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Top 4 Must-Visit Skydiving Destinations in Colombia

Paragliding between mountains in San Gil Santander Colombia

Updated on 05/16/2024

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Ready to experience the thrill of falling from the sky in one of the most electrifying destinations in Latin America? Colombia, with its diversity of landscapes and exciting skydiving opportunities, is the perfect destination for an adrenaline-filled trip.

In this blog, we will guide you through the skies and the 4 most exciting cities for skydiving in Colombia.

Advantages of skydiving in Colombia

Skydiving in Colombia offers a unique and exhilarating experience, allowing you to admire spectacular landscapes, from mountains to beaches, while feeling the rush of free fall.

The favorable weather year-round in many Colombian regions provides ideal conditions for skydiving. Moreover, the diversity of locations, from coastal areas to mountainous regions, allows you to explore different environments.

Another important aspect of skydiving in Colombia is the variety of jump types, especially the most common ones, such as tandem jumps for beginners, fun jumps for experts, jump courses, and exhibition jumps.

Additionally, the culture and entertainment add a special touch to tourists’ experience, making it unforgettable.

Top Skydiving Spots in Colombia

In this section, we present the most impressive destinations for skydiving in Colombia, whether you’re an experienced adventurer or taking your first leaps. These places offer an ideal skydiving experience.

Difficulty Levels

Each location offers different difficulty levels depending on the jump, as explained below:

  • Moderate: The jump area has stable and suitable conditions for skydivers of all levels. Significant previous experience is not required, making it suitable for thrill-seekers without needing to be experts.
  • Intermediate: The jump area presents additional challenges, such as winds and changing conditions, requiring basic knowledge of skydiving. It is not recommended for people with mobility issues or those under 8 years old.
  • Difficult: The jump area involves intense challenges and previous skydiving experience is needed. It is not suitable for those under 15 years old, pregnant women, or people with heart, lung, or mobility issues. Skydiving practice in these areas requires an advanced level of skill and knowledge.


Keep in mind that jumps are typically made from 3,000 meters (10,000 feet) above sea level and reach speeds of 200 km per hour during free fall, meaning the parachute must be opened about 30 seconds later. After that, you’ll glide for about 8 to 10 minutes before landing.

Remember that the services will depend on the skydiving agency you choose.

Cali, Valle del Cauca

Cali is a popular city for its varied entertainment offerings, including skydiving.

The planes or aircraft responsible for transporting you usually depart from Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport, and the jump zone is typically located 30 minutes north of Cali, near Palmira. Of course, this depends on the agency you choose and the type of jump.

Lansdscape of valle del cauca

How to Get There: You can reach Cali by plane directly or by car from, for example, Bogotá, which takes 9 hours via National Route 45, approximately 472 km (293 miles).

Difficulty: Moderate, Intermediate, and Difficult.

Agencies: There are 2 very famous agencies that provide talks and support for the jump, overflight, photography, insurance, lodging, and restaurant services.

Ricaurte, Cundinamarca

Ricaurte is one of the most popular destinations for skydiving, and being near Bogotá, it is ideal for tourists unfamiliar with Colombia.

The jump zones are usually located in the rural areas of the Central and Eastern mountain ranges. Therefore, the view is fascinating. And the aircraft usually depart from Santiago Vila Airport in Girardot or private runways owned by agencies.

How to Get There: You can reach Ricaurte from Bogotá by car, about 154 km (95 miles), approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes via Route 21 Girardot – Tocaima.

Difficulty: Moderate and Intermediate.

Agencies: In this municipality, there are several agencies, 3 very well-known ones, with their own airstrips, insurance, restaurant service, accommodation, bathrooms, pool, jump photos, and instructors.

Flandes, Tolima

Flandes is a beautiful municipality that hosts an interesting cultural and entertainment offering.

