February 2021 COLOMBIA Flight Connections Overview

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Last updated on February 9th, 2021 at 06:14 pm

Dear travelers

My name is Frank and I run a travel agency in Bogota, Colombia. Have fun while reading!

After a total shutdown, the first national and international flights are starting again in Colombia. Therefore, we have set up an overview below to summarize the progress and current status of all flight connections. You will find the 4 biggest airports in the beginning and below all airports in alphabetical order.

The information contained is for general guidance on matters of interest only. Given the changing nature of laws, rules and regulations, there may be delays, omissions or inaccuracies in the information contained.

Note: This blog was last updated on January 4th. 


Requirements for international flights to Colombia – Timeline

UPDATE on January 3rd, 2021 

Starting today, travelers to Colombia must present a PCR test for Covid-19 with a negative result. The reimposition of this requirement is stated in the Resolución 2532 on December 31st, 2020 issued by the Ministry of Health, obeying the order of Judge Legro (see past updates).  

What you need to know: 

  • The test must be taken no more than 96 hours before the flight. 
  • All travelers regardless of age and nationality must take the test. 
  • Only the passengers who argue difficulties to take the test or to obtain the result before the flight can board without a test. However, they must take the test upon arrival in Colombia and isolate themselves for 14 days – or less in case the result is negative. 
  • The local Secretary of Health will verify that travelers comply with the isolation. 

UPDATE on December 4th, 2020

Minister Fernando Ruiz declared inability to comply with the ruling issued by judge Legro since it is contradictory to the WHO and PAHO recommendations and lacks scientific foundations. This ruling affects the government’s strategy of sanitary control -Ruiz said.

He added that while this issue is legally solved, the people traveling to Colombia can still come without showing the PCR test or being subjected to a mandatory 14-day quarantine. 

UPDATE on December 3rd, 2020

Judge Giovanny Humberto Legro confirmed the mandate ordering the Ministry of Health to require negative PCR tests to travelers coming from abroad. He responded to the questions of the Minister and gave the health authorities 4 days to comply.

As for the other details, he restated that the PCR must be required, at least until three main conditions are met:  

  1. a safe and effective vaccine is distributed in the country,  
  2. outbreaks of Covid-19 are controlled both in Colombia and in the traveler’s country of origin, and  
  3. the government decrees the end of the sanitary emergency in the national territory and guarantees the epidemiological and biosecurity conditions in the population.  

The only exception would apply to children under 2 years of age. 

About the quarantine, the order is that travelers with a test taken more than 48 hours before, regardless of the result, must comply with 14-day isolation or quarantine in their house or place of accommodation.

The epidemiologic reason behind this is that when the test is taken, the result can be negative but the infection still may be incubating (this stage usually takes 3 to 5 days), so the quarantine is for prevention. 

UPDATE on December 1st, 2020

After hearing the judge’s mandate, Fernando Ruiz Gómez – Minister of Health, showed clear disagreement. The decision of annulling the negative PCR test requirement had been taken on an epidemiologic basis and he didn’t find the scientific reason in this one.

In response, the Minister stated that the institution will not comply with the order until the judge gives 4 specific explanations. These are the time frame, epidemiologic criteria, type of PCR to be required, and the deadline for the measure to take effect as it was not possible to implement the changes immediately.

UPDATE on November 26th, 2020

Judge Giovanny Humberto Legro from the Eleventh Administrative Court of Bogota commanded the national government to start requiring again the negative PCR test for Covid-19 to passengers of international travels 

Why? It turns out that lawyer Alberto Elías González issued a Tutela (writ for the protection of constitutional rights) against the Ministry of Health considering that his fundamentals rights to life, health, public health, and the principle of common interest were being violated since travelers could come to Colombia without presenting a negative coronavirus test.

This judge studied the legal action and concluded that authorities must demand the test once again. On top of that, travelers apparently should comply with 14-day isolation or quarantine in their place of accommodation. 

The judge argued that although the negative PCR is not 100% efficient in mitigating the virus transmission/expansion just as the other measures implemented by the government, it does act as a filter to avoid infected people entering the country.

