Colombian Top 20 Most Popular Ecolodges

Bungalows in the middle of the ecolodge Hotel Las Islas

Updated on 01/25/2024

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What is an Ecolodge?

An Ecolodge is a tourist accommodation that has a minimal impact on the environment and is usually ideally integrated into the natural environment. Ecolodges usually offer visitors all the amenities and the highest level of comfort.

Ecolodges are often part of sustainable concepts and other aspects are also covered by tourism. Be it protecting local species or supporting the local community, the concepts are as diverse as the accommodation itself. In Colombia, however, terms are used very freely and the term “Eco” in an offer does not automatically mean compliance with the above factors.

Should you book an Ecolodge in Colombia and discover any conceptual deviations on site, please let us know. We are still new to tourism here in Colombia and feedback will help our further development.

Conceptual ideas of an Ecolodge:

  1. Provide positive experiences for visitors and hosts of the property.
  2. Create respect and awareness for the environment and culture.
  3. Mitigating the negative impact of tourism activities on the environment and the community.
  4. Support of human rights and labor laws.
  5. Conservation and conservation through financial incentives.
  6. Sensitivity to the political, ecological and social climate.
  7. Greater involvement in decision-making in the local community.

Importance of Ecolodges in Colombia

For Colombia, nature tourism is of great importance and still has huge and unused potential. Ecolodges, Ecohabs and Ecohotels offer job opportunities for the local population and the income is also used to preserve the environment and local culture.

Compared to neighboring countries such as Ecuador and Peru, as well as Costa Rica, the potential in Colombia is only being scratched. The founders of Ecolodges are still exotic in Colombia and the offers are very manageable. The market for high-quality ecolodges also currently consists of just one offer.

Due to the biodiversity and natural wealth of Colombia, the Ecolodges market has huge potential not only for future cash flows, but also for a multitude of new jobs.

Best ecolodges in Colombia

Caribbean region

Gitana del Mar Boutique Beach Resort


Capacity: 9 bungalows and 2 glamping tents.
Room types: Bungalows (35 m2-40m2 / 377ft2 -431ft2)/ Glampings (30m2/323ft2) with queen-size or single beds.
Highlights: Caribbean beach / Forest
Services: Restaurant / Spa / Bar / Private Bathroom / Outdoor Showers / Fan

Gitana del Mar is located in Buritaca, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, very close to the impressive Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The drive from Santa Marta takes around 90 minutes.

If you like the view of the sea, this accommodation is perfect for you. Not only does Gitana del Mar offer the best views and a comfortable stay, but it is also close to some Colombian indigenous tribes (Arhuaco, Kogi, Wiwa, and Kankuamo). On site there is the opportunity to exchange ideas with indigenous people and to learn something about the history of Colombia and its background in the “heart of the world”, as the indigenous people call it. There are also various leisure activities available locally, including walks, hikes, surfing courses, yoga, and horse riding tours.

This Ecolodge is known for its unique architecture. Based on the teachings of the natives, the bungalows are built with palm roofs. The rooms are open and to show respect for the environment, the resort is not air-conditioned and thus saves energy.

We recommend this accommodation for families with children and small groups of people who want to spend a cozy time.

El Dorado Nature Reserve


Capacity: 10 rooms / 5 cabins
Room types: Rooms and Koguis (huts with indigenous tribal architecture).
Highlights: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta / Fauna & Flora / Forests
Services: Internet / Relaxation areas / Breakfast-lunch-dinner

This birdwatching lodge is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The journey from Santa Marta takes around 2.5 hours. The accommodations are grouped around the main lodge and the same main entrance. Depending on the accommodation, the main lodge is up to a 15-minute walk away. The Kogihabs are specially designed for two people and have a private bathroom and balcony.

El Dorado contributes to the conservation of 21 species of birds that are critically endangered. Here you have the opportunity to observe the great variety of native birds such as hummingbirds. You can hike and walk in the area and discover and enjoy the wildlife.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is one of the most important areas for endemic bird species in Colombia. In addition to those interested in birds, we also recommend this accommodation to all nature lovers, because it also offers beautiful hikes in the area with a view of the Caribbean Sea.

