Top 36 Activities and Attractions outside Santa Marta – Shortlist

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

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Activities and Attractions outside Santa Marta that you will find detailed in our Santa Marta Travel Guide

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  1. El Rodadero: Popular beach area with restaurants, hotels, and a bustling vibe.
  2. Minca in the Sierra Nevada: A picturesque mountain village known for its cool climate, coffee farms, and natural beauty.
  3. La Victoria Coffee Farm and Brewery in Minca: A fascinating visit to see coffee production and beer brewing.
  4. Hiking in Minca – Exploring the Sierra Nevada: Various trails showcasing the stunning biodiversity of the region.
  5. Birdwatching in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: Renowned for its incredible bird diversity.
  6. Finca Vista Nieves in the Sierra Nevada: A beautiful spot offering panoramic views and accommodations.
  7. Cuchilla San Lorenzo Sierra Nevada: A vantage point with spectacular views of the mountains and the sea.
  8. Night Safaris in the Sierra Nevada: Explore the region’s nocturnal wildlife.
  9. Tayrona Park: A national park boasting pristine beaches and lush tropical forests.
  10. Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) Trek: A challenging multi-day hike to ancient indigenous ruins.
  11. Taganga: A nearby fishing village known for its beaches and diving.

Other Activities and Attractions outside Santa Marta

  1. Bahia Concha: A tranquil bay with turquoise waters.
  2. Playa Cristal: A picturesque beach with clear waters.
  3. Pozo Azul: Natural swimming holes located in Minca.
  4. Marinka Waterfalls: Cascading waterfalls near Minca.
  5. Playa Grande: Accessible via a short boat ride from Taganga.
  6. Cabo San Juan: A breathtaking beach in Tayrona Park.
  7. La Piscina: Another serene beach within Tayrona Park.
  8. Quebrada Valencia Waterfall: A series of waterfalls and pools for swimming.
  9. Los Cocos Beach: A serene beach location.
  10. Bonda: A small village where you can experience local life.
  11. Piedra Pintada: Large rocks adorned with indigenous drawings.
  12. Cascada de Valencia: A hidden waterfall accessed by a short trek.
  13. San Lorenzo Ridge: A spot that offers spectacular views.
  14. Hike to Cerro Kennedy: Offers panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada and the Caribbean Sea.
  15. Playa Las Gaviotas: A serene beach spot.
  16. Playa Neguanje: One of the most beautiful beaches in Tayrona Park.
  17. Playa Bonita: As the name suggests, a beautiful beach spot.
  18. Mirador Los Pinos: A viewpoint in Minca.
  19. Dibulla: A coastal town known for its beaches.
  20. Hacienda La Victoria: Another coffee farm near Minca.
  21. Diving in Taganga: The area is known for its dive sites and schools.
  22. El Paraiso de Tuki: A cacao farm in Minca.
  23. Rio Don Diego: A river offering activities like tubing and kayaking.
  24. Birdwatching at El Dorado Reserve: A top spot for bird enthusiasts.
  25. Pozo Azul Waterfalls: Cascades located near Minca.
  26. Buritaca: A coastal town with beautiful beaches and nearby rivers.
  27. Cinto Bay: A secluded bay known for its untouched beauty.
  28. Tubing in Palomino River: A relaxing activity where participants float down the river.
  29. Barlovento Beach: A pristine beach near the mouth of the Don Diego River.
  30. Aguas Blancas: A waterfall and natural pool near Minca.
  31. Taironaka: Once home to the ancient Tairona civilization, this site is now an ecotourism destination that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the history and nature of the region. With a mix of archaeological remains, a museum, nature trails, and opportunities to explore the Don Diego River, it provides a comprehensive experience of both the ancient and natural worlds.
  32. Ciénaga: A town steeped in history and culture, Ciénaga is best known for its expansive lagoon, La Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta. Recognized as a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance, this lagoon ecosystem boasts a unique mix of flora and fauna. The town itself, with its colonial architecture and stories of old, provides a nostalgic trip into Colombia’s past.

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