The 10 Best Hotels in Colombia

Premium Room Hotel San Agustin Cartagena

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Best luxury and boutique Hotels in Colombia

I’ve explored many destinations in Colombia and experienced its lively hospitality scene. I’ve learned a lot about the country’s best hotels. But when I searched online, I found misleading listings that favored the costliest options or had no clear criteria. It seemed that many writers had never visited the places they suggested.

I want to share my selection of Colombia’s top accommodations based on real experiences. I don’t just focus on lavish boutique hotels, which would fill the list with entries from Cartagena; I also consider factors like exclusivity, location, and the overall package.

This article is a must-read if you plan a luxury trip to Colombia. And don’t miss my comprehensive guide to luxury travel in Colombia, which gives you more insights and ideas for your splendid journey.

Casa San Agustin, Cartagena


Enjoy the ultimate luxury at this exquisite boutique hotel in the center of Cartagena’s historic old town. Casa San Agustin impresses you with its service and attention to detail. The hotel occupies a beautifully preserved colonial building that blends historic charm with modern amenities. You’ll discover a stunning pool area with an ancient wall—a sign of the hotel’s respect for its heritage.

The hotel offers a restaurant, a bar, a spa, and inviting lounging areas. It has 20 rooms and 11 suites, each with generous space and luxurious bathrooms.

There are more exceptional hotels in Cartagena waiting for you. There are more exceptional hotels in Cartagena waiting for you. You can read my article on Cartagena’s best boutique and luxury hotels.

Delux Room in Hotel San Agustín Cartagena

Four Seasons Casa Medina, Bogota


Discover a remarkable departure from the typical chain hotels at Casa Medina in Bogota. Set within a magnificent classic mansion, this hotel exudes an aura of luxury that extends from its exterior to its meticulously designed interior.

Casa Medina is a stunning blend of old and new elements, creating a perfect balance of historic charm and modern sophistication. The room layouts reflect the building’s rich heritage and add to its character.

The hotel has 62 rooms, each with its style and amenities. It provides impeccable service that meets every guest’s needs. Some suites feature private fireplaces to ward off the chill of Bogota’s cool nights, adding a cozy touch to your stay.

Located in Zona G, one of the city’s premier areas known for its vibrant gastronomic scene, the Four Seasons Casa Medina enjoys an enviable position. It offers a luxurious retreat and convenient access to the city’s best culinary experiences. This hotel is ideal for travelers seeking luxury in Bogota. You can read my article for more exceptional hotels in Bogota and have fun.

Facade Hotel Four Seasons Casa Medina

Hotel Las Islas, Barú


Escape to a haven of tranquility in the picturesque Rosario Islands near Cartagena, where Hotel Las Islas awaits. In a region where maintaining consistent service levels has proven challenging, Las Islas stands out as a true gem. This eco-friendly hotel has been thoughtfully constructed with the utmost respect for nature, creating a harmonious retreat for its guests.

The hotel has over 50 spacious bungalows in a large area. It blends with its surroundings and avoids a crowded look. The hotel has many amenities, such as a spa, a beach, restaurants, a heliport, a boat dock, and a fitness room. The bungalows have different options. Some have sea views, some are tree houses, and some have private pools.

For travelers seeking an authentic Caribbean experience, I highly recommend Hotel Las Islas on Barú. Enjoy luxury and easy access to the best cuisine in the Rosario Islands.

Dron Photo of Hotel Las Islas

Hotel Patio del Mundo, Medellin


Discover a hidden gem amidst the vibrant city of Medellin at Hotel Patio del Mundo. This charming boutique hotel offers a unique experience for discerning private travelers who want more than the typical lodging options. With only seven thoughtfully designed rooms, you’ll feel like you’re staying in a grand private residence rather than a hotel. What makes this hotel so enchanting? Read on to find out.

Each room at Hotel Patio del Mundo has a different theme that suits every guest’s taste. The hotel features a large garden with a walkway leading to the river, where you can relax and enjoy nature. The hotel’s small size creates an exclusive and intimate ambiance but limits some services.

If you like boutique-style accommodations, I recommend Hotel Patio del Mundo. You’ll love its cozy rooms and friendly staff.

Facade Hotel Patio del Mundo

Hacienda Venecia, Caldas


Step into a world of rich coffee heritage at Hacienda Venecia, one of the largest productive coffee farms in Colombia’s renowned coffee zone. With a history spanning over a century, this captivating estate immerses guests in the traditional essence of Colombian coffee. Located just a 30-minute drive from Manizales, the capital of the Caldas department, it is one of the finest options for experiencing Colombian coffee culture.

The Hacienda Venecia encompasses a hostel, a guest house, and the original house, now reserved for esteemed guests. The traditional architecture and vibrant colors harmonize with the region, transporting visitors to another era. Staying in the old house provides an exclusive experience, as it offers only a limited number of small yet authentic rooms that reflect the region’s character.