Hotel Las Islas


Capacity: 53 bungalows
Types of rooms: Bungalows (70m2-80m2/753ft2-861ft2) / Luxury suites
Highlights: Sea view / Forest / Caribbean coast
Services: Complimentary Breakfast / Fitness Center / Wireless Internet / Private Pools / Tours / Parking / Laundry / Concierge Service / Business Center
Awards: Conde Nast Johansens 2017 – 2019 Selected Hotel / FIABCI Real Estate Excellence Awards 2018 / Lux Life Magazine’s 2019 Most Outstanding Coastal Hotel in Colombia / Travel and Leisure World Best Awards 2019

This hotel on the Baru Peninsula is unique. It is very easy to get to from Cartagena. The journey takes around 45 minutes by boat and around an hour by car. There is also a helipad on the premises.

The Hotel Las Islas offers all amenities. The eco-friendly rooms have all the comforts of luxury accommodation and panoramic views that should not be missed. When I visited I had a bungalow with a private pool overlooking the sea and the bed was very comfortable. You can choose between the ocean view and treetop bungalows.

A variety of activities are also offered here. From helicopter flights and boat tours to mangrove tours to bird watching, hiking, cooking classes, and swimming with bioluminescent plankton, you definitely won’t get bored.

We recommend this accommodation for families, couples, and single travelers on a budget.

Ecohabs Minca


Room types: Deluxe double room (194m2 /753ft2) / Standard double room (18m2 /194ft2).
Highlights: Caribbean Sea / Rainforest / Field Crops
Services: Internet WIFI / Room service / Vegetarian cuisine / Airport transfer / Parking

The drive from Santa Marta to this hotel takes around 45 minutes.

Ecohabs Minca is part of an ecotourism project in Colombia that is based on permaculture, which means that the design of the property takes on the characteristics of the ecosystem. The accommodations have a system of bio-construction, which goes hand in hand with the appropriate materials for an environmentally friendly construction. The local community is part of the project.

The accommodation rooms offer a beautiful view of the sea and the surrounding mountains. The Ecohabs offer a minibar, a balcony, and a car park (for a fee). In addition to having a pleasant time in a warm climate, you can hike on various routes (fruit, ecological and spiritual paths) and watch birds that are native to this part of Colombia.

We recommend this accommodation to adventurous travelers.

Hotel Playa Koralia


Capacity: 18 suites
Room types: Suites with double – single bed / Junior Suite with double – single bed / Standard with double – single bed / Cartagena-type “Loft” suites with a single bed.
Highlights: Caribbean beach / Flora and fauna sanctuary / Forest / River
Services: Fan / Awning / Safety Box / Private Bathroom / Amenities / Spa

The drive from Santa Marta takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

The construction of the huts respects the ecosystem, the roofs are made of palm trees, the doors are made of bamboo and wood, which can withstand strong winds. You don’t have to forego comfort here and the hotel is surrounded by nature. The rooms have hammocks to relax in. Depending on the number of travelers, you can choose between a suite, junior suite, standard suite, and a Cartagena loft with a sea view.

In the Hotel Playa Koralia, you can connect with nature, visit waterfalls, explore rivers, holy wells, and of course take walks to the Tayrona Park in Colombia. You can also go for a walk on the beach or in the forest and observe the different species of animals. Mud therapies and yoga are also offered.

We recommend this accommodation to families, couples or single travelers who want to enjoy each of the natural surroundings of Colombia (beach, forest, river).

Andean region

The Boato Hotel


Capacity: 3 cabins
Room types: Double room (38m2 /409ft2)/ Family room (85m2 /915ft2)
Highlights: Pets allowed / Lake / Mountain
Services: Hot water / WIFI / Kitchen with dishes / Breakfast included / Airport transfer

The Boato is 1.5 miles from the Peñol de Guatapé Rock. The hotel can be reached in around 90 minutes by car from Medellin.

This open-air hotel offers three types of cabins, the Classic wooden cabin with a queen-size bed for two people. The Aqua cabin, with a whirlpool, with a view of the Peñol reservoir and the Aqua double cabin, with a larger space for up to 6 people.

The hotel also offers a variety of activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding. You can also book other activities and excursions in the hotel and make a campfire in the evening and cook for yourself.

