to visit Mitú

The best time to visit Mitú is between December and March, when the weather is drier and there is less rain. During these months you can enjoy the lush nature and biodiversity of this Amazon region, as well as the cultural and ecotourism activities on offer.

Events in Mitu

Mitú is a city full of life and culture that hosts various events throughout the year. Some of the highlights are:

  • Holy Week, lived with great devotion and religious fervour, with processions, masses and cultural events.
  • Vaupés Day, celebrated on July 4th, commemorates the creation of the department. There are parades, folkloric performances and recreational activities.

Typical food in Mitú

The typical cuisine of Mitú is an example of the diversity and richness of the indigenous culture that is native to this region of the country. The most typical dishes include casabe, a yucca brava tortilla served with bushmeat or fish; mamón, a thick green plantain soup with pork ribs; moqui, a smoked meat stew with yucca and spices; and pirarucú, a large fish that is fried or fried.

These are just a few examples of the local cuisine, which also includes exotic fruits such as arazá, copoazú and camu-camu. The typical cuisine of Mitú invites you to discover the tastes and traditions of the people of the Colombian Amazon.

Where to stay in Mitu?

When you visit Mitú you can stay in:

Posada turistica Quenari Wii

Carrera 8a Barrio Inaya


The Posada turistica Quenari Wii features a garden, shared lounge, a terrace and restaurant in Mitú. The accommodation features a 24-hour front desk, a shuttle service, a tour desk and free WiFi.

How to get to Mitú?

If you want to travel from Bogotá to Mitú, one of the fastest and most comfortable options is by plane. Mitú has an airport that serves Bogotá and other major cities nearby.


Mitú from Bogotá by plane, you can book a direct flight with the airline Satena, which operates two to three times a week and lasts about two hours. Fares vary depending on the season and demand, but are typically around 600,000 Colombian pesos (about US$135) each way.

Another option is to fly from Bogotá to Villavicencio and from there take another flight to Mitú, since the departures are more frequent.

The airlines that offer connections are as follows:

By land

If you prefer the land route, you should consider that the journey will be long and complicated as there is no direct route.

The most common route is the bus ride from Bogotá to San José del Guaviare, which takes about 10 hours and costs around 80,000 Colombian pesos (about US$18). From San José del Guaviare you can take another bus to Caruru, which takes about 12 hours and costs about 100,000 Colombian pesos (about US$20). From Caruru you can take a river boat to Mitú, which takes about 6 hours and costs about 120,000 Colombian pesos (about US$26).

The easiest way to buy tickets is through Pinbus.

Get around in Mitú

If you are visiting Mitú, you should know that there are several ways to get around the city. Here are some of the most common:

  • Motorbike: This is the most used and cheapest means of transport. You can rent a motorbike for a few hours or days, or take a motorbike taxi that will take you to your destination.
  • Bicycle: It is an ecological and healthy alternative. There are numerous bike paths and trails where you can enjoy the countryside and nature.
  • Canoe: This is the traditional means of transportation for the residents of the region. You can navigate the rivers and streams that surround the city while observing the local fauna and flora.
  • Hiking: This is the best way to get to know Mitú in depth. You can stroll the streets and squares, visit the historical and cultural sites and chat with the friendly and open-minded people.

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