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Luxury Travel in Colombia: Sample Itinerary for a Tailored Experience

Beach at Rosario Island in Colombia

Updated on 05/08/2024

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I would also like to recommend our Colombia travel guide, which provides a perfect overview of the tourist attractions in Colombia. Enjoy reading it!

I have created a sample luxury trip in Colombia for discerning travelers, which can be fully customized to your preferences. Read on to discover a new face of this country.

Luxury Tours in Colombia: Updated Information for Discerning Travelers

Are Luxury Tours Available in Colombia?

Absolutely! Colombia has been a hub for luxury travel for many years, offering a range of high-end experiences. Initially, luxury travel in Colombia was primarily centered around Cartagena, renowned as the Caribbean’s gem. However, over the years, the scope of luxury travel has significantly broadened.

Expanded Luxury Travel Destinations

Now, Colombia’s luxury travel scene encompasses not just Cartagena, but also Bogota, the country’s vibrant capital. Bogota has emerged as a luxury hotspot, boasting upscale hotels and exquisite culinary experiences. This growth in luxury travel offerings reflects Colombia’s dynamic evolution as a premier travel destination.

Beyond Traditional Luxury

The true essence of Colombia’s luxury travel lies not solely in its 5-star boutique hotels or gourmet dining. The country’s geographical diversity is a major draw, offering unique and breathtaking experiences. From lush landscapes to rich cultural heritage, Colombia presents a plethora of opportunities for luxury travel with a twist.

Customizable Luxury Travel Itineraries

For those seeking a tailored luxury experience, we offer customizable tours. These tours are designed to cater to the individual preferences of discerning travelers, ensuring a memorable and personalized journey.

Colombia Luxury Tour: Experiencing the Best of Bogota and Beyond


Welcome to an exclusive journey through Bogota, Colombia, tailored for those who seek the pinnacle of luxury and convenience. This itinerary is designed to highlight the best of Bogota, including luxury hotels, gourmet dining, exclusive boutiques, art galleries, and breathtaking helicopter tours. Additionally, we cater to travelers arriving by private jet, ensuring a seamless and elite experience from the moment you land.

Bogotá Colombia city center

Arrival by Private Jet

Arriving in Bogota by private jet? Rest assured, all necessary installations and services are in place to accommodate your needs. We offer private immigration processing to ensure a smooth and swift entry into Colombia, allowing you to begin your luxury experience without delay.

Luxury Accommodations

Hotel Casa Medina

Casa Medina, a gem among Bogota’s luxury hotels, epitomizes elegance and comfort. This hotel, recognized for its distinctive character, combines historical charm with modern luxury. Its unique architecture, featuring stone columns and hand-carved doors, offers a glimpse into Colombia’s rich heritage.

  • Location and History: Nestled in the exclusive Zona G district, known for its gourmet dining and upscale boutiques, Casa Medina provides an ideal location for those seeking to explore the best of Bogota. The hotel itself is a declared monument, boasting a history that adds to its allure.
  • Accommodations and Amenities: The rooms and suites at Casa Medina are designed to offer the utmost comfort and luxury. Each room is uniquely decorated, blending contemporary amenities with classic elegance. Guests can expect plush bedding, sophisticated decor, and state-of-the-art facilities.
Facade Hotel Four Seasons Casa Medina

Gastronomic Excellence in Bogota

Bogota’s culinary scene has evolved into a gastronomic paradise, especially for high-end travelers. The city is now home to a range of world-class restaurants that have gained international acclaim. Here’s a detailed look at the latest developments, pricing, and recognitions in Bogota’s gastronomy.

Latest Developments

  • Innovative Fusion Cuisine: Many top restaurants in Bogota are embracing fusion cuisine, blending traditional Colombian flavors with international culinary techniques. This innovation has led to unique and unforgettable dining experiences.
  • Farm-to-Table Concepts: There’s a growing emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Restaurants are partnering with local farmers and producers, ensuring the freshest and highest quality ingredients in their dishes.
  • Celebrity Chefs and Culinary Masters: Bogota’s food scene is attracting world-renowned chefs, adding star power and culinary expertise. These chefs are bringing their global experiences to the city, elevating the dining landscape.

Exclusive Shopping and Art in Bogota

Bogota’s luxury shopping scene and art culture are vibrant and diverse, featuring renowned designers, exclusive boutiques, and prestigious art galleries. Here are some notable examples, each known for its unique offerings.

