Top 46 Activities and Attractions outside Bogota – Shortlist

Bogotá view from Monserrate

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Activities and Attractions outside Bogota that you will find detailed in our Bogota Travel Guide

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  1. La Chorrera Waterfall: Colombia’s tallest waterfall near Bogotá with a scenic hike.
  2. Salt Cathedral Zipaquirá: An underground church in Zipaquirá’s salt mines; an architectural marvel.
  3. Guatavita Lagoon: Circular Andean lake, the fabled origin of the El Dorado legend.
  4. Andrés Carne de Res Chía: Famous restaurant and club in Chía known for its eclectic decor and vibrant atmosphere.
  5. Chingaza Natural Park: High-altitude park with a unique páramo ecosystem, home to diverse flora and fauna.
  6. Suesca: A rock-climbing haven with towering cliffs, also popular for its rural landscapes.
  7. Villeta: Known for its warm climate and natural pools, a popular weekend getaway.
  8. Villa de Leyva: A colonial town with well-preserved architecture and cobbled streets, known for its historical significance.

Other Activities and Attractions outside Bogota

  1. Nemocón Salt Mines: A lesser-known but equally impressive salt mine.
  2. Paipa: Famous for its hot springs.
  3. Girardot: A popular hot-weather escape with great pools and resorts.
  4. Tabio: Known for its hot springs and the Juaica Hill.
  5. Choachí: Offers scenic views and traditional Colombian vibes.
  6. Tenjo: A peaceful countryside town.
  7. Catedral de Sal de Nemocon: Another impressive salt cathedral.
  8. Tobia: Offers adventure sports like rafting and rappelling.
  9. Sáchica: Close to Villa de Leyva, it’s a quiet place to relax.
  10. Lake Tota: The largest lake in Colombia, with white sandy beaches.
  11. Fúquene Lagoon: A beautiful lake with wetland ecosystems.
  12. Raquira: A town famous for its colorful handicrafts.
  13. El Sisga Dam: A serene reservoir perfect for picnics.
  14. Guatavita Town: The new town with colonial-style buildings.
  15. Tocancipá: Home to the Jaime Duque Park.
  16. Sochagota Lake: Relaxing spot near Paipa with water activities.
  17. Ubate: Known for its dairy products and beautiful landscapes.
  18. Honda: A historic town on the banks of the Magdalena River.
  19. San Francisco: A great place for nature walks.
  20. Cajicá: A town known for its beautiful main square and church.
  21. Cucunubá: A picturesque town famous for its traditional wool products.
  22. Monguí: Beautiful colonial town with a famous basilica.
  23. Páramo de Ocetá: One of the most beautiful moorlands in Colombia.
  24. Guaduas: A colonial town with historic significance.
  25. La Mesa: Offers a warm climate and beautiful natural surroundings.
  26. Melgar: Known for its pools and resorts.
  27. Chiquinquirá: Home to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary.
  28. Moniquirá: Known for its caves with prehistoric petroglyphs.
  29. Santuario de Fauna y Flora Iguaque: A park with a sacred lagoon.
  30. Gachancipá: Offers the Tominé Reservoir and scenic landscapes.
  31. Pacho: Known for its warm climate and surrounding nature.
  32. Puente de Boyacá: Historic bridge and independence monument.
  33. Jardín Botánico de Boyacá: Offers diverse plant species.
  34. Páramo de Sumapaz: The largest páramo ecosystem in the world.
  35. Neusa Reservoir: Perfect for camping and water activities.
  36. Páramo de Matarredonda: Close to Bogotá, great for hiking.
  37. Cerro de Quininí: An archaeological park with petroglyphs.
  38. Tena: Offers natural water pools

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