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How and Where to Book a Trip? – Travel Agency or Internet?

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Updated on 05/03/2024

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These days we have more options than ever before when it comes to booking trips. But with the numerous options come decisions and considerations. This article is intended to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of different booking methods and identify the right ones.

What type of traveler are you?

Defining the type of traveler is crucial to choosing the right travel options. Various factors such as travel preferences, need for comfort, budget and openness to new experiences play a role. Here are some travel types and what sets them apart:

The Independent Explorer: You prefer to organize your trip yourself to enjoy maximum freedom. The planning is based on our own research and recommendations. Flexibility is important to you, as is exploring remote places.

The comfort-oriented connoisseur: You want a relaxed holiday where everything is organized. Comfort and convenience come first, and you’re willing to pay a little more for it.

The Adventure Seeker: Your goal is to try new activities and push your boundaries. Adventure travel can include rock climbing, rafting or safari. These trips often require special equipment and a certain level of physical fitness.

The cultural and educational traveler: History, art and culture are your passion. They enjoy visiting museums, historical sites and cultural events. These trips are often characterized by educational aspects.

The nature and animal lover: Your main interest is experiencing and exploring nature. You look for trips that allow you to observe animals in their natural environment and enjoy hiking in national parks or remote landscapes.

The Socially Committed: You want to make a difference while traveling, so you prefer volunteer work or educational programs. This type of trip allows you to immerse yourself in the community and make a positive contribution.

The luxury traveler: Exclusivity and first-class service are important to you. They look for high-end accommodations, gourmet experiences and often private tours. Luxury travel is expensive but offers exceptional experiences and comfort.

The Budget-Conscious Traveler: Your main concern is saving costs. They look for the best deals, are willing to stay in hostels and use public transport. This type of travel requires flexibility and the willingness to forego certain amenities.

Identifying your travel type is the first step in planning your ideal trip. Each type has specific needs and preferences that must be taken into account to ensure the best possible travel experience.

Tourists visiting la Guajira colombia

What types of travel agencies are there?

Travel agencies can be classified according to the services they offer and their specific clientele. Here are some common types of travel agencies and their distinguishing features:

Local travel agencies: These are often located in city centers or residential areas. They offer personal service and are focused on the needs of the local community. They are ideal for customers who value personal contact and advice.

Online travel agencies (OTAs): These digital platforms allow users to research and book trips themselves. OTAs are often cheaper and offer a wide range of options. They are ideal for independent travelers who like to plan everything themselves.

Specialized travel agencies: These agencies focus on specific types of travel such as adventure travel, luxury travel, cruises or educational travel. They offer tailored packages and expert knowledge in their specialist area.

Business travel agencies: They are aimed at business travelers and offer services such as booking flights, hotels and transport, as well as organizing business meetings. Efficiency and a smooth process are central here.

Consolidators: Also known as ticket brokers, these travel agents buy tickets in bulk and sell them at discounted prices. They’re great for budget travelers looking for the best flight deals.

Boutique travel agencies: These offer personalized travel experiences and emphasize unique, often luxurious destinations or experiences. They are suitable for travelers looking for something special and tailor-made.

Sustainable travel agencies: They focus on eco-friendly travel and offer trips that are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. They are ideal for travelers who want to have a positive impact on the environment and the communities they visit.

Tour Operators: These companies put together complete travel packages that include transportation, accommodation and often tour guides. They are practical for travelers who want an all-round, worry-free package.

Choosing the right travel agent depends on various factors such as personal preferences, destination, budget and the type of assistance you require. It is important to choose a travel agent that meets your individual needs to ensure the best travel experience.

Types of travel agencies by geography

In addition to the categories mentioned above, travel agencies can also be differentiated geographically. This can play an important role in deciding where to book your trip:

Travel agencies in the home country: These often offer a wide range of travel destinations and work with partners worldwide. They are easy to reach for advice and offer a local contact point.

