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Playing Golf in Cartagena – A Guide

Karibana Golf Club in Cartagena Colombia

Updated on 03/04/2024

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About Golf Courses in Cartagena

Cartagena boasts two nationally significant golf courses. A special feature is their proximity to the sea, offering beautiful views and biodiversity within the clubs.

Types of Golf Clubs in Cartagena

These clubs are private, which means they are exclusive spaces for specific groups of people. They cater to individuals from a high social stratum with substantial purchasing power who can afford to pay for a membership. Their services include private golf lessons, a pro shop, an exclusive store selling golf and other sports equipment, golf cart rentals, and more.

Private Golf Courses in Cartagena

Club TPC Karibana: TPC stands for “Tournament Players Club.” It is part of a collection of over 30 elite clubs worldwide that adhere to the highest standards of professional golf. This is one of the most renowned golf courses in the region, located within the Karibana Beach & Golf Condominium complex. It offers an 18-hole golf course with a par of 72, designed by Nicklaus Design.

Club Campestre de Cartagena: This club features an 18-hole golf course and is one of the oldest golf clubs in Colombia. It offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

How Can I Play at a Private Golf Course in Cartagena?

  • The easiest way to play golf in Colombia is to contact us directly. We are a tour operator in Bogota, specialized in playing golf in Colombia.
  • It is also possible to play golf as a guest of a club member. Or through acquaintances who know someone who is a club member.
  • Some golf courses have associated hotels. As a guest, you can play golf there. There are also destinations where city hotels have an agreement with surrounding golf courses.
  • Some golfers try it on their own and write emails or call the respective golf clubs. In my experience, none of these attempts have been successful so far. The private golf clubs in Colombia do not accept individual golfers. Emails are rarely answered and without a good knowledge of Spanish, you can also avoid a phone call.

Some clubs require a player’s handicap. So, make sure to have this information readily available. Similarly, if you are interested in participating in a tournament in the country, the Colombian Golf Federation requires proof of handicap and club affiliation in your home country.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hotel in Cartagena

Cartagena is a major tourist city in the country, attracting both foreign visitors and local residents. This means that traffic congestion and detours can occur when navigating the city. The city is organized into three districts: Virgen y Turística, where TPC Karibana is located; Industrial y de la Bahía, home to Club Campestre de Cartagena; and Histórica y del Caribe Norte.

It is important to survey the area to make a wise choice for your golf trip accommodation. Some of the city’s tourist attractions, such as the historic center and the hotel and beach area, are located in the Histórica y del Caribe Norte district, spread across sectors like Bocagrande and El Laguito. One advantage of these clubs is their proximity to major roads in Cartagena, which can facilitate transportation.

An intermediary like a travel agency can help plan transportation or choose a location that allows for better mobility. In particular, Club TPC Karibana has a hotel, making everything more convenient. However, this course has agreements with other hotels in case you prefer to stay elsewhere.

What to Wear When Playing Golf in Cartagena

Cartagena has a warm climate with periods of high temperatures, so lightweight clothing is often a good choice. However, it’s essential to remember that golf clubs have a dress code for play that aligns with higher sports authorities’ rules. These rules suggest traditional attire. Some items like shorts, dresses, and skirts are allowed due to the climate, but it’s important to check the length and type of garments for an optimal experience within the club.

More about Golf in Colombia

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