Enjoy delicious meals and stunning views from the terrace. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the past as you listen to the melodious songs of various birds that visit the estate. Hacienda Venecia also offers a range of activities related to coffee cultivation, allowing guests to engage in hands-on experiences.

If you love coffee, I recommend visiting Hacienda Venecia. You’ll appreciate its cozy rooms and friendly staff.

Facade Hacienda Venecia in Caldas

Termales La Quinta, Caldas


If you are looking for a unique and relaxing getaway, Termales La Quinta is the perfect destination. This Finca is located in the stunning countryside of Caldas, about 2 hours away from Manizales by car. However, you will need a 4×4 vehicle to navigate the changing weather conditions. The last part of the trip is an adventure: you will ride a horse to the Finca while a mule carries your luggage. You might find it challenging, but a breathtaking view and a warm welcome at Termales La Quinta will reward you.

Termales La Quinta has only a few rooms, which allows you to enjoy privacy and tranquility during your stay. The main attraction of the finca is the pool filled with thermal water, where you can soak in the natural healing and beauty. The rooms have a cozy and inviting decor that makes you feel at home.

You can also have fun with various activities at the Finca, such as horseback riding, hiking, and visiting waterfalls.

Termales La Quinta is ideal for anyone who loves nature, adventure, peace, and seclusion. It is also a terrific place for groups who want to have a private gathering in a scenic setting.

Deep Blue, Providencia


Escape to the mesmerizing allure of Providencia, an idyllic Caribbean island that surprisingly lies far off the coast of Colombia, situated near Nicaragua. Accessible via the neighboring island of San Andres or by private plane, reaching Providencia may require approximately half a day of travel from the mainland.

Protected by stringent cultural preservation measures, Providencia remains blissfully untouched by mass tourism. The pristine beaches were mine for three blissful days during my first visit. The beaches boast breathtaking beauty, the sea displays a vibrant palette of seven colors, and the diving opportunities are unparalleled. Exploring the island is best done by scooter or golf cart, allowing you to embrace the island’s natural wonders at your own pace.

As the epitome of luxury on the island, Hotel Deep Blue offers an unparalleled experience. The rooms are elevated like cascading terraces, ensuring that the higher you ascend, the more magnificent your view becomes. Some rooms even feature private plunge pools, adding an extra touch of indulgence. The restaurant, situated as a platform over the water, invites you to savor exquisite cuisine while enjoying the refreshing ocean breeze and being spared from mosquitoes.

Prices are higher because of the remote island’s logistics, but you can’t put a price on Deep Blue’s experience.

Cafe Finca Vista de Nieves, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

We have also created a captivating video because words can’t capture the sheer beauty of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Cafe Finca Vista de Nieves offers awe-inspiring vistas of the Caribbean Sea from 1,500 meters high. It is about a 2-hour drive from Santa Marta.

This remarkable establishment is a 160-year-old coffee finca with rustic charm and enchantment, not just a conventional hotel. While the main house currently features a shared bathroom, the overall infrastructure is excellent. Moreover, the property boasts a river and a stunning waterfall, adding to its allure.

In my opinion, this hidden gem ranks among the most extraordinary places on Earth. With a capacity to accommodate up to 10 guests, the prices for this unforgettable experience are available upon request

Placita Vieja, Santa Marta


Placita Vieja epitomizes the essence of a boutique hotel, meticulously crafted by its owner over years of dedicated effort. The owner thoughtfully curated every aspect for a masterpiece of impeccable design. Nestled in the historic heart of Santa Marta, this extraordinary establishment sits proudly on the main square, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the city’s rich heritage.

With only eight rooms, Placita Vieja offers an intimate and exclusive experience. Despite the hotel’s size, the spa has exceptional offerings that impress. Each room blends seamlessly with the Caribbean coast’s vibrant spirit and beauty.

It is worth noting that the hotel is more suited for adult guests and may not be as suitable for families with young children.

Finca Hotel Mururito Natural Reserve, Meta


Finca Hotel Mururito is a hidden gem and a sprawling nature reserve amidst the untamed wilderness of the Colombian Llanos. Covering a vast expanse, reaching this remote paradise may pose a slight challenge. Travelers can fly to Puerto Gaitan and embark on a scenic two-hour drive, preferably in a 4×4 vehicle. However, once you arrive, immediate tranquility and relaxation await.

The accommodations at Finca Hotel Mururito perfectly blend with the local style, offering a truly authentic experience. The resort relies on solar panels for daytime electricity, immersing guests in an eco-friendly environment. The temperate climate makes hot water unnecessary because natural temperatures are enough.

The reserve offers a range of captivating activities, including Llanos safaris, bird watching, horseback riding, and invigorating hikes. Having explored countless destinations in Colombia, I can confidently say that Finca Hotel Mururito stands out as one of the most breathtaking places I have encountered. A portion of the area may flood in some seasons, allowing unforgettable boat excursions.

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