Playing Golf in Cali, Colombia – A Guide

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About Golf Courses in Cali

The city of Cali is home to two nationally significant golf courses, which are not only sports venues but also hubs for social and recreational activities.

Types of Golf Courses in Cali

The city has only a few golf courses, all of which are private and maintained by clubs that uphold specific admission standards. Typically, these spaces cater to individuals from the upper social class with a certain level of purchasing power.

Private Golf Courses in the City of Cali

The primary golf clubs in Cali include:

  • Club Campestre de Cali: This club’s golf course is considered one of the best in South America, as it has been renovated to comply with USGA regulations. It boasts 18 holes, a par of 71, and has hosted both national and international events.
  • Club Farallones de Cali: This club features an 18-hole, par-73 golf course that is remarkable for its diverse surrounding wildlife and flora.

To play at these clubs, you need to have a membership, which must be paid at regular intervals, ranging from monthly to quarterly or annually. The membership cost may vary depending on the services and amenities offered by the club. Additionally, there is an option for either an individual or family membership.

How Can I Play at a Private Golf Course in Cali?

  • The easiest way to play golf in Colombia is to contact us directly. We are a tour operator in Bogota, specialized in playing golf in Colombia.
  • It is also possible to play golf as a guest of a club member. Or through acquaintances who know someone who is a club member.
  • Some golf courses have associated hotels. As a guest, you can play golf there. There are also destinations where city hotels have an agreement with surrounding golf courses.
  • Some golfers try it on their own and write emails or call the respective golf clubs. In my experience, none of these attempts have been successful so far. The private golf clubs in Colombia do not accept individual golfers. Emails are rarely answered and without a good knowledge of Spanish, you can also avoid a phone call.

Some clubs require a player’s handicap. So, make sure to have this information readily available. Similarly, if you are interested in participating in a tournament in the country, the Colombian Golf Federation requires proof of handicap and club affiliation in your home country.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hotel for Golfing in Cali

One factor to consider when selecting the golf club where you will play is the distance between the club and your accommodation. Cali, being a major city, experiences heavy traffic flow, which can sometimes affect transportation to the practice site. To avoid issues such as traffic congestion and getting lost in the city, it’s essential to have prior knowledge of the area.

Cali is divided into districts, making it easier to locate certain places. We recommend choosing accommodation close to the golf course. For example, Club Campestre de Cali is located in District 18, and it already has a hotel within its facilities. Club Farallones de Cali is situated in the southern part of District 22, so it’s advisable to find hotels around these districts, preferably in good areas like El Peñón, Ciudad Jardín, or Valle del Lili.

Additionally, there are agreements between clubs and some hotels or travel agencies that can facilitate transportation between the club and the course.

How to Dress Appropriately for Golfing in Cali

Cali has a warm climate, so it’s common to wear lightweight and short clothing. When it comes to golf, it’s essential to consider both the general dress code and the club-specific dress code. As mentioned earlier, the clubs in Cali are private, meaning their policies include a dress code that must be followed. Generally, the attire is traditional but comfortable.

From a climatic perspective, Cali experiences temperatures ranging from 16 °C to 30 °C, so it’s essential to have items like sunscreen and adequate hydration readily available.

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