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Craft Beer Tour in Bogotá – Explore 15 Must-Visit Breweries

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Updated on 04/19/2024

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Follow the golden tap: An adventure through the most outstanding craft breweries in Bogotá.

Why drink craft beer in Bogotá?

Bogotá boasts a vibrant craft beer scene inspired by brewing traditions from England, Germany, Belgium, and France. With over 300 craft breweries, the city has carved out a niche to meet the growing demand from its residents, with more than 67% of Bogotá’s population enjoying beer. Many are seeking options with unique flavors, aromas, and concepts beyond the traditional industrial offerings.

Explore cozy pubs with diverse themes and a range of combinations to suit every personality. You’ll discover that these breweries are the result of the dedication of families and entrepreneurs who have created and spread their own brands.

Bogotá Beer Company (BBC)

Bogotá Beer Company is likely the most popular and awarded craft beer pub in the country. It has earned accolades such as the Monde Selection from Belgium and the Australian Beer International Awards, evaluating quality standards.

Fun fact: BBC has around 50 locations in the city and other parts of the country.

Since 2015, BBC has been part of the multinational AB Inbev, one of the world’s largest breweries based in Belgium. This allows them to produce a wide variety of craft beers with pure malt, aromatic hops, and 100% natural ingredients, including seasonal beers.

Their stores have an urban-inspired atmosphere, reflecting the typical neighborhood store ambiance and Bogotá traditions with elements like old photographs, posters of cultural events, and typical city objects.

You can choose beer directly from the tap, in a giraffe, or bottled.

What to do at Bogotá Beer Company?

  • Participate in the loyalty program called ‘Taps,’ where you can accumulate points with each purchase or friend referral and redeem them for beer.
  • Learn the history and brewing process of beer by visiting the BBC breweries where it is produced and bottled. You’ll participate in a guided tasting led by an expert and learn to appreciate the flavors of traditional BBC beer.
  • The pubs offer souvenir shops where you can buy items like T-shirts, glasses, caps, keychains, etc., either in-store or online.
  • You can also hire catering services with beer and food if you plan to host an event at one of the pubs or breweries.
  • Of course, the gastronomic menu includes typical dishes such as Colombian platter, burgers, and BBC-style wings.
  • There’s also live sports events and music.
  • Monserrate Roja: Irish-style beer, intense red color, malty and caramelized flavor, 4.5% alcohol.
  • Cajicá Honey Ale: English-style beer, golden color, sweet and floral taste due to added bee honey, 5% alcohol.
  • Chapinero Porter: English-style black beer, strong, roasted, and coffee-flavored due to burnt malt grains, 6% alcohol.
  • Bacatá Blanca: Belgian style, pale yellow color, citrus and spicy flavor from added orange peel and coriander in the maceration process, aromatic beer, 4.5% alcohol.


BBC has numerous locations throughout Bogotá, so there’s likely one near you.

3 Cordilleras

3 Cordilleras is one of the most popular Colombian craft beer brands. Their beers are inspired by the Colombian Andes, blending culture and flavor. Known for their rustic style, they offer a variety of styles and aromas to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Currently, among the top competitive craft breweries in the country, 3 Cordilleras has received recognition such as a

  • Bronze medal for their beer Mestiza in the national competition of Colombia.
  • Gold medal for their black beer in the Stouts and Porters category at the 2022 South Beer Cup.
  • Bronze medal for their Dubbel beer in the Trappist Style Ale category at the Beer Cup of America.

Started in 2008 in Medellín, they opened a bar in Bogotá in 2020, where you can enjoy a welcoming atmosphere, a decoration blending rustic and urban styles, live music, local craft beer at reasonable prices, and typical Colombian food.

What to do at 3 Cordilleras?