Also, he affirmed that the country’s capacity for monitoring and public health is deficient, as contrary to the stipulated by the WHO and the PAHO, thus making other preventive filters necessary. 

UPDATE on November 4th, 2020 

The Ministry of Health announced that the PCR test will no longer be required. This measure was made effective by Article 1 of the Resolución No. 1972.

Now, airlines must inform passengers that once they arrive in Colombia, they will be monitored by their insurer, the Secretary of Health, or the National Contact Center for Tracking (CCNR). Hence, all travelers (national and foreigner) must report via phone call (they will contact you) whether they present Covid-19-related symptoms to the entities for the next 14 days of arrival. 

UPDATE on September, 2020

All travelers from abroad must have a Negative PCR test for COVID-19 taken no more than 96 hours before boarding. This test will be required for all flights from October 1st. 

The following requirements remain the same:

  • Fill out the Check Mig online form between 24 and 1 hours before your flight to facilitate your emigration control. Passengers who have not previously filled out the Check- Mig application will be denied boarding. This will be checked by Migracion Colombia once you enter the country.
  • Corona app registration on a mobile phone to report your health condition before the flight and for the next 14 days. Download the app: AndroidIOS
  • Anyone with a fever or symptoms associated with Covid-19 will not be allowed to board.

Measurements during the flight

  • Permanent mask-wearing (changing masks for flights longer than 2 hours is recommended).
  • Frequent hand washing/disinfection.
  • Social distancing of 2 meters minimum in airports.
  • Passengers must remain in the assigned seat throughout the flight.
  • The new regulation states that airlines must designate an exclusive bathroom for the crew, as long as there are enough for the use of the passengers without creating an overcrowding. In this case, the bathrooms must be assigned according to the location of the passengers.
  • When food is to be distributed, it must be done in sealed, pre-packaged containers and by letter location on the aircraft to avoid passengers in the same row eating at the same time. Also, for flights of less than two hours, airlines must refrain from on-board service activities.
  • It is suggested that travelers keep as much silence as possible during the trip, since this reduces the risk of transmission.

FAQs for foreigners:

  • How do I know if my flight to Colombia is canceled? Checking the status of your flight directly with the airline is advisable.
  • Do I have to do quarantine once I arrive in Colombia? No, for the moment quarantine is not mandatory. Until today, travelers to Colombia don’t have to do quarantine as long as they comply with the measures mentioned above.
    *For travelers that arrived in humanitarian flights between September 19th and 30th without the PCR test, there was a mandatory quarantine of 14 days at the place of accommodation.
    *Colombians without a PCR test couldn’t be refused entry to the country, but they had a mandatory 14-day quarantine and a test done immediately.
  • Can I enter Colombia no matter the result of my PCR test? You can only fly if your PCR test result is negative.
    *Foreigners who do not comply with the protocols (arriving without a PCR test or a negative result or a test done more than 96 hours before) may be denied admission to the country.
  • Are rapid tests for COVID-19 valid? No, only PCR tests are admitted.
  • Do I need a visa to enter Colombia? Visa requirements in Colombia depend on your trip purpose. Check here if you need a visa.
  • What do I do if my visa expires during the health emergency in Colombia? Foreigners who have expired their visas have one month from September 21, 2020 to apply for a Salvoconducto (SC-2 Safe-conduct) or leave the country. Salvoconducto gives a period of 30 days so that the foreigner can solve their migratory situation or leave the country when circumstances so permit. Without it, you cannot request a new visa.
  • And what about expired PIP permits or PT (tourism permits)? Foreigners with PIP permits such as those who entered for tourism will have up to one more month from October 1, 2020 to advance the renewal process, obtain a visa, or leave the country. Extension of tourism permits (PTP) can only be requested once.
  • How do I schedule an appointment with Migración Colombia? You must fill out the online FUT form and attach the required documents. Then, you can request an appointment on the same website. The deadline for scheduling appointments for paperwork is December 15, 2020.
  • What happens if I do not carry out the corresponding procedure? “The foreigner who does not carry out the corresponding procedure for a new visa, visa registration, requesting a foreigner’s identity card or Temporary Permit of Permanence (PTP) in the term stipulated in the resolution, will incur a cause of immigration violation and an administrative process will be initiated sanctioning in accordance with current regulations.” Resolución 2223 de 2020 – Migración Colombia
  • Do I need health insurance to travel to Colombia? It is highly recommended that you have coverage of international medical insurance since the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can check for this certification in Visitor (V) visa and other visa types applications.

