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Top 36 Activities and Attractions outside Cartagena – Shortlist

San Bernardo Archipelago in Colombia

Updated on 03/08/2024

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Activities and Attractions outside Cartagena that you will find detailed in our Cartagena Travel Guide

  1. Totumo Volcano: A Unique Mud Bath Experience Near Cartagena.
  2. San Basilio de Palenque: Discover this UNESCO World Heritage site known as the first free African town in the Americas.
  3. National Aviary: A Birdwatcher’s Paradise Near Cartagena.
  4. Islands Near Cartagena: Explore the Rosario Islands and Barú Island, both part of a beautiful archipelago.
  5. Tierra Bomba Island: A close getaway from Cartagena with beautiful beaches.
  6. Beaches around Cartagena: Enjoy Playa Blanca, Punta Arena, and many more.

Other Activities and Attractions outside Cartagena

  1. Rincón del Mar: A beautiful coastal town.
  2. Barranquilla: Known for its Carnaval, a UNESCO World Heritage tradition.
  3. Usiacurí: A town known for its craftwork and thermal waters.
  4. Galerazamba Salt Flats: Pink sea salt flats near Cartagena.
  5. Tolu and Coveñas: Popular beach towns with serene environments.
  6. Morrosquillo Gulf: A gulf with calm waters and beautiful beaches.
  7. San Jacinto: Known for its handmade hammocks and crafts.
  8. Magangué: A river town along the Magdalena River.
  9. Ciénaga de Pijiño: A scenic wetland area.
  10. Reserva Natural Sanguaré: A nature reserve with diverse ecosystems.
  11. San Bernardo Archipelago: A group of islands with unique flora and fauna.
  12. Montes de María: A mountainous region with great hiking opportunities.
  13. Sincelejo: Known for its vibrant culture and traditions.
  14. Magdalena River boat tours: Explore the largest river in Colombia.
  15. San Pedro Market: A bustling market in Sincelejo.
  16. Chalán: A town known for its traditional music.
  17. Mampuján: A historic village with a rich past.
  18. Isla Fuerte: A beautiful island with diverse ecosystems.
  19. Lorica: A town with colonial architecture and a vibrant market.
  20. Ayapel Swamp: A wetland area with unique flora and fauna.
  21. Coveñas Wharf: A picturesque wharf area.
  22. San Antero: Known for its mangroves and traditions.
  23. San Juan Nepomuceno: A town with a rich cultural heritage.
  24. Palmito: A serene town with a tranquil setting.
  25. Santiago de Tolú: A coastal town with beautiful beaches.
  26. Reserva Natural Los Colorados: A nature reserve with unique ecosystems.
  27. Ovejas: A town known for its traditions and festivals.
  28. Chinú: A town with a rich history and culture.
  29. Carmen de Bolívar: Known for its vibrant music scene.
  30. Zambrano: A riverside town with a tranquil setting.

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