  • Participate in open or private beer tastings: learn about the process and ingredients on a tour inside the 3 Cordilleras factory. Each package includes 6 beers and 1 glass.
  • Enjoy live music on weekends, featuring invited bands/artists covering a range of genres from rock to salsa.
  • Participate in beer pong tournaments, with cash prizes and free beer memberships.
  • Blanca: Wheat Ale beer, golden color, smooth and refreshing taste, citrus and floral notes. Ideal for salads, fish, and seafood. 4.5% alcohol.
  • Negra: Stout beer, dark, with coffee, caramel, and chocolate notes. Ideal for pairing with red meats, mature cheeses, and desserts. 5.8% alcohol.
  • Mestiza: Pale Ale beer, amber color, aromatic taste, tropical notes, and hops. Versatile for pasta, pizza, and burgers. 5.2% alcohol.
  • Mulata: Amber Ale beer, reddish color, toasty touch, notes of nuts, malty and sweet flavor, woody. Ideal for stews, stews, and blue cheeses. 5.5% alcohol.
  • Mona: Blonde Ale, golden color, light flavor with hops, vanilla, and honey. Ideal for salads, chicken, and fruits. 4.7%.


Calle 164 No 20-09, Usaquén.

Visit 3 Cordilleras and discover what they have prepared for you.

Cervecería Irlandesa (Irish Brewery)

The Cervecería Irlandesa is a Bogotá pub that opened in 2014 with an Irish theme. Its decor features a lot of wood, flags, signs, and items related to Irish Celtic culture.

The Bogotá location has 2 floors, offering a very pleasant atmosphere where you can enjoy live music every weekend.

Here, you can explore a variety of Irish-origin beers such as Irish Red Ale, Black Stout, and White IPA made in Colombian breweries owned by the Irish Brewery, ranging from mild to strong and bitter.

You can also order beers in different sizes, from 330cc glasses to 1-liter and 1.5-liter pitchers, and create combinations between beers.

Currently, the Cervecería Irlandesa is a reference for craft beer in the city.

What to do at the Irish Brewery?

  • Watch sports events, enjoy live music with invited Anglo artists, bands playing rock, blues, jazz, and other genres.
  • Try Irish traditional food like fish and chips, Shepherd’s pie, burgers, chicken wings, and more.
  • Enjoy the terrace with a view of the city.
  • Make reservations for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, work meetings, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, or personalized beer tasting events.
  • Irish Blonde: ALE-type blonde beer with a smooth combination of malt and hops, with aroma, mild bitterness, and very light.
  • Irish Red Ale: Typical red beer from Ireland, made from toasted malts, ruby color with caramelized flavor and creamy foam.
  • Stout: Typical black beer from the British Isles, made from roasted barley, dark color, with coffee and chocolate flavor, an intense and robust experience.
  • White IPA: Made with barley and wheat malts, pale golden color, floral and fruity aroma with medium-high bitterness.


La Macarena, Carrera 4ª No. 26D – 15

Learn more about the Cervecería Irlandesa and don’t miss any details.

El Mono Bandido

El Mono Bandido is a fun and modern brewery in Bogotá, set in a tropical environment resembling a “beach.” Here, you can enjoy a vast repertoire of craft beers, including Lager, Ale, and Cider, as well as cocktails and homemade food.

Moreover, this pub offers a unique interaction experience among tables, encouraging customers to communicate and flirt through messages written on napkins, delivered by the waitstaff. Hence, the concept of the ‘bandit monkey.’

It’s a bold proposal that I recommend trying if you’re looking for something different or if you’re exploring the city.

What to do at El Mono Bandido?

  • Break the ice and write messages or legends on napkins for people you see in the bar; the waitstaff will deliver them for you.
  • Take advantage of the “pickup” bar service, a mobile bar they bring to your home, office, or wherever you are, so you can enjoy craft beers and gourmet dishes.
  • Enjoy a diverse gastronomic menu while listening to live music and watching sports broadcasts.
  • The pub hosts events, including factory beer tastings, concerts, themed parties, product launches, and other special events.
  • Moonshine: American Pale Ale-style beer, amber color, creamy white foam, floral aroma, and a balanced taste between malt and hop bitterness. 5.5% alcohol.
  • Manigua: India Pale Ale-style beer, coppery and dark color, beige foam, intense aroma, tropical fruit notes, caramel, and pine, bitter taste with a refreshing finish. 6.5% alcohol.
  • 3 Cárites: Blonde Ale-style beer, light golden color, white foam, mild aroma, notes of bread, honey, and flowers, sweet and malty flavor with a herbal hop touch. 4.5% alcohol.
  • Master Beer: Porter-style beer, intense black color, brown foam, roasted and chocolatey aroma, coffee, vanilla, and nut notes. Sweet, creamy taste with a bitter finish. 6% alcohol.