Destination Management Companies (DMC): These specialists are based directly in the destination country and therefore have an excellent level of local knowledge. They can often offer more detailed and tailored travel experiences because they have direct access to local resources, accommodations and activities.

Hybrid travel agencies: Some travel agencies combine presence in home and destination countries to provide both local service and in-depth knowledge of the destination. This can be particularly advantageous for complex trips.

Working with DMCs is common for local travel agents as it allows them to give their clients access to local experiences and often better prices than if everything was organized from outside. DMCs are often the true travel specialists, with a network of local providers that allows them to offer authentic local experiences and support.

Geographic distinction is particularly important for travelers looking for authenticity and deeper insight into the destination’s culture and environment. By choosing a travel agency that either acts as a DMC itself or works closely with one, travelers can ensure they receive an experience that goes beyond the usual tourist path.

Guide in Bogota graffiti tour with tourists

What types of trips are there?

The travel industry offers a variety of travel types that vary in their destinations, activities and level of inclusivity. Below is a breakdown of common travel types:

Package holidays: These trips are often found with major tour operators and include flights, accommodation and sometimes meals and transfers. They are ideal for travelers looking for comfort and an all-round carefree package.

Individual trips: Here travelers put together their own trip or have it tailor-made. This allows for a high level of flexibility and the ability to adapt the trip to personal preferences.

Adventure Travel: This type of trip is designed for those who want to be active and have adventures. It ranges from safaris to hiking or cycling tours in remote areas.

Cultural trips: The focus of these trips is on immersing yourself in the culture of the destination country. They often include visits to historical sites, museums and participation in local festivals or workshops.

Wellness trips: These trips are designed to promote the well-being of travelers. These include yoga retreats, spa stays and health-focused vacations.

Cruises: They offer a combination of travel and accommodation on a cruise ship with various destinations, often including full meals and entertainment on board.

Ecotourism: This type of travel focuses on sustainability and experiencing nature without damaging it. They are often linked to supporting local environmental protection and communities.

Educational trips: They are aimed at travelers who want to learn something, be it a language or a craft, often in conjunction with cultural exchange.

Luxury trips: These trips offer exceptional experiences with high standards of accommodation, transport and exclusive activities.

Choosing the right type of travel depends largely on personal interests, budget and the desired level of comfort and flexibility. Travelers should consider these factors when planning their trip to create the best possible travel experience.

Where can you book trips?

Booking a trip can be done in a variety of ways, and each method has its own benefits and potential pitfalls. Here are the most common options:

Local travel agencies: Traditional travel agencies offer personal service and advice. They are particularly suitable for more complex trips or for travelers who value individual attention.

  • Advantages: Personal contact, often knowledge about specific travel destinations, support if problems arise during the trip.
  • Disadvantages: Possibly higher costs due to consulting fees, limited opening hours, many intermediaries involved, time difference to the destination country, and often no specialist knowledge available.

Online travel portals: Websites such as Expedia, or Agoda enable travelers to book flights, hotels and vacation packages easily and conveniently from home.

  • Advantages: Wide selection, comparability of prices, availability of customer reviews.
  • Disadvantages: Less personal advice, difficulties in clarifying problems, no accessibility, fake customer reviews, service provider not known, no clear responsibilities.

Direct bookings: Hotels, airlines and other service providers allow you to book directly through their own websites.

  • Advantages: Often the best tariffs or special offers directly from the provider, direct communication if you have any requests or problems.
  • Disadvantages: Price comparisons are more tedious, you have to bring in specialist knowledge yourself, no help on site, possible loss of time due to poor planning, a lot of time required.

Travel apps: Mobile apps offer additional flexibility and can often find good deals at short notice.

  • Advantages: Easy booking on the go, partial access to exclusive app offers.
  • Disadvantages: Smaller screens make comparison and clarity more difficult, no one is responsible, contact is not possible, fake reviews.

Specialized travel providers in the destination country: For tailor-made or specialized trips, it may make sense to book directly with a provider in the destination country.