Colombia’s Fashion and Textile Industry

  • Diverse Fashion Scene: Colombia is known for its diverse and vibrant fashion scene. Cities like Bogotá and Medellín are fashion hubs with a plethora of shopping options ranging from upscale boutiques to local markets.
  • Unique Local Designs: Colombian designers are celebrated for their unique and innovative designs, particularly in swimwear, lingerie, and bespoke garments, making shopping in Colombia a unique experience.
  • Quality Textiles: The country has a long history of textile production, offering high-quality fabrics and garments. Colombian textiles are not only diverse but also incorporate traditional techniques and patterns.
  • Affordable Luxury: Compared to many other countries, Colombia offers luxury items and high-quality fashion at more affordable prices, providing value for money for international shoppers.
  • Artisan Crafts: Besides contemporary fashion, Colombia is rich in artisan crafts. Travelers can find unique handcrafted items, such as mochila bags, jewelry, and traditional clothing, which make for distinctive souvenirs or additions to any wardrobe.

High-End Fashion Designers and Boutiques

  • Johanna Ortiz: Known for her sophisticated and feminine designs, Johanna Ortiz’s work often features vibrant prints and elegant silhouettes. Her international popularity stems from her ability to infuse traditional Colombian influences into contemporary high fashion.
  • Silvia Tcherassi: As previously mentioned, Tcherassi is renowned for her innovative use of traditional Colombian textiles and bold patterns, offering a unique blend of modernity and heritage. Her boutique in Bogota is a destination for fashion-forward pieces.
  • Agua Bendita: This high-end swimwear brand is famous globally for its intricate, handcrafted bikinis and swimwear. Agua Bendita combines contemporary designs with traditional Colombian craftsmanship.
  • St. Dom: Located in Bogota’s chic Zona T, this boutique showcases a range of Colombian designers, offering everything from avant-garde to more traditional fashion pieces.
  • Isabel Henao: Henao’s designs focus on elegance and femininity, with a subtle yet impactful use of details and textures. Her pieces are both timeless and contemporary, appealing to a sophisticated audience.
  • Amelia Toro: Amelia Toro’s designs stand out for their social consciousness and artisanal craftsmanship. She integrates traditional techniques into her work, supporting local artisans and communities.
  • Olga Piedrahita: A leading name in Colombian fashion, Piedrahita is known for her avant-garde and artistic approach to design. Her work often challenges conventional forms and structures.
  • Lina Cantillo: A prominent figure in menswear, Cantillo brings innovative and modern designs to men’s fashion, reinterpreting traditional masculinity with contemporary flair.
  • Francesca Miranda: Specializing in bridal and evening wear, Miranda’s designs are marked by intricate handwork and luxurious fabrics, beautifully blending modern trends with classic elegance.

Art Galleries and Cultural Spaces

  • Galería Cano: This gallery is known for its exquisite pre-Columbian jewelry and art pieces, offering a glimpse into Colombia’s rich ancestral heritage.
  • Sketch: Focusing on contemporary art, Sketch features works by emerging Colombian artists. It’s a hotspot for those looking to discover the next big name in the art world.
  • Teatro Colón: This theater was appointed a national monument and is a must-visit attraction in Bogotá’s historical center.
Colon Theatre Bogota inside
Teatro Colón in La Candelaria, Bogotá

Helicopter Excursions from Bogotá

Embark on helicopter tours to Guatavita and Zipaquira, adding an adventurous twist to your trip. Witness the stunning Salt Cathedral and the breathtaking landscapes from a bird’s eye view.

View from airplane cabin Colombia

You can also find more interesting information and activities in our Bogota Travel Guide.

Barichara Day Trip with Helicopter Overflight of Chicamocha Canyon

Introduction to Barichara

Barichara, often referred to as one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia, is a must-visit destination. Founded in 1705, this historic town is renowned for its well-preserved colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. Barichara exudes a timeless charm that captures the essence of Colombia’s rich history.

Helicopter Journey to Barichara

  • Scenic Route: The helicopter trip to Barichara offers breathtaking aerial views. It’s not just a mode of transport but an integral part of the experience, providing a stunning perspective of Colombia’s diverse landscape.
  • Chicamocha Canyon Overflight: En route to Barichara, the helicopter flies over the Chicamocha Canyon, one of Colombia’s natural wonders. This canyon, with its dramatic landscapes and deep gorges, is a sight to behold from above. The Chicamocha National Park, surrounding the canyon, spans over 32,000 hectares and is a testament to Colombia’s natural beauty.
Chicamocha Canyon

Archaeological Experience in San Agustin

From Bogotá, it is only a 30-minute flight to the airport of Pitalito, Huila. From there you reach San Agustin within 45 minutes.

San Agustin, nestled in the Andean mountains of Colombia, is a destination rich in archaeological and historical significance. Known primarily for the San Agustin Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is a place where ancient mysteries and natural beauty converge. This destination is perfect for a multi-day exploration.