  • Carrera 4 No. 54-85, Chapinero.
  • Carrera 10 No. 69-38, Quinta.
  • Carrera 13 No. 83-18, Zona T.
  • Carrera 19 No. 125- 34, Calle 127.
  • Carrera 12 No. 93-08, Parque la 93.

Explore all the options El Mono Bandido has to offer.


Chelarte is a bar offering craft beers inspired by women, created by two young entrepreneurs from Bogotá, Camilo Rojas, and Andrés Correal. In this pub, you’ll find beers named after women, each with its own personality.

It’s a unique proposal, with bars decorated to pay homage to Colombian culture and the female figure within it, featuring typical elements like hats, flowers, and fruits.

At their locations, you can enjoy local beers alongside traditional Colombian dishes. Moreover, it’s a pleasant place with a Latin music ambiance, making it a perfect plan for couples or groups of friends.

What to do at Chelarte?

  • Participate in blind tastings, basic tastings, and sensory tastings of craft beers to understand their brewing process. These events take place at Chelarte bars and occasionally at locations like hotels and restaurants.
  • Visit their website to create a mix of craft beers from 4 to 24 packs and receive discounts on your next visits.
  • Chelarte offers products like souvenirs and beers at various distribution points in the city and online.
  • Explore their food menu, a fusion of beer and typical Colombian dishes such as empanadas, arepas, chorizos, and local desserts.
  • Utilize their event organization service for special dates like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or any other significant occasion you plan.
  • Pamela: A Pilsen-style blonde beer with a smooth and refreshing taste, ideal for any meal, 4.5% alcohol, and 18 IBU bitterness (International Bitterness Units).
  • Raquel: An Irish Red Ale with a malty and caramelized flavor, notes of nuts and toasted bread, 5% alcohol, and 22 IBU bitterness.
  • Carmela: A Stout-style black beer with an intense and toasty flavor, hints of coffee and chocolate, 5.5% alcohol, and 35 IBU bitterness.
  • Zenaida: A Belgian Golden Ale with a fruity and spiced flavor from Belgian yeast, 7.5% alcohol, and 25 IBU bitterness.


Chelarte has numerous bars in Bogotá and Cundinamarca. Explore all their locations on their website.

Tejo la Embajada

Tejo la Embajada is a bar that emerged in 2019 in Bogotá, offering a 100% Colombian experience.

Here, you can find Tejo courts, Colombia’s national sport, and participate in tournaments, savor traditional dishes from their restaurant, all while enjoying house-made craft beers crafted from corn or citrus fruits.

The establishment also has a nighttime discotheque that you can rent for personalized events, making it a pub I recommend if you’re interested in immersing yourself in Colombian culture.

What to do at Tejo la Embajada?

  • Participate in Tejo tournaments, including lightning tournaments where you form groups of 4 people.
  • Take Tejo classes offered by the hosts to learn how to play.
  • Enjoy nighttime discos from Thursday to Saturday starting at 11:00 p.m., featuring crossover music with guest DJs.
  • Explore their traditional menu with local neighborhood food such as lechona, arepas, papa criolla, chicharrón, and more.
  • Jack El Destripador (Jack the Ripper): A strong beer with 9% alcohol, matured in oak that previously held Jack Daniels.
  • Mandaripa: A refreshing beer with mandarin peels, offering a citrusy and floral touch.
  • Ismael: A blonde beer made with corn, created for the opening of Tejo la Embajada.
  • IPAs, Stouts, Pale Ales, Red Ales, and other beer styles are also available for tasting.