What is the current situation in Colombia?

Commerce and tourism are slowly reopening to the public with some restrictions. Malls, restaurants, shops, and other establishments will take your temperature and ask you to disinfect your hands and shoes for entering. These also are functioning with a reduced capacity, meaning you might have to wait a bit more than usual to enter a restaurant, for instance.

Curfews and restrictions 

UPDATE on December 21st, 2020As predicted, new curfews and restrictions were announced in some capitals of Colombia. Pico y Cédula is the most common measure and means that citizens are allowed to go out to shops, banks, supermarkets, and other establishments depending on the last digit of their ID. 

National territory: In the whole country, selling alcohol in bars and restaurants, and some other establishments after 10 pm is banned. 

Bogota: The Mayor recommended voluntary isolation before the 24 and 31 of December and having meetings of up to 10 people. There is Pico y Cédula from December 21st to January 15th, 2021 and only one family member can go shopping for groceries.

In Bogotá, this measure works this way: on odd days, only those whose ID ends in an even digit may enter stores, while on even days, only people whose ID ends in an odd number may enter stores. It applies to restaurants, supermarkets, minimarkets, malls, gyms, banks, and notaries (all establishments related to the purchase or provision of goods and services). Health centers, pharmacies, and funeral services are exempted. There is also an exemption when 2 or more people are required to attend to notary, bank, financial, and administrative procedures. 

From January 5th, 2021 at 00:00, 3 zones in Bogota will be quarantined until 11:59 pm on January 17thResidents of Suba, Engativá, and Usaquén can’t leave their houses during these days for purposes other than basic needs and procedures. These zones have the highest ICU occupancy levels in the city. There will also be curfew from 8 pm to 5 am and no alcohol sales on weekends. Pico y cédula will remain in force.  

Cundinamarca: Starting on January 7th, 2021 until January 11th, the Cundinamarca department will have a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am, Ley Seca from 8 pm and Pico y cédula. 

Medellín: From Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020, there will be Pico y Cédula, so people whose ID’s last digit is even can go out on even days and IDs ended in odd numbers can go out on odd days. The same day, the Antioquia department goes on hospital red alert due to the high ICU occupancy.

Also, there will be a continuous curfew from December 24th at 8 pm until December 26th at 6 am, and from December 31st at 8 pm until January 2nd at 6 am. Moreover, the famous Christmas lighting of Medellin is suspended until the first week of January. 

Cali: This city also declared a health red alert. Hence, Pico y Cédula is in force from December 16th to December 23rd 2020. There is curfew from 11 pm to 5 pm and an alcohol sale restriction from 10 pm to 5 am. 

All measures apply until December 23rd at zero hours and can be extended depending on the behavior of the contagion. On Sunday 27 of December, there will be Ley Seca and curfew from 9 pm due to the final of the Colombian soccer tournament. 

Barranquilla Metropolitan Area: 4 municipalities (Soledad, MalamboGapala, and Puerto Colombia) will have curfew between the 24, 25, and 26 of December from 11 pm to 6 am. Although Barranquilla hasn’t decided on imposing any measures, it is expected to do so in the next few hours. 10 people are allowed for social gatherings and drinking alcohol is prohibited in public spaces and unauthorized commercial establishments. 

Moreover, circulation and sale of alcohol will be restricted on the 24, 25, and 26 of December from 11 pm to 6 am, and on the 1st of January from 1 am. The phase of selective isolation and responsible individual distancing extends until January 16, 2021, in Barranquilla. 

Cartagena: Restrictions are focused on commercial establishments. For December 25th and January 1, 2021, commercial establishments will be open until 2:00 a.m., except for stores, billiards, tobacco stores, drinks and liquor stores, whose hours are restricted until 10:00 p.m. 

