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Playing Golf in Bogota, Colombia – A Guide

Club golf El Rincon in Bogota Colombia

Updated on 03/04/2024

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Greetings from Frank, your golf travel operator based in Bogota. We specialize in arranging captivating golf experiences and journeys across the beautiful landscapes of Colombia.

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Bogotá’s Golf Courses

Bogotá boasts over 20 golf courses, making it the hub for golf enthusiasts across the country. While predominantly private, there are affordable options and public courses accessible to everyone.

Private vs. Public Golf Courses

Distinguishing private from public clubs involves key characteristics. Private golf clubs in the city have a long-standing tradition, often created exclusively for the elite. In contrast, public or low-cost clubs aim to broaden golf’s appeal to a wider demographic unable to afford club memberships.

Private Golf Courses in Bogotá

Some of Bogotá’s renowned private clubs include:

  • Club El Country: Among Bogotá’s most prestigious clubs, it offers two 18-hole courses (Par 72 and Par 71) and hosts major national and South American tournaments, such as the Tour.
  • Club Los Lagartos: With two 18-hole courses (both Par 71), this club also hosts important national tournaments like the Donovan Cup and El Tiempo Cup, alongside various social activities.
  • Club Guaymaral: This private club features two 18-hole courses, one designed for practice and caddies accompanying members, and a dedicated children’s course for learning.
  • Club Campestre Los Arrayanes: With an 18-hole course, a children’s learning area, and a practice field, this club offers comprehensive training and competitive teams.

To play golf at these private clubs, you’ll need a membership, typically payable monthly, quarterly, or annually. Costs vary based on the club and available amenities, with options for individual or family memberships.

Public Golf Courses in Bogotá

The only public places for golf in Bogotá are:

  • Centro de Alto Rendimiento (CAR): An initiative by the Colombian Golf Federation, it offers a 9-hole practice course and private lessons.
  • Club de Golf La Cima: This public club draws inspiration from courses in the United States with fewer participation restrictions. Given its high altitude, preparation measures for weather are essential.

These venues operate on rentals and reservations, commonly referred to as ‘green fees.’ Rental prices depend on each club and may cover a day, three days a week, an entire week, or even a month. Payment options include individual or group rates and equipment such as high-quality balls and clubs are available for rent, making golf accessible to the public.

How Can I Play at a Private Golf Course in Bogotá?

  • The easiest way to play golf in Colombia is to contact us directly. We are a tour operator in Bogota, specialized in playing golf in Colombia.
  • It is also possible to play golf as a guest of a club member. Or through acquaintances who know someone who is a club member.
  • Some golf courses have associated hotels. As a guest, you can play golf there. There are also destinations where city hotels have an agreement with surrounding golf courses.
  • Some golfers try it on their own and write emails or call the respective golf clubs. In my experience, none of these attempts have been successful so far. The private golf clubs in Colombia do not accept individual golfers. Emails are rarely answered and without a good knowledge of Spanish, you can also avoid a phone call.

Some clubs require a player’s handicap. So, make sure to have this information readily available. Similarly, if you are interested in participating in a tournament in the country, the Colombian Golf Federation requires proof of handicap and club affiliation in your home country.

Choosing a Hotel for Golfing in Bogotá

When selecting a golf course to play, it’s essential to consider the distance between your accommodation and the club. Many of these venues are situated near major, congested roads in the city, making travel occasionally tiresome. Furthermore, Bogotá contends with heavy traffic, ranking among the world’s busiest cities.

A smart approach is to recognize Bogotá’s localities, which serve as organizational sectors within the city. Most golf courses are located in the northern part of Bogotá, in areas like Usaquén and Suba, or on the outskirts, such as Club La Cima in La Calera.

For example, if you plan to play at the Country Club in Usaquén or Los Lagartos Club in Suba, it’s advisable to seek accommodation in the same locality to avoid traffic issues and detours.

Dressing Appropriately for Golf in Bogotá

When playing golf in Bogotá, it’s essential to adhere to specific dress code parameters. First, consider the character of certain clubs; private clubs often enforce dress codes consistent with golf’s general rules. In Bogotá, a traditional style is favored. Additionally, be mindful of Bogotá’s climate, situated in a temperate zone that can become chilly. Hence, it’s advisable to wear covered garments like long pants and sweaters while adhering to the club’s etiquette protocol.

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