Avenida carrera 24 No. 76-20, Bogotá.

Make a reservation and secure a Tejo court for your visit.

Madriguera Brewing

Madriguera Brewing is a Bogotá craft brewery that opened its doors to the public in 2015, offering the city’s only beers made from local cider.

Once you taste their beers, you’ll notice they use unconventional styles, creating delicious and varied flavors with suitable alcohol levels for every occasion and taste.

Given their unconventional methods, they continually introduce new flavors, such as the Colombian cocoa and toasted coconut Porter, keeping the offerings fresh for regular visitors.

What to do at Madriguera Brewing?

  • Attend guided tours at their brewery to learn about the beer and cider-making process.
  • Visit their gastropub offering burgers, wings, nachos, pizzas, and more snacks to complement your beers.
  • Enjoy cultural events they host, including live music, stand-up comedy, theater, movies, and more, supporting local art.
  • Reserve for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, farewells, and any private events at any of their three locations.
  • Sidra Liebre Rebelde (Rebel Hare Cider): An American New World Cider known for medium carbonation, freshness, and fruity aroma from apple notes. 4.8% alcohol.
  • Rey Mapache (King Raccoon): An American Golden Ale with pale gold color, sweet malty aroma, subtle bitterness, refreshing, and light. 6.0% alcohol.
  • Oso Sempiterno: (Everlasting Bear) An Oatmeal Amber Ale with copper color, slightly bitter, smooth malt taste, sweet, toasty, and aroma of grapefruits, lemons, and flowers. 5.5% alcohol.
  • Suricata Rampante (Meerkat Rampant): A Hazy IPA from the U.S. East Coast with a straw color, smooth and creamy feel, balanced acidity. 6.5% alcohol.


  • Calle 140 No 13-50, Second floor.
  • Calle 45 No 19-58.
  • Calle 59 No 8-10, Local 3.

Explore more about Madriguera Brewing and its diverse offerings.

Mela’s Craft Beer

Mela’s Craft Beer is a pub specializing in craft beers, born from a university student’s venture who, after traveling the world and tasting beers, decided to bring new flavors to the city.

With a repertoire of over 20 house and seasonal draft beers, Mela’s is known for its extensive inventory of imported craft beers.

The place is small yet cozy, combining a rustic and urban style, providing a relaxing environment to chat with friends, family, or your partner.

What to do at Mela’s Craft Beer?

  • Attend temporary beer tastings, mojito tastings, and beer exhibitions that Mela’s Craft Beer organizes near Chicó Market.
  • Take advantage of beer promotions like 2×1 and 3×2 during significant sports events (Champions League, NFL, etc.) or dates like St. Patrick’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, women get free beer.
  • Enjoy live music on weekends featuring artists playing salsa, pop, reggae, and more.
  • Explore their gastrobar with an international and local-style menu, offering hundreds of options to accompany your beers.
  • Mela’s IPA: An India Pale Ale with an intense hop aroma, citrus, floral notes, and high bitterness. 4.5% alcohol.
  • Mela’s Stout: A Stout-style beer with flavors of roasted malt, coffee, anise, and caramel, black color, and creamy foam. 5.0% alcohol.
  • Mela’s Red Ale: An Irish Red Ale with caramelized malt, notes of nuts and toasted bread, red color, and moderate bitterness. 4.8% alcohol.
  • Mela’s Wheat: A Wheat Ale made with wheat, providing a smooth and refreshing taste, with notes of banana and cloves. 4.2% alcohol.
  • Mela’s Sour: Fermented with lactic bacteria, offering a complex and acidic taste, tropical fruit notes, pink color, and high acidity. 5.5% alcohol.


Calle 117 No 6-64, Usaquén.

If you find yourself near Mela’s Craft Beer, give it a try.

Sánchez Cervecería

Sánchez Cervecería is a Bogotá-based venture where you can enjoy craft beers.

The establishment, a house built in 1962 and remodeled in 2019, transformed into a modern and elegant pub where you can relish both music and beer, of course!

