What Are The Best Luxury Destinations In Colombia?

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Where to find luxury in Colombia?

If diversity were a country, it would be Colombia. Officially known as the Republic of Colombia, this is a place which can be referred to as a melting pot for a plethora of flora, fauna and human races. Being the 2nd most biodiverse country on the planet, Colombia provides a ridiculous amount of geographic versatility, with topographical features ranging from tropical jungles to rainforests to snow-capped glaciers to vast deserts, which together host 56000 species, 9000 of which are unique and native to this country exclusively.

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Moreover, centuries of interactions between distinct racial groups, including Native Americans, European colonizers and African Black slaves, have resulted in a nation which is spread quite uniformly through the country. Therefore, visiting Colombia is similar to visiting five countries at once and experiencing the culture and traditions of various ethnicities. Apart from this, Colombia boasts some of the best luxury destinations in the world. The places are known for the extravagant getaways they provide. So, if you are planning to spend your vacation in this beautiful land and are looking for a list of the best luxury destinations in Colombia, the article below is your ultimate guide:

Luxury in Suesca Cundinamarca Colombia

Located in the province of Almeidas, Suesca is a destination with just the right landscape to attract tourists interested in sports like river rafting, rock climbing and trekking. However, the best recreational activity available in this town is glamping.

Glamping in Suesca allows tourists with an opportunity to connect with nature in the least invasive, yet luxurious ways. Previously, people did not get the chance to enjoy solitude extravagantly in this area; however, since the launch of the local project called Niddo, tourists have access to “nests” situated right in the heart of the Andes mountains, where they can sit back and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. The facility comes complete with private bathrooms, comfortable, warm beds, heaters and a hot drinks’ station. As part of the service, one can also explore local caves, follow ecological trails, go for trekking and mountain biking, or just find peace in the yoga classes that are conducted amidst the jungle trees.

Luxury in Guasca Cundinamarca Colombia

Guasca is another town popular for excellent opportunities for adventure tourism. It offers its visitors two amazing glamping sites, both of which are nestled between dense forests. This allows people to feel disconnected from the outside world and engross themselves in the serenity provided by the sense of solitary. This relaxing experience is primarily responsible for attracting large groups to this place.

One can occupy oneself in popular leisurely activities present here, which include gathering around a campfire, going for kayaking, learning rock climbing first-hand from experts, and floating away in a sailboat on a romantic ride with one’s significant other. Other than these, one can also explore soothingly warm thermal waters, experience the rush caused by paragliding or relax with yoga classes.

Luxury in the Tatacoa Desert Colombia

Desierto de la Tatacoa in Huila Colombia

Even though it was a previously unimaginable idea, today enjoying a luxurious vacation in the Tatacoa Desert is not only possible but also very feasible. Thanks to the resorts and hotels that opened here and are functioning efficiently, tourists find themselves being endlessly attracted to this heavily eroded destination. Out of the other many things that can be done here (mentioned later), perhaps one of the most engaging is witnessing the rugged side of nature. The dry canyons and labyrinthine gullies that run through the desert captivate the onlookers and expose them to a type of landscape rarely ever seen. Another fascinating thing about this particular desert is that there is strong evidence of dinosaurs having roamed on its plains. In fact, to honor the gone life, a local resort allows its guests to reside in “Bio Egg”, an egg-shaped abode. This accommodation has access to a giant terrace which allows its residents to view the glamorous skies above. Since the levels of all forms of pollution, especially light, are low in this area, one can gaze upon the 5 million stars that are easily viewable from the terrace. There are two other accommodation options, i.e. a wooden house and a glamping site with private balconies. Visitors are free to choose whatever suits their needs better.

An astronomical observatory is also present close to the resort, which is open for tourists. Viewing galaxies from this place is another popular activity. Other recreations people indulge themselves include relaxing massages, horseback riding and cycling.

Luxury Private Islands in Colombia

If you wish to maximize your sense of luxury and extravagance on your trip to this wonderful country, you should definitely consider renting out a private island of your own. This form of high-end vacation will allow you the exclusive chance of relaxing by the sea in secluded white sands, scuba diving among various brightly colored fish, and exploring the tropical ecosystem of the land. Have your personal chef cook the best meals of Colombia for you and enjoy the savory delights. There are quite a few private islands to choose from. You can explore and select the one that suits your ideals best.

Few of the most popular private islands include Islas del Rosario, Private Island in Barú, luxury island in Cholón among many others. Depending on your budget and preferences of activities you want to enjoy, there are unlimited options of renting a private island in Colombia.

Luxury in Cartagena Colombia

Venturing through the streets of this 16th century port city must be on your bucket list if you wish to enjoy aesthetic and luxury on your trip to Colombia. If one were to say that beginning your trip from this city gives you an idea and an easy introduction to what the rest of the country is going to be like, they would not be mistaken.

Also being a Spanish Colonial walled city, Cartagena has plenty of sights that deserve to be seen and appreciated. One excellent way to explore its beauty is to allow yourself to get lost in the old town, walk down the cobblestone streets, and immerse yourself in the local architecture. Some of the sites worth visiting include the Plaza Bolivar, the Spanish Inquisition Museum and the Convent of San Pedro Claver.

One should also not miss the chance of indulging oneself in the delicious cuisine. The versatility of available food is commendable, for one can enjoy anything and everything from the glorious local food to the high-end bistro options to the delicious street items.

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Luxury in Tayrona National Park Colombia

A detailed trip through the Tayrona National Park must not be missed at any cost. It allows you an inexplicable and never-before experience, something no one likes to let go off.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about trekking through this park to reach the beaches is that it requires some serious effort. The trails feel like wandering freely through the wilderness, where only the soul guides you. Therefore, the feeling of accomplishment upon reaching the desired location is unmatchable. Also, because of the relative difficulty to access, the beaches experience relatively smaller tourist counts, so you can enjoy somewhat secluded & peaceful environment. There are some nudist beaches in the location as well, where you can comfortably bask in the glorious sunlight.

There are a handful of accommodation facilities available on-site as well. The Cabo San Juan beach allows guests to sleep in hammocks. Getting to sleep in them and waking up to the best morning views ever is truly remarkable.

Luxury in Medellin Colombia

Medellin, also nicknamed as the City of Eternal Spring, has an intangible vibe associated with it, which is very difficult to explain in words. It is often regarded as an overly populated city with all forms of pollution abundantly present. Even though this is every bit true, this is still not something someone who has visited this city would remember it for. Medellin is so much more than heaps of litter and masses of people. This city has a spirit and the spirit is lively. One can only understand it if one lives through it; hence, Medellin makes its way to the list of one of the best luxury destinations in Colombia.

There are many activities you can enjoy while you are here. Signing up for the free city tour is one of them. Ever wondered about the festive past of this country and the tales of Pablo Escobar? Ever wondered about the civil war and warring factions? This is where you get all your answers from as the local guides take you through the twists and turns of history.

Another thing that tourists often do is to travel to the dense forests of Parque Arvi, which is accessible by cable cars only. Sit back and enjoy as you sail above the city and appreciate the vintage point of view of everything below. Once at the Parque, you can hire a guide and explore the top as well.

The aforementioned were the seven of the best luxury destinations in all of Colombia. It is important to note that this list did not exhaust all the spectacular places present in this amazing country. The ones noted are the top-rated ones by tourists and are notable for their unique attributes and vibes. Therefore, if you wish to embark on a journey to this rich land, make sure that you not only pay a visit to the mentioned destinations but also step beyond them and let the air of other locations fill your soul.

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