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Updated on 06/17/2024

Playing Golf in Colombia

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Pelecanus is a full-service travel operator committed to delivering exceptional, tailor-made golf holidays in Colombia. We offer bespoke Colombia Golf itineraries in various destinations. 

Founded in 2016, Pelecanus has seamlessly extended its focus on quality travel to the luxury segment, making golf an integral part of our offerings since 2019. 

Golf trips in Colombia 

Explore our bespoke Colombia golf itineraries meticulously designed for golf enthusiasts like you. Colombia, often regarded as the golfing paradise on earth, offers a unique blend of topographies, temperatures, and environments across various destinations throughout the year. 

Picture yourself playing a round of golf in Bogota at over 3,000 meters (9,850 feet) above sea level today and tackling the next round tomorrow in Cartagena by the Caribbean at sea level. Colombia stands as a top golf destination, providing unparalleled possibilities that set it apart. 

Nurturing Golf Tourism in Colombia 

Colombia, a haven for golf enthusiasts, is witnessing the early stages of golf tourism development. While the overall tourism industry in Colombia is relatively young, the country has become safe for international travelers, leading to the growth of both package and quality tourism segments. 

Colombia boasts only a few public golf clubs, with the majority being private and highly exclusive, often affiliated with country clubs.  The concept of welcoming foreign golf enthusiasts is relatively new, presenting exciting opportunities alongside challenges such as limited rental equipment availability and the traditional involvement of caddies in many Colombian golf clubs. 


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