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Golf Associations in Bogota

Bogotá is the headquarters of many professional sports organizations and golf is no exception. Below we present some of these associations and their various activities:

Federation Colombiana de Golf

The Colombian Golf Federation is an organization that promotes extensive experience in the sport through its numerous clubs and tournaments. Based in the city of Bogotá, it currently has more than 14,000 members and is one of the most important associations in the country.

History of Fedegolf

In mid-1917, golf began to develop as a popular sport in Colombia and became the focus of the attention of columnists and sportswriters. The idea of an organization in which golf could be promoted more strongly at national level came about in December 1945, in which the most important golf tournament to date was to be held. After meeting with the different clubs that have a golf course across the country, it was decided that the federation’s headquarters would be in the city of Bogotá, and that there would be an appropriate hierarchy and system of rules for the practice of the sport. Currently, the Colombian Golf Federation, with more than 70 years, manages more than 49 clubs and is one of the most important in the country with more than 14,000 members.

Activities in Fedegolf

As for activities within the club, there are different categories and divisions that compete in tournaments held by the different clubs in the country. Within this federation the Colombian open tournament is played; This event is the most promising in the country and is attended by both amateurs and professionals. Within the association there are also competitions in the categories of juniors, seniors, amateurs, national, international and university competitions. Services also include courses, seminars and training.

Location Fedegolf

The head office is in the city of Bogotá, Cra . 7#72A – 64. However, the federation has a presence across the country with more than 49 clubs.

Association of Senior Golfers of Colombia

The Association of Senior Golfers of Colombia ASOSENIOR, also based in the city of Bogotá, focuses on players in the senior division, i.e. players over 55 years of age, which gives it a more exclusive character and benefits for members.

History of ASOSENIOR

ASOSENIOR was founded in 1974 by a group of then over 55-year-old golfers who took part in the South American Championship in Buenos Aires and the 1976 World Championship in Colorado Springs. In 1997, the organization managed to formalize its legal and sporting aspects. Since then, the association has competed in every South American championship it has won in the past 10 years, most notably the World Championship in the United States and the Mariscal Sucre Cup.

Activities within ASOSENIOR

As a main activity, ASOSENIOR hosts monthly tournaments in different clubs as well as at regional, national and continental level. The organization also grants its members benefits such as hotel accommodation, discounts at association-affiliated shops and on flights within Colombia, Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom.


ASOSENIOR is located in the city of Bogotá at Calle 93 No. 14 – 20. They are present in a few clubs in the capital and host tournaments in cities such as Armenia, Cartagena, Cali and Manizales .

Colombian PGA

PGA Colombia is a non-profit organization that is part of the PGA (Professional Golfer Association ) and is represented in almost every country in the world. This club is exclusively professional in nature, unlike others that allow amateur players. The office is located in the north of the city of Bogotá.

History of the PGA in Colombia and the World

The history of the PGA dates back to the Victorian era. JH Taylor, James Braid and Harry Vardon founded the PGA to give status to the sport and its players. With currently 8,000 members worldwide, the organization is responsible for the professional development of its players. This organization was founded in Colombia in 1956 by professional golfers.

Activities of PGA Colombia

Their activities include an open tournament where different types of golf are played.

Location of PGA Colombia

This organization is located in the city of Bogotá, Cra 7 # 72-64 Int. 26

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