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Santa Rosa de Cabal Risaralda

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Thermal baths in Colombia

When you think of thermal baths and hot springs, Colombia is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, this South American country is not just made up of beaches, palm trees, and hot salsa rhythms. Colombia is crisscrossed by the eastern, central, and western Cordilleras, which unite in the south of the country and provide perfect conditions for growing coffee all over the country.

Most of Colombia’s cities are therefore at an altitude of over 1,500 meters (5,000 feet), with the city of Bogota at over 2,700 meters (8,900 feet) above sea level. There are also volcanoes in the coffee zone and in Nariño, which remain active. The highest point in Colombia is more than 5,700 meters (18,700 feet) above sea level.

No wonder there are also hot springs in different regions of Colombia. I have already visited some of them and hope to cut off more on the list in the future.

Hot springs in the coffee triangle

The coffee triangle probably offers the highest density of thermal baths and these are certainly among the best in the country in terms of quality.

Termales del Espíritu Santo

The Espíritu Santo thermal baths are in the Antioquia department, around 5 hours’ drive from Medellin. Strictly speaking, this thermal bath no longer belongs to the coffee region, but the location is right at the border, which is why we count it.

The bath is at 650 meters (2,200 feet) above sea level, so the temperature of the surroundings is high. Approach with a 4×4 is recommended as the road is unpaved. There are accommodations on site.

Termales del Espíritu Santo in Antioquia

Taken from: https://termalesespiritusanto.com

Termales El Escondite

This thermal bath is located in the Caldas department, but is around a 6-hour drive from Bogota, Manizales, and Medellin. There are basic accommodation and a zone for camping. There are also other activities such as ecological walks and canyoning.

Termales El Escondite Caldas

Taken from: https://www.termaleselescondite.com

Termales El Otoño

The El Otoño thermal baths are around a 30-minute drive from Manizales. Embedded in a conference hotel, you can resort to various services. When I visited in February 2020, the existing buildings were being renovated and a new building was nearing completion.

The hotel has various public pools, as well as bungalows with private pools.

Termales El Otoño Manizales

Termales la Quinta

The Finca Termales la Quinta is an absolute insider tip. The journey from Manizales takes around 2 hours. You need a 4×4 and the last meters have to be covered by horse.

The finca can comfortably accommodate 10 people. The thermal water leaves the spring at over 90° Celsius (90° F) and you can request for the temperature of the pool to be fed by spring water.

There are various other possible activities on the property. You can ride a horse, visit waterfalls, cook with hot spring water, or just relax. Because of its seclusion and privacy, this is the ideal place for deep relaxation.

Termales Nevado del Ruiz

This thermal bath is also an absolute highlight. At an altitude of 3,500 meters (11,500 feet) above sea level and around a 90-minute drive from Manizales, this system offers the perfect cool ambient temperature for a thermal experience.

The hotel offers good facilities and various bathrooms. You can also feed hummingbirds by hand in the garden. The region is also ideal for other activities such as hiking or mountain biking.

Termales San Vicente

The San Vicente thermal bath is around a 90-minute drive from Pereira. According to the pictures and videos, the complex lies in the middle of forests and hills and offers spectacular nature.

In addition to the spa and thermal bath, ecological hikes, bird watching and canopy are also offered. The website was displayed to me in German, the translation made me laugh to death and I was therefore unable to find any relevant information.

Termales San Vicente Pereira

Taken from: https://sanvicente.com.co

Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal

The Santa Rosa hot springs are the most famous and perhaps even the most spectacular facilities in all of Colombia. The spectacular waterfall is the ideal subject for the photo and makes the bathroom look almost kitsch.

Santa Rosa de Cabal is around a 45-minute drive from Pereira in the Risaralda department. The water leaves the source at over 70° Celsius (158° F), whereby the 5 baths have a temperature of around 40° Celsius (104° F). The water has elements of nitrogen, copper, arsenic, bromine, phosphorus, and boron.

Due to its popularity, the thermal bath has a constant rush of visitors. You should avoid weekends and public holidays.

Termales Tierra Viva

The Tierra Viva thermal baths are just a 20-minute drive from Manizales in the Caldas department. The manageable facility offers accommodation and is surrounded by a beautiful natural panorama.

Termales Tierra Viva Caldas

Taken from: https://www.facebook.com/termalestierraviva/

Hot springs in Cundinamarca

Club Dhuchi

Located very close to Bogota, this hotel offers thermal baths as well as other services for well-being.

Club Dhuchi Bogotá

Taken from: https://clubdhuchi.com/termales/

Termales de Santa Mónica

The Santa Mónica Thermal Bath is located in Choachi, just a 90-minute drive from Bogota. The attached hotel offers acceptable accommodations.

Due to the proximity to Bogota and the manageable size of the pool, I recommend visiting the thermal bath during the week and avoiding weekends and holidays.

Termales de Santa Mónica Choachí

Taken from: https://www.termalessantamonica.com/index.html

Los Volcanes, Macheta

This hotel offers 4 thermal baths and is only a 90-minute drive from Bogota. The accommodations and the installations are of a good standard.

Termales Los Volcanes Macheta

Taken from: https://www.termaleslosvolcanes.com

Thermal baths Paipa, Boyacá

Balneario El Batán

This hotel complex with thermal baths is around 3.5 hours’ drive from Bogota.

Balneario El Batán Paipa

Taken from: http://elbatan.travel/

D’Acosta Hotel Sochagota

This hotel with its own thermal baths is no longer the most modern, but also offers bungalows with a private pool. The view over the adjacent lake is spectacular and the region offers a lot of nature.

Termales D'Acosta Sochagota

Taken from: https://hotelsochagota.com

Thermal baths in the department of Meta

Las Termales Aguas Calientes

The Aguas Calientes thermal bath is around a 3-hour drive from Villavicencio, the capital of the Meta department.

There are different baths with different temperatures as well as a waterfall.

Termales Aguas Calientes Villavicencio

Taken from: https://www.lastermales.com/index.html

Thermal baths in the Cauca department

Termales Aguatibia

The Termales Aguatibia baths are around an hour’s drive from Popayan, the capital of the Cauca department. The complex offers various baths, accommodation, and camping.

Termales Agua Tibia Cauca

Taken from: https://www.termalesaguatibia.com

Thermal baths in the Huila department

Termales la Rivera

The tourist center Termales la Rivera offers baths and accommodation.

Termales La Rivera Huila

Taken from: https://lastermalesderivera.com

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