  • Advantages: Expert knowledge about the travel destination, often tailor-made offers, adjustments possible during the trip, direct local contact in the same time zone, price advantage because there are no middlemen.
  • Disadvantages: Possible language barriers, payment processing may be more complicated, additional insurance required, possible cultural differences and misunderstandings.

Travel fairs and events: Travel fairs offer the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information and sometimes also to book special offers.

  • Advantages: Direct contact with providers, a wide range of information in one place.
  • Disadvantages: Offers can be overwhelming, and attending a trade fair is time-consuming and potentially costly.

Social media platforms and forums: Through direct interaction with other travelers, valuable tips and sometimes group booking benefits can be found.

  • Advantages: Insider knowledge, current experience reports, community support.
  • Disadvantages: Information can be unreliable, no formal accounting structure, misinformation, contrary information.

The choice of booking platform should be made carefully and depends on individual needs such as flexibility, price, comfort and security. It is advisable to compare several options and consider their respective cancellation policies and support offers in the event of changes or problems.

Case study Colombia trip – Best choice for a tailor-made trip?

Colombia, a country with rich culture, stunning scenery and a vibrant history, is an excellent example to demonstrate the benefits of a tailor-made trip.

Planning your tailor-made trip to Colombia


  • Individual itinerary design: A specialist tour provider can cater to personal preferences and create an itinerary that includes both well-known and hidden gems of the country.
  • Authentic Experiences: Local tour operators often have insider knowledge and offer access to experiences that go beyond the typical tourist attractions.
  • Flexibility: Changes in the itinerary can often be taken into account more easily, which is particularly important in the event of unforeseeable events.
  • Local support: In the event of difficulties or emergencies, a local contact can provide valuable assistance.
  • Middlemen: Possibly lower costs as no intermediaries are involved.
  • Logistics: Due to local expertise, travel plans can be better structured.


  • Place of jurisdiction: If there are problems or discrepancies, legal action may be pointless depending on the destination country.
  • Insurance: Insurance is usually the responsibility of the traveler with this booking type.

Examples of tailor-made trips in Colombia

  • Cultural immersion: Visits to smaller communities and participation in local festivals can provide deeper insights into the way of life of Colombians.
  • Nature and adventure: hikes in the Coffee Triangle region, explorations in the Amazon or trekking to the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City).
  • Beach and relaxation: Individual tours to lesser-known destinations with less tourism and better quality.

What is the best way to book a tailor-made Colombia trip?

The best way to organize a tailor-made trip to Colombia is to work directly with local travel agencies. They not only have the necessary knowledge about the country, but also direct access to local service providers.

  • Local tour operator: The search for a trustworthy operator can be done via recommendations, rating portals or specialized travel networks.
  • Personal advice: Detailed advice via telephone or video call can help to precisely define travel expectations and plan the right experiences.
  • Reviews and references: Previous customer reviews are a valuable source of information to assess the quality of the provider.
Guatapé Colombia


The best way to book a trip is a personal matter that depends heavily on individual preferences, needs and expectations. In order to make the best possible decision, it is crucial to first understand yourself as a traveler and to recognize what demands you place on the trip. The choice of travel destination, type of travel and booking method should therefore be carefully considered.

For the independent explorer, organizing travel independently via online platforms can be a fulfilling challenge, while the comfort and safety-oriented person may prefer the service of a traditional travel agency. However, for those who value in-depth, authentic experiences, a tailor-made trip with the help of a local specialist is often the best choice.

The Colombia case study showed that tailor-made trips are particularly suitable for those who want to experience the country off the beaten track. Working with local experts can enable an incomparable travel experience that is tailored precisely to your personal wishes.

Ultimately, booking a trip is a journey within yourself – a process of self-reflection and engagement with the diverse possibilities that the world of travel offers. No matter which path you choose, the goal remains the same: an enriching, memorable and joyful experience that lingers long after you return.

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