We recommend this hotel to travelers who enjoy water sports.

Bio Habitat Hotel


Drone photo of Bio-habitat hotel in Armenia Quindio

Room types: Habitats (34m2-63m2/366ft2-678ft2) equipped with queen and king beds.
Highlights: Native forest / Mountain view / Orchards
Services: Room Service / Private Bathroom / Air Conditioning / Dining Room / Minibar / Jacuzzi

From Armenia, the capital of the Quindio department, it takes around 30 minutes.

The Bio Habitat Hotel offers a wide variety of accommodations. The hotel is extremely stylish and therefore really surprised me during my visit. Some accommodations are located between the trees and offer an oasis of calm and relaxation. In addition, the hotel is built on a hill, which promises a magnificent view.

The hotel has its own hiking trails (Bio and Nocturno), spa, and offers activities such as horse riding, bird watching, and guided tours with local guides.

We recommend this lodge to families, couples and single travelers who are looking for peace and style without straying far from the urban area.

Ecolodge Kasaguadua


Capacity: 3 rooms
Room types: Single / Double
Highlights: Nature / Forest
Services: Terrace / Kitchen / Private bathroom / Lounge / Shower

This amazing Ecolodge is located in Salento, which is known as the home of the Cocora Valley. Salento can be reached from Armenia or Pereira in around 30 minutes. The property is located around 10 minutes outside of Salento.

The Ecolodge aims to leave the smallest possible footprint. One focus is the sustainable constructions made of bamboo and recycled plastic. The accommodation offers two comfortable places for couples, immersed in nature. The Ecopods, consist of two domes with a bed for two people and common areas (bathrooms, kitchen, and living room). The Mini Casita consists of 3 floors. There is a large bed, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Activities such as guided hikes, sustainability tours and nature tourism are offered.

We recommend this accommodation to couples who want to spend a pleasant time surrounded by nature and fresh air.

La Palma y El Tucán


Capacity: 9 cabins
Room types: Single room (29m2 /312ft2)/ Double room (29m2/312ft2) / Triple room (29m2/312ft2) / Family room
Highlights: View of the mountains / Coffee cultivation
Services: Jacuzzi / Sauna / Open lounge / Corporate events / 3 meals included / Terrace

This beautiful property is located in Zipacón, Cundinamarca. The journey from Bogota takes around 90 minutes.

La Palma y El Tucan offers its guests the experience of coffee production and tasting. The property is surrounded by nature and offers panoramic views of the Andes. The rooms are fully equipped, comfortable and have a view of the mountains or the garden.

We recommend this place to families, couples and single travelers who want to enjoy nature and get to know coffee in Colombia better.

Ecohotel Blue Morpho


Capacity: 24 rooms
Room types: Family rooms
Highlights: Pets allowed / Beach / River / Flora and fauna
Services: Room Service / Safe / Room Service

The hotel is located in the Rio Claro Nature Reserve. It takes around 4 hours to get there from Medellin and 5.5 hours from Bogota.

Ecohotel Blue Morpho offers two floors and 24 rooms open to nature. You can therefore hear the sounds of the surrounding nature, including the Rio Claro river. The construction consists of adobe bricks and reeds.

Various activities such as rafting and canopy are offered in the Rio Claro nature reserve. It is a popular destination for bird watchers and hikers will also find their paradise there.

We recommend this lodge to travelers who are looking for a spectacular nature experience.

Pacific region

El Almejal Ecolodge


Capacity: 10 cabins
Room types: Bungalows (35m2-58m2 /377ft2-624ft2)
Highlights: Natural Swimming Pool / Ocean View (Pacific Ocean) / Clean Energy / Vegetable Garden / Pets Allowed / Nature Reserve
Services: Private Bathroom / Mosquito Net / Organic Vegetable Garden / Concierge / Airport Transfer / Free Breakfast

El Almejal is located in Bahia Solano. The village on the Pacific Ocean can be reached in 45 minutes by plane from Medellin.

The environmentally friendly wooden huts offer a high level of comfort in the midst of the surrounding flora. The Colombian Pacific coast is a natural paradise and you can find a variety of animals and plants. Whale watching is also possible between June and November. The property is right on the beach and has a hiking trail that leads to a higher viewpoint.