Of course, we can highlight skydiving due to the various agencies of this extreme sport and the varied services they offer, such as restaurant service, insurance, bathrooms, and jump zones. Normally, the aircraft depart from and the jump is made at Santiago Vila Airport.

Flandes has the perfect climate for skydiving, making it the ideal destination.

How to Get There: You can go by car or bus from Bogotá or Girardot, which is the nearest main city, it’s about a 10-minute drive, approximately 2 km (1.2 miles).

Difficulty: Moderate.

Agencies: There are 2 prominent agencies operating in this municipality with their own airstrips, insurance, restaurant service, accommodation, bathrooms, pool, jump photos and videos, and instructors.

Barranquilla, Atlántico

There’s nothing like the view of the sea and the breeze of the Colombian Caribbean for skydiving, and Barranquilla has it all, beautiful places and different agencies offering this service.

It’s worth mentioning that skydiving is usually done at Mendoza Beach, 45 minutes from downtown Barranquilla, and the aircraft depart from Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport or private runways owned by agencies.

How to Get There: You can fly in, taking 1 hour and 30 minutes from Bogotá, 1 hour from Medellín. Or, by car, it’s a 16-hour drive from the capital, about 1,000 km (621 miles), and from Cartagena by land it’s 2 hours, about 115 km (185 miles).

Difficulty: Moderate.

Agencies: In Barranquilla, there’s a wide range of agencies, more than 4 well-known ones, offering services such as jump zones, overflight, videos and photography, instructor consultations, restaurant service, bathroom, accommodation, and more.

Safety Tips for Skydiving in Colombia

Skydiving is an exciting experience, but it’s essential to prioritize safety at all times. Here are some safety tips for skydiving in Colombia:

  • Choose certified centers: Make sure to skydive at properly certified centers with experienced instructors. For example, by the Colombian Federation of Aerial Sports or by the USPA (United States Parachute Association). Verify the credentials and reputation of the center before committing.
  • Follow the instructor’s instructions and requirements: Listen carefully to your instructor and follow all safety instructions. Learn the signals and procedures before the jump to ensure a safe experience. Also, keep in mind requirements such as:
    • Being over 12 years old.
    • Having a medical certificate proving good health.
    • Not being pregnant.
    • Not having mobility or heart issues.
    • Using and having the appropriate equipment.
  • Know the equipment: Familiarize yourself with skydiving equipment. Learn how the main and reserve parachutes work, as well as the built-in safety devices.
  • Weather conditions: Check the weather conditions before jumping. Avoid jumping in adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds or storms.
  • Inform about your health conditions: Inform your instructor about any relevant health issues and follow medical restrictions. Skydiving can be physically demanding, so make sure you’re in good shape.
  • Safety equipment: Always use the provided safety equipment, such as helmet and harness. Ensure the equipment is in good condition and properly fitted.
  • Prepare mentally: Skydiving can be exciting and challenging. Mentally prepare yourself for the experience and stay calm during the jump.
  • Prepare for emergency situations: Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and the location of the reserve parachute. Knowing how to react in unexpected situations is crucial.
  • Weight restrictions: Pay attention to weight restrictions set by the skydiving center. Weight can affect parachute effectiveness and jump safety.

What to Bring for Skydiving in Colombia

When preparing for skydiving in Colombia, it’s essential to bring the appropriate and necessary items for a hassle-free experience. Here’s a list of what you should consider bringing:

  • Sunscreen: If you’re jumping on a sunny day, or even if it’s not, apply sunscreen to protect yourself from sun exposure during the time in the air.
  • Identification documents: Carry your identification document with you, as some skydiving centers may require it for registration purposes.
  • Cash: Have cash for tips or possible purchases in places with poor online payment signal.
  • Hair tie: If you have long hair, consider bringing a headband or hair tie to keep it in place and avoid damage.
  • Water and snacks: Stay hydrated and bring some light snacks to keep your energy up.

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Here is a list of incredible destinations for hiking and other nature activities in Colombia:


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