Here, you’ll taste the famous house beers made with “gulupa” (a local fruit), unique in the city, as well as other local beers.

You can also enjoy the garden, a place located on the second floor of the house, offering 1,000 square meters of outdoor space where you can walk freely and find games.

It’s the perfect place if you’re looking to spend an afternoon in Bogotá.

What to do in Sánchez Cervecería?

  • Participate in the temporary All You Can Beer event, offering all the beer you can drink for an initial price, where you choose the flavors you want. Participate and win bonuses and discounts at Sánchez Cervecería.
  • Enjoy the menu with authentic in-house food, appetizers, cocktails, and drinks.
  • Take part in contests, annual raffles, and win tickets to music festivals like Baum Festival, Estéreo Picnic, and more.
  • Book reservations in the garden for events or special dates you want to celebrate.
  • Musical artists, live bands, board games like billiards or ping pong, every day.
  • Sánchez Lager: A blonde beer, refreshing, with a touch of malt and hops, suitable for any dish. 4.5% alcohol.
  • Sánchez IPA: An India Pale Ale with an intense aroma, hoppy flavor, and bitterness. 6.5% alcohol.
  • Sánchez Porter: A dark beer with tones of coffee, chocolate, caramel, creamy, and authentic. 5.5% alcohol.
  • Fruit Line: A different option of beers made with natural fruits like gulupa, passion fruit, mango, strawberry, or blackberry, offering a sweet and refreshing aroma. 4.5% alcohol.


Calle 85 No 12-25, Zona T.

Stay tuned for Sánchez Cervecería’s events and dates, so you don’t miss out on anything.


BrewPub, a SteakHouse Brewery, opened its doors to the public in Bogotá in 2019. Located 42 meters above the city, it is considered the country’s tallest rooftop bar.

Here, you can enjoy panoramic views of Bogotá on a 570 m2 terrace with a very pleasant atmosphere.

This place combines premium meats with craft beers of the “Ale” type.

What surprised me was the excellent daily offers and promotions on their international menu, especially in their cocktail and beer selection.

What to do at BrewPub?

  • A midnight show of flares and lights takes place throughout the establishment, accompanied by live music.
  • Take advantage of daily 3×2 discounts on beers and cocktails.
  • Organize special dates, personalized events, family gatherings, and business meetings at the same establishment.
  • BrewPub Blonde Ale: Light, refreshing blonde beer with a touch of malt and hops, golden color, creamy foam, ideal for light dishes. 4.5% alcohol.
  • BrewPub Red Ale: Red beer, malty flavor, notes of caramel and nuts, beige creamy foam, moderate bitterness, ideal for hearty dishes. 5% alcohol.
  • BrewPub IPA: Aromatic and bitter beer, orange color, hop flavor, tropical fruits, white and dense foam, ideal for spicy dishes. 6% alcohol.
  • BrewPub Stout: Black beer, roasted flavor, notes of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla, brown and compact foam, ideal for sweet dishes. 6% alcohol.


  • Calle 106ª No 19-20, Chicó.
  • Carrera 7 No 123-35, 11th Floor, Usaquén.

I recommend making a reservation as the place is usually crowded.

Cervecería Gigante

Cervecería Gigante is a Bogotá-based company dedicated to the production and distribution of craft beers since 2016 when Californian Will Catlet decided to open his first brewery in the city.

This place offers an interesting concept, serving beers in half-liter glasses or even larger, with a “neo-urban” style, and music ranging from Deep House to techno.

They emphasize the use of natural ingredients, following traditional German and English distillation and fermentation techniques, making the experience even more exclusive. Highly recommended!

What to do at Cervecería Gigante?

