Traveling to Providencia in the Caribbean

Providencia Beach Colombia

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Traveling to Providencia in the Caribbean

Two years after visiting Providencia for the first time, I set off again to visit this beautiful island again. This time, however, I was not going on vacation but instead to do research, which meant I was not going to be spending my time with a lovely female companion.

Like last time, I stayed at “Brisa del Sur” at Mariela’s place, located on Southwest Beach. It is only a 10-minute walk to the most beautiful beach on the island; however, I was not expecting to go swimming. this time. Upon arrival, I received an invitation from the hotel Deep Blue, the best hotel on the island. Located on the northeastern shore, Deep Blue offers beautiful views across the sea to Cayo Cangrejo, high quality facilities, and a stunning restaurant that lies over the water. Thanks to its geographical location, a steady breeze is constantly blowing. This not only serves to cool down, but also helps protect against annoying mosquitoes.

The conversation with the island’s tourism director was also very enlightening. To preserve the region’s culture and traditions, various protective measures have been taken. For example, the island will not allow new vehicles, immigration will be more tightly controlled, no new hotels will be built for 20 years, and new operators of any type of accommodation will have to meet a variety of stricter requirements. Non-Islanders are not allowed to do business, which includes hotels. This is problematic, as most hotels urgently need investments. Since hardly anyone invests without exercising control, I am not sure that the island will achieve its goals with these new measures.

Exploring Providencia Island

On the morning of my fourth day, I got up early to climb the highest mountain on the island. I wanted to take some nice pictures and a little exercise was not going to hurt either. “The Peak” is a 4-hour excursion. At the foot of the mountain, local guides were advertising. When I asked my guide if he could maintain a fit and fast pace, he replied that he was as fast as lightning. After 40 minutes, I arrived at the top, with my guide lagging behind. While I waited for him, I enjoyed the spectacular view and took many wonderful pictures. When Eusebio, my guide, finally arrived, he was still willing to let me interview him. He was still motivated to an interview when he finally arrived. In general, I have found that the term speedy is defined quite differently on the island compared to that of the mainland.

The perfect goodbye to the Caribbean

Back at Mariela’s place, I was looking forward to my meal at Southwest Beach. The fresh fish or the big mixed fishplates there are phenomenal. As you eat, you are sitting on the beach, 5 meters from the waterline with a view of the sea. You can hardly imagine anything more beautiful. In the evening, Mariela’s husband plays local music on the accordion.

After 5 days in Providencia and just 10 minutes in the water, I was quite happy to board the plane back to Bogota. Providencia is definitely an island to spend your holidays enjoying the beaches and the sea, the beautiful surroundings, and the fresh fish. And again, I stand by my goal to spend my next vacation there with a pretty girl.

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