Archaeological park in San Agustin Huila

The San Agustin Archaeological Park

  • Historical Significance: The park is celebrated for having the largest collection of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures in South America, dating from the 1st to the 8th century. These artifacts offer a window into the lives and beliefs of the region’s early inhabitants.
  • Exploration Opportunities: Spend days wandering through the park, exploring its vast collection of statues, burial mounds, and ceremonial centers. The park’s main sites include “La Fuente Ceremonial de Lavapatas” and “El Bosque de las Estatuas” (Forest of Statues), each offering unique insights into pre-Columbian culture.

Colombia Luxury Tour: Onward journey Cartagena

From the airport in Cartagena it is only a 20-minute drive to the “Ciudad Amurallada”, the historic city center of Cartagena.

Cartagena: A Historical and Cultural Gem

Cartagena, a picturesque city on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, is famed for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning colonial architecture. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the city is a blend of historical charm and modern luxury.

The Walled City

This UNESCO World Heritage Site encompasses the old town’s fortified walls and picturesque streets lined with colorful colonial buildings, charming plazas, and vibrant markets. Visitors can wander through the labyrinthine alleys, visit iconic landmarks like the Clock Tower Gate, and soak in the city’s unique atmosphere rich in history and culture.

Historical Center of Cartagena Colombia

Museums and History

The city’s history as a major Spanish port during the colonial era is evident in its museums and historical sites. Key attractions include the Palace of the Inquisition, the Gold Museum, and the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, a fortress offering panoramic views of the city.

  • Palace of the Inquisition: Found in Cartagena’s historic center, this colonial gem was once home to the Spanish Inquisition. Today, it hosts the Historical Museum, delving into the city’s colonial past and the Inquisition’s influence.
  • Gold Museum: Nested within the Palace of the Inquisition, this museum dazzles with pre-Columbian gold treasures. Admire intricate jewelry and ceremonial pieces, offering a glimpse into the region’s rich indigenous heritage.
  • Castelo de San Felipe de Barajas: Crowning Cartagena’s skyline, this 17th-century fortress boasts tunnels, battlements, and panoramic vistas. Built to repel pirates, it offers a riveting history lesson amidst stunning Caribbean scenery.

Shopping and Boutiques

The Walled City is home to numerous boutique hotels, upscale restaurants, and lively nightlife spots, making it a must-visit destination for travelers exploring Cartagena.

Cartagena’s boutiques reflect its rich cultural tapestry, offering everything from local artisan crafts to high-end fashion. The city is particularly known for its vibrant markets and shops selling traditional Colombian textiles, jewelry, and handicrafts.

Gourmet Restaurants

The culinary scene in Cartagena is a fusion of Caribbean, African, and Spanish influences, resulting in a diverse and exciting gastronomic landscape. The city boasts a range of dining options, from high-end restaurants serving gourmet international cuisine to local eateries offering traditional Colombian dishes.

Luxury Accommodations

Hotel Casa San Agustín in Cartagena: Key Highlights

Enjoy the ultimate luxury at this exquisite boutique hotel in the center of Cartagena’s historic old town.

  • Historic Architecture: Situated in a 17th-century colonial house, the hotel beautifully integrates original frescoes and wooden beams, embodying Cartagena’s rich history.
  • Accommodations: Hotel Casa San Agustín offers 31 uniquely designed rooms and suites, each blending contemporary luxury with traditional colonial decor. Many rooms feature private balconies or terraces.
  • Amenities: Modern amenities include complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and luxury toiletries. The hotel also offers a rooftop pool and solarium with views of the old city.
Premium Room Hotel San Agustin Cartagena

Activities and Excursions in Cartagena

Yacht Trip to the Rosario Islands

A popular activity for visitors is a yacht trip to the nearby Rosario Islands, a group of Caribbean islands known for their crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and idyllic beaches. These trips often include opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and relaxing on beautiful beaches.

Beach at Rosario Island in Colombia

Helicopter Overflight of Ciudad Perdida

For a truly unique experience, take a helicopter tour over Ciudad Perdida (the Lost City), an ancient archaeological site in the Sierra Nevada mountains. This overflight offers a spectacular view of this remote and mysterious city, which predates Machu Picchu and is only accessible by foot or air.

Check our Cartagena Travel Guide for more insightful recommendations of activities in the Walled City.

In essence, our sample luxury tour in Colombia offers a captivating fusion of historical depth, cultural vibrancy, and unmatched luxury. Keep in mind, that this itinerary serves as a foundation that can be tailored to your preferences with our assistance. Reach out to us today to begin crafting your personalized dream journey through Colombia.

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