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Top 99 Activities and Attractions in Bogota – Shortlist

Chorro de Quevedo en Bogotá

Updated on 03/19/2024

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I would also like to recommend our Bogota travel guide, which provides a perfect overview of the tourist attractions in Bogota. Enjoy reading it!

Activities and Attractions in Bogota that you will find detailed in our Bogota Travel Guide

  1. Monserrate at 3,152 Meters: A famous mountain offering panoramic views of the city.
  2. Guadalupe at 3,317 Meters: Another iconic mountain peak with a statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe.
  3. La Candelaria: Bogotá’s historic and cultural heart with colonial architecture and vibrant streets.
  4. Gold Museum, Bogotá: Houses one of the largest collections of pre-Hispanic gold artifacts.
  5. Botero Museum: Displays artworks of renowned Colombian artist Fernando Botero.
  6. Art Museum of the Republic – MAMU: Exhibits various national and international artworks.
  7. Plaza Bolívar, Bogotá: The city’s main square, surrounded by historic buildings.
  8. Casa Nariño – Presidential Residence: Official home and workplace of the President of Colombia.
  9. Restaurant Puerta Falsa, Bogotá: An iconic eatery known for traditional Colombian snacks.
  10. Chorro de Quevedo: A charming square believed to be the founding spot of Bogotá.
  11. Teatro Colón: A neoclassical theater offering diverse performances.
  12. Plaza de la Concordia: A traditional market square in La Candelaria.
  13. Bolívar City Park, Bogotá: A serene green space ideal for relaxation.
  14. Bogotá Botanical Garden: Features diverse plant species from Colombia and around the world.
  15. Paloquemao, Bogotá: A bustling market known for fresh produce and local goods.
  16. Usaquén: A neighborhood blending colonial charm with modern chic.
  17. Zona Rosa, Bogotá: The city’s nightlife hub with bars, clubs, and restaurants.
  18. Quinta Camacho, Bogotá: A zone known for its British-style architecture.
  19. La Macarena, Bogotá: A bohemian neighborhood with art galleries and eclectic eateries.
  20. Perseverancia Market: A local market known for its authentic Colombian flavors.
  21. Zona G, Bogotá: Renowned for its gourmet restaurants and high-end dining.
  22. Carrera 7, Bogotá: A major thoroughfare lined with shops and attractions.
  23. Central Cemetery, Bogotá: A historic burial site with notable graves.
  24. National Museum, Bogotá: Chronicles Colombia’s history through diverse exhibits.
  25. Flea Markets of Bogotá: Where antiques, handicrafts, and vintage items can be found.

Other Activities and Attractions in Bogota

  1. Parque 93: A popular park surrounded by trendy restaurants and bars.
  2. Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park: A massive park, great for picnics and concerts.
  3. Maloka Museum: An interactive science museum.
  4. Planetarium of Bogotá: Explore the universe and astronomy here.
  5. Julio Mario Santo Domingo Public Library: An architectural masterpiece.
  6. Salitre Mágico: An amusement park with various attractions.
  7. Mundo Aventura: Another amusement park, especially popular among families.
  8. Museo del Chicó: A colonial-era mansion turned museum.
  9. Virgilio Barco Library: Known for its modern design.
  10. Titan Plaza Shopping Mall: For shopaholics.
  11. T Zone: A shopping and nightlife district.
  12. El Salitre Sports Complex: A place to watch or practice various sports.
  13. 93 Park Shopping Center: Trendy shops and dining.
  14. Jorge Eliécer Gaitán Theatre: Offers contemporary performances.
  15. Luis Ángel Arango Library: Historic library with cultural events.
  16. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo: Contemporary art exhibits.
  17. Parque El Tunal: A green recreational area.
  18. Santa Clara Museum: Displays religious art.
  19. Military Museum of Colombia: Chronicles Colombia’s military history.
  20. Museo de los Niños: An interactive children’s museum.
  21. Divercity: A themed entertainment center for children.
  22. Independence Museum: Dedicated to Colombia’s fight for freedom.
  23. Iglesia de San Francisco: A historic colonial-era church.
  24. Mercado de las Pulgas: Another vibrant flea market.
  25. El Campín Stadium: Watch a soccer match here.
  26. Colpatria Tower: Tallest building in Bogotá with a viewpoint.
  27. La Felicidad: A culinary hotspot.
  28. Parque de los Novios: Nightlife and gastronomic zone.
  29. Museo Sefardí: Chronicles the history of Sephardic Jews in Colombia.
  30. Iglesia del Carmen: A church known for its striking red and white pattern.
  31. Mercado Artesanal: Buy local handicrafts.
  32. Biblioteca Virgilio: Public space for relaxation and reading.
  33. El Dorado Avenue: Known for its beautiful bronze statues.
  34. Danza al Parque: A dance festival.
  35. Salsa clubs: Dance the night away.
  36. Parque de la 93: Great for dining and nightlife.
  37. Lourdes Basilica: A neo-gothic church.
  38. Museo del Traje: Displays traditional Colombian clothing.
  39. Museo Arqueológico: Focuses on the region’s indigenous cultures.
  40. Cinemateca Distrital: A hub for cinephiles.
  41. Parque Nacional: A green oasis in the city.
  42. Museo de Bogotá: Offers exhibits about the city’s history.
  43. Teusaquillo: A neighborhood with art deco architecture.
  44. Atlantis Plaza: Shopping mall with a unique design.
  45. Casa de la Moneda: Chronicles the history of Colombian currency.
  46. Bogotá’s Ghost Tours: Explore the city’s mysteries.
  47. Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center: Dedicated to the literary giant.
  48. Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo: Modern performing arts venue.
  49. Centro Internacional: Business and entertainment district.
  50. Andino Shopping Mall: High-end shopping destination.
  51. Bogotá Modern Art Museum: Exhibits modern and abstract pieces.
  52. Casa del Florero Museum: Historic site and museum.
  53. La Catedral Primada: Historic cathedral overlooking Plaza Bolívar.
  54. Bogotá International Film Festival: Annual film celebration.
  55. Casa de Poesía Silva: Center for poetic arts.
  56. Santamaría Bullring: Historical venue.
  57. Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra: Enjoy a concert.
  58. Torres del Parque: Iconic residential buildings by Rogelio Salmona.
  59. San Alejo Market: Traditional crafts and antiques.
  60. La Calera Observatory: For stargazers.
  61. Centro Cultural Gabriel García Márquez: Offers various cultural events.
  62. Parque Santander: Bustling city park.
  63. Parque del Chico: Houses the Museo del Chicó.
  64. Colombian National Museum: Dive into Colombian culture and history.
  65. El Virrey Park: Lush park ideal for jogging.
  66. Bogotá’s Planetarium: Experience the wonders of space.
  67. La Quinta de Bolívar: Historic house museum.
  68. Parque de los Hippies: Known for its bohemian vibe.
  69. Santa María de Los Ángeles Church: A neo-gothic architectural marvel.
  70. Centro de Memoria, Paz y Reconciliación: A space dedicated to the memory of victims of violence.
  71. Iglesia de San Ignacio: A baroque-style church.
  72. Museo Entomológico: Displays a diverse collection of insects.
  73. Mirador de La Paloma: Panoramic city views.
  74. Parque Bicentenario: Modern park with sculptures.

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