We recommend this lodge to couples and families looking for excellent accommodation with good food on the Colombian Pacific coast.

Pijibá Lodge


Capacity: 6 rooms
Room types: Cabins (19m2/205ft2) with single bed, double bed or multiple accommodation
Highlights: Ocean View (Pacific Ocean) / Jungle View
Services: Terrace / Private bathroom / Mosquito net / Food cooling
Awards: Ecotourism Excellence Award 2000

This small ecolodge is located in Nuquí, in the Chocó department, easily accessible by plane from Medellín in just 40 minutes.

It is built from palm roofs and a wooden structure. The property offers 3 types of huts: La Yagarita, a hut near the sea where you can hear the sound of the waves, La Chonta, where you can dive into the jungle and also enjoy the view of the Pacific, and La Piangua, where you are one step away from the sea and will enjoy the colors of the sunset.

We recommend this accommodation to single travelers, couples and families who do not need conventional luxury to relax.

El Cantil Ecolodge


Capacity: 7 rooms
Types of rooms: bungalows
Highlights: Ocean View (Pacific) / Hammock Area
Services: Restaurant / Airport Transfer / Free Breakfast
Awards: Colombian Ecolabel / Certification in High Level of Tourism Sustainability

This Ecolodge is located in Nuquí, in the Chocó department, easily accessible by plane from Medellín in just 40 minutes. In Nuqui there is a 40-minute boat ride to the hotel.

El Cantil Ecolodge offers every comfort, surrounded by nature and the 7 huts of this lodge were built with immunized shingles. The property holds the Colombian Ecolabel and the High Level of Tourism Sustainability certification, which certifies it as one of the best green hotels in Colombia.

Activities such as surfing, kayaking, paddle surfing, hiking, and many more adventure plans are offered. The hotel has long been known to foreign travelers to Colombia and is the first choice for a stay in the Pacific. However, you will look in vain for electricity and the internet connection.

We recommend El Cantil to travelers looking for an excellent natural experience on the Pacific coast.

La Huerta Hotel


Room types: King Room (50 m2 /538ft2) / Twin Room (24m2/258ft2).
Highlights: Nature reserve / Swimming pool / Organic vegetable garden / Forest
Services: Private bathroom / Hot water / Wet area / Dining room

The Hotel La Huerta is located on Lago Calima, Palmira, around a 2-hour drive from Cali.

This modern accommodation offers two types of rooms (King and Queen) with balconies overlooking the organic garden and nature. The rooms have their own bathroom and all the comforts, surrounded by nature and silence.

Hotel La Huerta offers bird watching opportunities as it has a 7-hectare forest reserve and takes care of the biodiversity in this land. There are also various wet areas. The restaurant serves healthy dishes with ingredients directly from the vegetable garden. The region around Lake Calima is a natural paradise and this hotel is certainly the best choice for a stay in this area.

We recommend this accommodation to nature lovers.

Araucana Lodge


Capacity: 10 rooms
Room types: Single / Double
Highlights: Forest / Organic vegetable garden
Services: WIFI / Safe / Hot water / Closet / Disabled access

From Cali, the journey to the Araucana Lodge takes around 40 minutes by car.

Araucana Lodge uses fallen trees for the wooden tables inside the lodge. The lodge’s rooms have all the amenities and with large windows in front of the beds, you can see all the colors of the sky at any time of the day. Bird watching is an integrated offer and the biodiversity in the area is very high. Vegetables and fruits come from our own organic garden.

We recommend this accommodation for couples or single travelers who like to be outdoors.

Amazon region

Calanoa Jungle Lodge


Room types: Bungalows
Highlights: Rainforest / Wildlife observation / Amazon river / Streams and lakes
Services: Shared kitchen / Bathroom / Loft / Shared room

The lodge is located in the Amacayacu Nature Park, around two hours by boat from Leticia. Leticia can be reached either by boat from Peru or Brazil, or by plane from Bogota.

The Calanoa Lodge is made of wood. In addition to the huts, there are social spaces that you share with other guests. Calanoa huts have a sustainable architecture, using local materials and resources and allowing good airflow.

