San Agustin Tourist Information

Last updated on May 23rd, 2021 at 11:15 pm

San Agustin tourist information

The largest set of funerary complexes and statues carved in stone are in this town. San Agustín hides in its archaeological park one of the greatest mysteries of pre-Colombian civilizations, a main attraction for tourists and for the scientific community.

Located in the centre of the Andes mountain range, in the Colombian massif at 1,730 meters above sea level, it has preserved for hundreds of years the memory of a pre-Colombian culture that carved its cult of life and death into stone, a mystery that allowed it to be a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1995. With a pleasant climate of 20°C, visitors can practice archaeological and ecological tourism, cycling and horseback riding. This welcoming destination has fascinated travellers and scientists, attracted by its landscapes, archaeology and culture.

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Access and transport in San Agustin

The nearest air terminal to San Agustín is the Contador airport in the city of Pitalito, Huila, that is 40 minutes away from San Agustín. But there is also the option to take the Benito Salas airport in the city of Neiva, that is four hours away.

Additional information of San Agustin

City tours and archaeological parks generally require long walks, so we recommend sportswear, sun protection and constant hydration. Lightweight suitcases are also recommended for the same reason.

Due to the high vegetation, we recommend the daily use of repellent against insects and mosquitoes.

The average temperature of San Agustín is 18°C with a humid environment.


San Agustin archaeological park

This national park protects the largest necropolis with archaeological remains of some indigenous communities of the Colombian Amazon. There, the visitor can see statues, vessels, jewels, wooden sarcophagi, arrows and other elements representative of the daily life of these communities.

Alto de Los Ídolos archaeological park

Included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 1995 for the particularity and richness of human and animal representations, dimensions and conformation of funerary structures. This place has been the object of continuous archaeological investigations.

Magdalena’s Viewpoint

From this iron and concrete structure, the imposing canyon of the Magdalena River can be seen in all its splendour. The place is perfect for nature lovers and for risky and adventurous visitors.

Los Tres Chorros

This natural waterfall is located 23 kilometres away from the centre of San Agustín. Surrounded by lush fauna and flora, it is considered one of the most important waterfalls in the entire department of Huila. Visitors who travel to Colombia can bathe in its cold waters and fish for trout. The place is also favoured for the observation of exotic fauna, like the capuchin monkey and beautiful birds, like parrots and troupials.

Other attractions

Alto de las piedras


Estrecho del Río Magdalena

La Chaquira