  • Participate in All You Can Eat events, where you can eat anything for a fixed price.
  • Happy Hour, buy two beers for the price of one.
  • With every purchase, get discounts for groups of more than 10 people.
  • Enjoy live music events, DJs, and local artists.
  • Watch football, basketball, baseball games, and sports events on a giant screen.
  • Play board games like chess, checkers, dominoes, poker, among others.
  • La Gigante IPA: Amber beer, intense aroma, hop flavor, Indian Pale Ale style, high bitterness and alcohol content.
  • La Gigante Porter: Dark beer, notes of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla, English Porter style, medium body, toasty and sweet flavor.
  • La Gigante Blanca: Light and refreshing beer, hints of coriander and orange, Dutch Witbier style, wheat beer, fruity and spicy flavor.
  • La Gigante Roja: Reddish color, malty and fruity flavor, Irish Red Ale style, with a bitter touch of hops.


Calle 63ª No 10-46, Chapinero.

Explore more of what Cervecería Gigante has to offer.

Bruder Cervecería

Bruder is a craft brewery created by Julián and Héctor Martínez, two brothers from Boyacá. Initially in Tunja, they opened their first pub in Bogotá in 2018.

This brewery has won several awards for its beers, such as the International Taste and Quality (2014) or the Monde Selection (2014), evaluating their quality and production, especially for their ‘Negra’ type.

The black beer is a must-try and stands as the flagship of the house. They use imported ingredients from Germany and France, such as hops and yeast, blending local flavors like passion fruit, coffee, chocolate, among others, while maintaining the same quality.

Certainly, Bruder is an ideal pub if you are looking for a beer experience with original proposals, ensuring you never get bored.

What to do at Bruder Cervecería?

  • Beer tasting to learn about the history and process of craft beer.
  • Workshops and courses where they teach you to make your own craft beer and learn basic concepts.
  • Promotions and discounts such as 2×1 on selected beers, happy hour, pizza, and burger day. You can also accumulate points and redeem them for products and services.
  • Games and contests like beer pong, trivia, roulette, where you can demonstrate your beer knowledge, skill, or luck to win prizes.
  • Live music, with performances ranging from rock to salsa.
  • Bruder Chocolate: Flagship black beer, Imperial Stout type, intense flavor, sweet with chocolate, coffee, and vanilla, creamy body, reddish reflections. 8.5% alcohol.
  • Bruder Frutos Rojos: Blonde Fruit Beer, refreshing and acidic flavor with red fruits like strawberry, raspberry, and cranberry, light body, and white foam. 4.5% alcohol.
  • Bruder Maracuyá: Golden American Pale Ale, citrus and floral flavor with passion fruit, hops, and malt, balanced bitterness. 4.5% alcohol.
  • Bruder Miel: Amber Honey Ale, smooth and sweet flavor with honey, caramel, and bread, beige foam, medium to high bitterness. 4.5% alcohol.
  • Bruder Roja: Red Irish Red Ale, toasted and nutty flavor with caramel and chocolate, medium to high bitterness. 4.5% alcohol.


  • Calle 83 No 12ª – 11, Bogotá.
  • Carrera 4ª No 66-33, Bogotá.

Discover all the proposals that Bruder has for you.

El Sindicato Beer

El Sindicato Beer is a craft beer shop that opened its first pub in 2018 in Bogotá. It has the largest inventory of craft beers in Colombia.

While not a manufacturer, they offer over 70 beer references, mainly from local companies and other styles, such as La Madriguera, Chelarte, BBC, among others. It’s like a showcase for all local craft breweries.

In their proposal, you can choose the bottles you want from the refrigerators and put them in a basket or order a beer directly from the barrel at the bar.

If it’s your first time, ask the waiters about the beers; they will provide a mini-tour and suggest the best choice according to your taste, enhancing the experience.

What to do at El Sindicato Beer?

  • Waiters provide guided tastings to delve into the world of beer, introducing both local and other brands.
  • Happy hour 2×1 on any craft beer reference, be sure to check the dates.
  • Take advantage of special offers on holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc., finding deals up to 6×5.
  • Participate in activities organized by waiters, such as karaoke, stand-up comedy contests, among others. Win discounts, freebies, and even T-shirts, caps, and glasses with the brewery’s logo.
  • Live music, where rock sets the mood every weekend, featuring local bands and covers.