The area is located in a three-country corner and the culinary offer is strongly influenced by it. A variety of activities are available, on land or on water. These include, for example, bird watching, sport fishing in the river, visits to surrounding indigenous communities, handicraft workshops, and canoeing.

We recommend this hotel to travelers who do not want to do without high-quality accommodation in the Amazon jungle.

Reserva Natural Palmarí


Capacity: 24 beds / 12 hammocks
Room types: Maloka Hut / Enramada Hut
Highlights: view of the mountains / river / natural pool
Services: Full meals / Amenities / Risk Insurance / Private Guide / Fan

The Palmari Nature Reserve is an exotic one on our list as it is located in Brazil, not Colombia. However, the journey takes place via Leticia and takes between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the time of year. The owner is Axel and the property benefits from the German thoroughness.

The construction of the building is made of wood and the area is spacious. There are different accommodation categories, which include different services, sizes, and occupancy capacities.

Palmari offers an experience for inexperienced Amazon visitors, as well as for hard core travelers who also want to undertake multi-day excursions outside the lodge. Activities range from sport fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding and canopy to bird watching.

We recommend this accommodation to families, couples and single travelers who want to experience adventure activities.

Orinoco region

Juan Solito Ecolodge


Capacity: 7 rooms / 4 cabins
Room types: Rooms / Camping / Hammocks
Highlights: Eastern plains / Ranching
Services: Laundry / Private Bathroom / Electricity / Fan / Laundry.

The eco lodge is around 5 hours drive from Yopal, the capital of Casanare in the Llanos. You need a 4×4 vehicle to get there.

Juan Solito operates a low-impact policy, which means that all infrastructures, as well as operations and tours, are operated with minimal impact on nature. Llanero safaris, guided walks, fishing, and horse riding are all available.

The hotel has a main building with a capacity of 7 rooms that offer simple comfort. Hammocks are also offered, in keeping with the tradition of the local cowboys.

We recommend this hotel for people looking for adventure and tranquility in the vast plains of Colombia.

La Manigua Lodge


Capacity: 5 cabins
Room types: Family huts / Couple huts
Highlights: Nature / Solar energy / Forest / Rainforest / Jungle
Services: Specialty Dining / Private Bathroom / Amenities / Private Outdoor Shower

La Manigua is located in La Macarena, in the Meta department with the capital Villavicencio. You can arrive by land, but a direct flight from Bogota or Villavicencio is recommended. Sometimes direct flights are also offered from Cali and Medellin. After arriving in La Macarena, the river trip to the hotel takes around 20 minutes on the Guayabero River.

The rooms at La Manigua are very comfortable and offer fantastic views of the surrounding forests and nature. The huts are made of wood. A variety of activities are also offered. The highlight is certainly a visit to the Caño Cristales. From June to the end of the year, the river shows different bright colors, which is why it became known worldwide. The colors in the river are created by algae.

We recommend this hotel to couples and families who want to experience life on the plains and who want to take a break.

Hotel y Bioreserva Lagos de Menegua


Lagos de Menegua reserve in Meta Colombia

Capacity: 24 rooms
Room types: Standard single / Standard double / Triple / Quadruple
Highlights: Swimming pool / Garden / Bio reserve
Services: Restaurant / Swimming pool / Air conditioning / Minibar / Games room / TV / Terrace / Laundry / Conference room / Housekeeping / Parking / Airport transfer

From Villavicencio, a road leads directly to the hotel. The journey takes around two hours.

The hotel surrounds a nature reserve with lakes and hills and it also contributes to sustainability with the income of the guests. The kitchen offers “slow food”: only fresh and local food is used. The hotel can accommodate up to 100 people and offers television, minibar, air conditioning and a swimming pool.

As part of the offer, the hotel recommends visits to the 1,000-hectare nature reserve, where you can observe the diversity of the species that live there. The nature reserve is home to more than 800 species of animals. You can go on a camper safari around the hotel and the lake is also ideal for activities. Riding is of course also possible, because in the Llanos the horse is considered the local bicycle.

We recommend this accommodation to nature lovers and travelers who like to see wildlife up close.

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