Best 15 Romantic Colombian Destinations for Couples & Honeymoon

Romantic plans in Colombia

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The perfect couple vacation in Colombia

Colombia may not appear on the radar of many travelers. This certainly has to do with its past and the fact that the media shows a one-sided picture. Yes, in Colombia coca is grown and cocaine is produced and yes there is crime and yes corruption is a problem.

But Colombia also has another side. International tourism has been developing in the country for around 15 years and many regions are not only safe but also fantastic travel destinations. And another point why I propagate tourism to Colombia is that all of the above factors are mitigated by tourism.

Below I show 15 travel destinations, which offer the perfect couple vacation and are hard to beat in terms of romance. It doesn’t matter if you’re only 20 or over 70.

Colombian llanos

The Colombian Llanos include the departments of Meta, Arauca, Casanare, and Vichada. Another part of the Llanos is located in Venezuela and combined, the Llanos reach the area of ​​Japan.

Couple vacation in the department of Meta

From Bogota, it is only 3 hours by car to Villavicencio, the capital of the Meta department. A flight only takes about 20 minutes. From there you can go deep into the Llanos and spend the night on one of the Hatos (cattle ranch) and experience the life of the cowboys on horseback.

A Llanos Safari is of course indispensable. The many animals in this region are an absolute spectacle. I can’t promise here that you’ll see a Jaguar, but you’ll definitely see Chigüiros.

In any case, the Eco Hotel Mururito is a personal recommendation. Getting there is a bit of a hassle and you need a 4×4, but it’s definitely worth it. The hotel is of a good standard and the surroundings are simply spectacular.

At high water levels, tours can also be undertaken with the existing boat.

Couple holidays in the department of Casanare

This region also belongs to the Llanos and I have already tested many of the local tourist offers in recent years. At Hatos Berlin, Los Deseos, Altagracia, or El Encanto de Guanapalo you can dive deep into cowboy life.

The wilderness offers unique experiences and you don’t meet a human soul there. The huge area is not only sparsely populated, but mass tourism is also an absolute foreign word.

So if you want to spend a few days in a romantic contact with nature, I highly recommend the Llanos.

Romance in Cartagena

Cartagena is the pearl of the Caribbean and is not without reason a very popular destination for wedding celebrations. The beautiful old town is very well preserved and offers not only romance but also luxury, from the boutique hotel to the gourmet restaurant and horse-drawn carriages.

The climate is Caribbean warm to hot and anyone who has seen the sunset on the city wall there will always dream of staying in Cartagena. This city is so romantic that it already looks cheesy.

Kitschy stay on the Islas Rosario

Cartagena’s kitsch goes one step further. The Rosario Islands are only 45 minutes away by boat. You will find a Caribbean paradise there, with a sea in different shades of blue and crystal-clear water.

There are various accommodation options on the mostly-private islands. If you have the budget, I recommend an overnight stay in the Hotel Las Islas on Baru. The accommodations have their own pool, sea views and the hotel has its own beach.

Couple vacation in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is an absolutely spectacular mountain range. From the coast at sea level, it rises to over 5,500 meters above sea level (18,000 feet above sea level) and is also the habitat of various indigenous peoples.

In the mountains, you not only enjoy the view of Santa Marta and see the horizon of the sea, but you are in a piece of paradise. The Sierra offers various hiking routes, waterfalls, and a perfect climate.

In addition, the Sierra Nevada is one of the most important areas for bird watching and has several endemic species. However, if you do not like birds so much, you can also go looking for the crystal frog at night.

Couple adventures in La Guajira

The desert of La Guajira is another highlight of diverse Colombia. The Wayuu area stretches across the border to Venezuela. The accommodations are rustic and it is best to sleep in a Chinchorro, the cosiest hammock in the world.

If you have a bit of adventure in your blood, you should take a closer look at this destination. A night in a hammock under the starry sky of the desert, for whom doesn’t this sound tempting?

Punta Gallinas Colombia

The most romantic waterfalls in Putumayo

Putumayo is not yet very developed for tourism and even Colombians have not yet discovered this destination. With the exception of a few backpackers, who are embarking on an Ayahuasca adventure, tourism is still in its infancy.

However, there are already some local entrepreneurs who recognize the potential of tourism. There are now interesting accommodation options and the range of hiking routes, nature experiences and waterfalls are second to none.

Caribbean love in Providencia

Providencia is the Caribbean dream island. Although you have to arrive via San Andres and lose almost a day, the trip is worth the effort. Although it is an absolute dream with crystal clear water and virgin beaches, this island is far away from mass tourism.

However, due to a lack of investment, most hotels are rather modest. Those with a good budget should consider staying at the Hotel Deep Blue.

Providencia Beach Colombia

Wild romance in Choco

The Pacific coast of Colombia is wild and beautiful. So far there are only a few selected destinations that offer a stay for tourists. The natural spectacle of the Pacific is definitely worth a visit. There is also the possibility of whale watching between June and November.

If you want to escape everyday life and spend a few dream days detached from any communication, I can recommend a stay at the Hotel El Cantil near Nuqui. Not only the general experience is top class there, but also the culinary feast.

Nightlife in Bogota

Bogota is by far the most interesting city in Colombia. You can either explore the city and choose from a variety of tourist destinations, or just relax.

Furthermore, there is a cultural offer of museums, theaters, and events like hardly any other city. The nightlife and shopping opportunities are also extremely numerous and top in Colombia.

The offer of various hotels ranges from luxury to trendy to innovative and those who travel on a budget can also settle in one of the numerous hostels.

Sexy hip swing in Cali

Cali is certainly a somewhat special destination. As the world capital of salsa, it offers countless schools and clubs to learn the first dance steps or to perfect existing skills.

What could be nicer than indulging in salsa for a night with your partner and forgetting the universe around you?

To top it off, Cali is also known for its variety of restaurants and excellent Pacific culinary offerings.

Fresh air romance in the coffee zone

Colombia’s coffee triangle is known far beyond the country’s borders and the beauty of the landscape and the friendliness of the inhabitants can hardly be surpassed.

With its pleasant climate and gentle topography up to the rumbling volcanoes, this destination is perfect for active couples who like to spend time in nature.

You can either hike in the volcanic area, make long descents by bike, relax on a coffee finca, ride a horse, or find deep relaxation in one of the thermal baths.

Colonial romance in Colombia

Colombia was colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century and after arriving on the Caribbean coast, various cities were founded on the way inland. These contemporary witnesses are fantastic travel destinations today and seduce you into a romantic stay.

I can recommend the destinations Villa de Leyva and Barichara, both beautiful colonial cities and representatives of a bygone era.

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