Craft Beer Lines You Can Try

  • 13 Pesos: Belgian-style beers like Blonde Ale, Dubbel, Tripel, and Quadrupel. Aromatic beers.
  • Barbaros: Inspired by Viking culture, offering high fermentation beers like IPA, Red Ale, Stout, and Porter, strong and flavorful.
  • Chelarte: Focused on German-style beers such as Pilsen, Hefeweizen, Dunkel, and Bock, known for the quality and German brewing purity of 1516 (beer made from: water, yeast, barley, and hops.)
  • La Milagrosa: Produces English-style beers like Pale Ale, Brown Ale, ESB, and Oatmeal Stout. More balanced in flavor, alcohol, and aroma.
  • Tierra Alta: American-style beers like American Pale Ale, American IPA, and American Stout, known for their generous use of hops.


Carrera 13 No 84-28, Bogotá.

Visit El Sindicato Beer for more options.

Hanna Hops

Hanna Hops is a pub originally from Bogotá, opening its first pub in 2020 during the pandemic, a challenge that few achieve but brings an interesting proposal.

Upon entering, you’ll notice a modern, elegant ambiance with captivating LED neon flex lights in a cyberpunk style.

They offer classic 100% draft beers like Pale Ale, Porter, Coffee Stout, among others. Choose your preferred presentation and size, whether in a can, glass, pitcher, or bottle.

I recommend checking out the “sampler” to try various beers at a special price. It’s a place to visit with friends.

What to do at Hanna Hops?

  • Order a Sampler with 4 beer flavors of your choice and receive discounts or vouchers for future purchases.
  • Enjoy 3×2 promotions on pints (beers) from Monday to Wednesday and 2×1 on cocktails on Wednesdays.
  • Watch sports events like football, tennis, NFL, basketball, among others.
  • Experience live music with rock, reggae, and other bands.
  • 940 – Blonde Ale: Smooth, refreshing beer, ideal for craft beer beginners. Pale golden color, malt aroma, well-balanced flavor, 4.5% alcohol.
  • Eureka – NEIPA: Hazy and juicy beer, high hop content, citrus and fruity, orange color, creamy foam, silky body. 5.0% alcohol.
  • Autentipa – IPA: Intense and bitter beer, strong character, copper color, pine aroma, caramel, and complex flavor. 6.5% alcohol.
  • Tribu- Amber Ale: Balanced beer, reddish amber color, sweet maltiness and hop bitterness, fruity and floral aroma. 5.5% alcohol.


  • Carrera 6 No 119b-24, Usaquén.
  • Calle 69ª No 9-40, Quinta Camacho.

Discover everything Hanna Hops has to offer.

Galería Hopulus

Galería Hopulus is a bar in Bogotá operating since 2018, offering an authentic German beer experience.

The establishment produces natural beers following the German Beer Purity Law of 1516, allowing only malted barley, water, hops, and yeast.

You’ll notice a fusion of German architecture and Nordic style, creating a modern industrial ambiance, immersing you in a German bar cultural experience.

The place features a photographic gallery where you can learn about the brewing process and taste traditional German beers.

They also offer a German menu with items like Bretzels and pork knuckles. This place stands out for its craft beer craftsmanship and food.

  • Hopulus Lager: German-style blonde beer, smooth, refreshing, 4.5% alcohol, and bitterness of 18 IBU.
  • Hopulus Weizen: German-style beer, fruity and spiced aroma, 5% alcohol, and bitterness of 12 IBU.
  • Hopulus Dunkel: German-style dark beer, toasty and malty flavor, 5.5% alcohol, and bitterness of 22 IBU.

What to do at Hopulus?

  • Explore the photographic gallery showcasing works from Colombian and foreign artists, capturing landscapes and iconic places in Colombia.
  • Take a tour where they’ll guide you through the step-by-step traditional German Beer Purity Law of 1516 brewing process, discovering how this beer is originally made in Germany.
  • Participate in the events and promotions that Hopulus organizes periodically, enjoy live music, giveaways, discounts, guided tastings, and pairings.


Calle 81 No 8-60

Learn more about the German beer experience at Hopulus.

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