Providencia Tourist Information

Last updated on May 23rd, 2021 at 11:26 pm

Providencia tourist information

The Providencia Island is in the Northwest of the Caribbean Sea, and although it is geographically closer to Nicaragua, is part of the Colombian territory. The average temperature is between 25°C and 30°C.

This earthly paradise with unspoiled beaches and white sand has an impressive seven colours sea, delicious exotic fruits and around 5,000 joyful inhabitants. With a dozen small hotels and a beautiful land far from the large tourist resorts, the island guarantees true rest and a place to link with nature on your Colombia holiday. Surrounded by marine wealth and owner of the third longest coral reef in the world, it offers its visitors the best diving and snorkel experiences in its crystal-clear waters, as well as fascinating adventure stories of pirates that are part of the cultural heritage. In 2000, UNESCO proclaimed the island as a World Biosphere Reserve “SeaFlower” due to its immense natural wealth. Providencia is a natural treasure in Colombia and a living example of the ancient Caribbean.

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Access and transport in Providencia

The best way to reach the island is taking a plane from San Andrés, whose journey takes 25 minutes approximately. However, there is also a maritime transport that lasts approximately four hours but, because of the waves, it’s not the most comfortable and pleasant one to take.

In Providencia, there are taxis to move within the island or there’s also the option of renting a scooter, to explore in less time.

Festivities and events in Providencia

At the end of April or beginning of May, the island is dressed in black because of the pilgrimage of thousands of black crabs that come down the mountains towards the sea to lay their eggs. Traffic is forbidden on the island during those weeks.

In the so-called South West Bay, you can see exciting horse racing on the beach at noon on Saturday every 15 days. This is already a tradition for the locals.


Folk and Sport Festival.

Additional information of Providencia

Providence Island has a humid climate that ranges from 25°C and 30°C. Rainy season covers the months of September and December.


Santa Catalina Island

This small island retains the vestiges of the fortifications that once were raised by legendary pirates. Separated from the Providencia Island by just an artificial canal built by pirates during the XVII century, it is a sample of an Island of Treasures. There, you can enjoy a romantic experience, thanks to the intimate and quiet character of the island.

Natural National Park Old Providence McBean Lagoon.

This park is responsible for protecting the world’s third longest coral reef and is confirmed by a small hill with steep slopes known as Iron Wood Hill and the McBean mangrove, which gives the sea a spectacular range of colours, from deep blue to the aquamarine.

Bahía Sur Oeste

The Bahía Sur Oeste beach is one of the longest and the most beautiful in Providencia. It is a pacific place, perfect for a quiet walk on the beach. On it, there are only a couple of small hotels and some restaurants.


One of the most outstanding activities in the island is diving, for both experienced and beginners, since you can see a wide marine diversity in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, which have even been recognized by UNESCO for its wealth and biodiversity. It offers more than 30 dive sites and more than 20 for snorkelling. Although it is one of the best places to practice the sport, it remains relatively hidden, without a huge influx of people, which is what makes it a good option for diving lovers.

Cayo Cangrejo

This islet is part of the Natural National Park McBean Lagoon. Its small size and placid waters can be explored swimming with fins and mask to see the colourful fish.