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Updated on 05/31/2024

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From nomadic influencers to committed content creators, Colombia has witnessed a wave of passionate travelers who have decided to defy limits and uncover its hidden gems. Some have left behind a life of business and wealth to experience the country’s full diversity. Get ready to be inspired by the authentic experiences behind the lenses of these globetrotters.

Christian Byfield

Christian Byfield, a well-known Colombian traveler, photographer, and writer, not only left his executive life but also chose a nomadic existence to explore the entire world. Through his social media, especially on Instagram and TikTok as @byfieldtravel, he has captivated a substantial audience, becoming a true influencer in the world of travel.

Juan José

Explorer and presenter of wonders, Juan José, also known as @juantrotamundos on Instagram and TikTok, invites us to discover the cultural and natural treasures of Colombia. Especially focused on Antioquia, he shares traditional places of great cultural value, advocating for tourism that respects and supports local entrepreneurs.

Isabel Villegas

Isabel, the courageous blogger behind @isa_porahi on Instagram and YouTube, takes her content to new heights. From experiences in beautiful places to the challenging realities faced by some residents of the region, as showcased in her visit to La Guajira, her narrative encompasses both the beauty and challenges of Colombia.


Frank Spitzer is a Swiss entrepreneur who bets on Colombia’s tourism through his everyday job. Before dedicating himself to creating unforgettable travel experiences in Colombia since 2017, Frank Spitzer served as a first lieutenant in the Swiss military and had a successful 20-year career in finance. His extensive travels, covering over 60 countries, have enriched his perspective, making him a leading authority in Colombian tourism.

Frank shares his insights and adventures through his YouTube channel @COLOMBIAFRANK and is active on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, showcasing Colombia’s vibrant culture and stunning landscapes.

Juan Vergara

Juan Vergara, content creator and dedicated traveler, shares more than just stunning views. Through his Instagram @juan.lavueltaalmundo, he presents stories of indigenous cultures, exposing not only their way of life but also the challenges they face. His documentaries extend an invitation to learn more about Colombia and raise awareness of its cultural richness.

Camilo Duque

@camiloduque.z on Instagram and TikTok takes us on a detailed journey through uncommon places in Colombia. This storyteller not only shares his experiences but also documents significant moments, such as his journey during the National Strike in 2021, where he joined the indigenous minga.

Juan Camilo Vélez

@kasedna_travel on Instagram and X immerses us in the natural lifestyle of Juan Camilo Vélez. His social media unveils a profound connection with nature, both in his travels and daily life, offering a unique perspective of Colombia.

Isabel Puerta

@lasrutasdeisa on Instagram and other platforms takes followers through the experiences of Isabel Puerta, who identifies herself as a nomad. Her motto “la vida es un cuento y por eso te la cuento” (life is a story, and that’s why I tell it to you) resonates in every post, where she shares everything from natural beauty to local cuisine and personal experiences.

Among her travels in Colombia, she has visited Villa de Leyva, Coquí (Chocó), Puerto Colombia (Atlántico), Bogotá, Meta, and other places.

Señor Viajero

@senor.viajero on Instagram shares tourist plans and price guides in Colombia, making it easier for followers to plan their trips. His experiences in different regions, including volunteering in Chocó, provide a comprehensive insight into the cultural and natural richness of the country.


Guillermo Prieto, better known as Pirry, is a journalist, photographer, writer, and documentarian dedicated to creating content on various topics related to Colombia and the world.

In his content, he provides historical and cultural data about the places he visits around Colombia, including aspects of his personal life, such as the risky experiences in which he participates. He has won awards throughout his journalistic career, including four India Catalina awards between 2012 and 2019 and three TV y Novelas awards between 2009 and 2015. He was also nominated for the Emmy Awards in 2007.

In 2013, he released his book “Viaje por el mundo sin censura” (Journey Around the World Uncensored), which discusses the most remote places he has traveled to, along with his personal experiences in those destinations, narrated in a raw and irreverent manner.

You can find him as @pirryoficial on Instagram, X, YouTube, and Facebook.


This content creator, photographer, and filmmaker not only shares his journeys around Colombia and the world but also teaches us how to creatively produce this type of visual content while traveling.

He also offers tourist guides and tips to explore various renowned regions of Colombia, known for their beauty and surroundings. You can find him as @travel_jcr on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

J Berbeo

@viajandoconberbeo on Instagram and Facebook is an influencer who dedicated himself to traveling around the world after leaving his life as an entrepreneur. He highlights the fauna, flora, and educational facts about the cities he visits. Additionally, he advocates for sustainable tourism and respect for protected spaces in Colombia.

María Paola Jaramillo

@buscandoajacinta has traveled to 35 countries, 250 cities, totaling 380 trips. In her travels around Colombia, she has visited Mompox, Doradal (Antioquia), Putumayo, and other destinations with unique natural landscapes.

María Paola has also been a brand ambassador for companies such as Hindú, Avon, Falabella, Sony, and others. Additionally, she has a website where she shares her travels and offers workshops on improving habits and making the most of activities you love.

Marcela González

Marcela is an influencer who travels around the world while volunteering. Currently residing in China, she showcases many beautiful places globally, with Colombia being no exception. Her project began by traveling abroad as an Au Pair, which motivated her to explore more of the world.

Destinations like Bogotá, Tayrona, Cali, the Coffee Cultural Landscape, and Cartagena are on her list, where she recommends tourist spots, Colombian traditional foods, and provides information on accommodation prices and travel routes.

You can find her on social media as @marcetraveler or visit her website where she shares insights into her travels and life in China.

Kally Higgins

Among other activities, such as teaching languages, this influencer also travels the world and shares her cultural experiences through her social media.

Kally spent some time in Colombia after applying for a cultural exchange scholarship, and eventually decided to reside in the country. On her profile, she showcases various tourist sites in Colombia and translates expressions and slang used by Colombians into other languages, making it very useful for foreigners interested in immersing themselves in Colombian culture.

You can find her on Instagram as @kallyeskally, as well as on TikTok and YouTube. Additionally, you can find her at the virtual language school of Fluency Agency.

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