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Filandia in the Coffee Triangle of Colombia

Want to experience a laid-back getaway far from the city noise? We have got just the place for you! Colombia’s Coffee region is a legacy of its own and draws scores of coffee enthusiasts and tourists from across the globe. Nestled in this infamous region there is a charming, quaint town-Filandia, the true gem of Zona Cafetera in Colombia. While Salento is insanely famous and is often the reason why Filandia is undiscovered by more people, we believe Filandia is a beauty in its own. From warm and friendly locals, vibrant buildings, mouth-watering cuisine and scenic beauty, come discover the raw charm of this pueblo with us!

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Filandia Quindio Colombia

Filandia represents the architecture of the Colombian coffee zone

There is no doubt that Salento is the hottest spot in the laid-back tourist spots in the coffee region, but Filandia is certainly not to be ignored! Merely a short distance away from the much raved about Salento, and this equally endearing coffee town offers a calmer aura for those who like to experience rustic beauty in a slow environment. Charming and homely, this small town boasts some of the finest handicrafts, panoramic views, and beautifully painted colorful buildings. Unique architecture has been carefully preserved throughout the ages.

The architecture is definitely the most spell-binding aspect of this town. Visitors will best experience the town’s true beauty by walking on cobble-stoned streets as their eyes take in the artful and colorful buildings and structures. A personal favorite of almost all tourists and locals alike is the beyond admirable white and blue old church in the town square that looks like the perfect backdrop for a cinematic hit. 200 year old beams and structures still uphold old restaurants, hotels and hostels; a testament to preservation and dedication.

A real Colombian coffee town experience

Colombia can be a beautiful but exhausting country. From loud vivacious festivals that span over days, to trips and treks on the rugged topography and plenty of adventure, one craves for solitude and just some scenic views. Filandia is the epitome of serenity and a slow-paced, pleasant small-town and that is exactly what sets it apart from its more famous neighbor. Visitors can experience the same style of architecture and charm while avoiding the growing noise and rush that has started to surround Salento due to its increased popularity. Filandia still managed to lock in its quiet charm, mostly consisting of locals and the local touch despite cool eateries and hostels starting to sprout up. So why not hit this town for a much-deserved break after weeks of exhausting travels?

Tour the infamous coffee farms

You cannot leave this town without taking a tour of at least one of the many coffee farms and plantations. The best part about these coffee Fincas is that these are very intimate, probate tours given to you by farm owners themselves and often their families too, instead of scripted group tours and hasty trips. These farms also have plantations of pineapples, yucca and avocados. The more, the merrier! This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn more about the best coffee beans in the world from the farmers themselves. You can try out various brews and experience the true delight of organic, fresh coffee right in front of you. Friendly tip: keep a Spanish-English dictionary handy!

Discover the secret doble cascada (waterfalls)

Filandia is home to a magical secret double waterfall hidden between fields and dense forests; a true dreamlike setting that will astound you with wonder. A 30-40, minute hike through the town to a field can lead you to this secret waterfall that is unspoiled by humans and development. Rivers gushing forward and double-waterfalls tumbling gracefully from weathered rocks to meet them is truly something words will fail to describe!

Helena Adentro

Gear up for a true culinary experience at the most famous and best-rated restaurant in the region – the Helena Adentro! The ultra-chic, outdoor tropical and vibrant vibe of the place perfectly matches the food that is delicious enough for visitors to keep them coming back to it. The creative dishes are made with farm-fresh ingredients. Ensuring a creative twist on classic Colombian dishes, this place is a must-visit for all those craving a food coma. Coconut rice, meat empanadas, trout baked in the oven and paprika-you name it this place has it!

Cycle on the most scenic routes

Rent a bike and hit the dirt roads surrounding the lush green coffee farms with the beautiful vista of rolling hills and, colorful buildings and pastures. The scenic routes will rejuvenate your spirits and allow you to truly experience the Filandia magic while burning those calories you consumed at Helena Adentro (worth it!) the route downtown to Quimbaya, a quieter and more somber local town is perfect to truly explore the surroundings.

Play the national game of gunpowder and metal putts; Tejo

Tejo is Colombia’s national game dating back to is origin 500 years ago by indigenous tribes. Players throw metal pucks at a triangle of gunpowder across the room from almost 15 meters away! Visitors can buy beer at the local bars and watch their metal pucks explode gunpowder triangles at this wild game that truly symbolizes the fierce Colombian spirit.

Barbas River Canyon

Time for explore some more natural beauty. The Barbas and the Bremen, two of the largest natural reserves with over 300 hectares of environmental and forest reserves are situated close to Filandia. These native forests house howler monkeys in their lush canopies and other sensitive and vulnerable ecosystems that have been carefully preserved and are only limited to endemic and scientific research. The Barbas River canyon can be visited with a local guide authorized to tour the private farm that is home to the canyon and you can then spot these howler monkeys and visit an area of this stunning landscape.

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