Family reunions must be a maximum of 10 people and social gatherings are restricted in closed complexes, public places or shopping malls and neighborhood tours. Beaches are only for pedestrian traffic, so it is not allowed to stay or swim there, except for some areas authorized for reopening.  

Bucaramanga: Between the 15th and 23rd of December 2020, curfew goes from 11 pm to 4 am, but on the weekend, it goes from 11 pm to 5 am. On the 24th and 31st, the curfew goes until 5 am – but the Mayor wants to extend it until 1 pm.

Also, public and private events are banned, as well as meetings with over 10 attendees. The maximum capacity in commercial establishments is 30% and bars and liquor-selling establishments can be open until 11 pm. There is also Pico y Cédula according to the last digit of the ID. People with IDs ending in even numbers can go out on even days and vice versa. 

Santander: The Pico y Cédula restriction applies to a couple of numbers each day, differing from other departments. See the details on Vanguardia. Also, a curfew was decreed in the whole department every day from December 30th to January 16th, 2021 from 11 pm until 5 am. Also, on the weekends Dec 31st-Jan 2nd and January 8th-12th, there is a continuous curfew and Ley Seca. 

Montería: There is Pico y Cédula from December 21st until Monday, January 11th, 2021. Here, it works a bit differently. From 8 am to 1 pm, only those whose ID ends in an even number can enter supermarkets, stores, banks, and commercial establishments, while from 1 pm to 6 pm, only people whose ID ends in an odd number are allowed. 

Riohacha: There is curfew from 12 am to 4 am and Pico y Cédula for banks. 

Cúcuta: There has been curfew from December 15th, 2020 until the 21st of this month, although it can be extended until 2021. 

Meta department: The 29 municipalities of Meta will have curfew on the 24th and 31st of December 2020 from 10 pm until 5 am the next day. 

UPDATE on October 30th, 2020: Local governments of different Colombian cities established curfew during the long weekend from October 30 to November 2 (because of Halloween) to curb a possible increase in cases of Covid-19.  

While Bogota ruled out the measure, other capitals and smaller cities decreed curfew at varying times. Boyaca and Tolima ordered it for its whole territory, Antioquia for most municipalities including Medellin, and other cities such as Bucaramanga, Manizales, Armenia, Monteria, and Neiva also implemented the measure.

The curfew was aimed at the entire population of the city or, in some cases, only at minors. Also, in some cities, curfew was accompanied by the prohibition of selling, buying, and/or consuming alcohol. 

Have this in mind, because curfews may be implemented sometime in the next weeks or months as a preventive measure. 

Damages in coastal regions in Colombia 

UPDATE on November 20th, 2020In the last days, unfortunately, coastal regions of Colombia have suffered huge devastation because of hurricane Eta and most recently, category 5 hurricane Iota.

San Andres and Providencia Archipelago, especially, in the Caribbean, have been the most impacted. 98% of Providencia island infrastructure is destroyed and one person died. In San Andres, 60% of the territory was left with no power for hours due to the floodings and damages.  

But other regions in Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Chocó on the Pacific coast have been hardly hit by this natural phenomenon. More than half of the municipalities of Chocó have been impacted by river overfloods and landslides related to the rainy season. There are at least 35.000 people affected, one dead, one missing, and around 50 houses damaged or completely destroyed. Other consequences are main roads blocked by avalanches and bridges collapsed, leaving several towns isolated.  

This is the first time that a category 5 hurricane hits the country. Also, as an indirect consequence, other coastal and inland cities are at risk of sudden floods and landslides, and most certainly will present heavy rainfall as it’s being seen in Bogota.

So, if you’re planning to visit the country, be sure to check the news and sites such as the IDEAM to see the status and forecasts of the weather. San Andres and Providencia at least won’t be on the tourism radar for some time. Fortunately, cities such as Bogota have a wide offer for cultural tourism that you should consider. 

Requirements for international flights from Colombia

Requirements depend on the destination country. Check the health and migratory regulations of the country you are heading to beforehand.

  • Fill out the Check Mig online form between 24 and 1 hours before your flight to facilitate your emigration control.
  • Corona app registration on a mobile phone to report your health condition before the flight and for the next 14 days. Download the app: AndroidIOS
  • Travelers outside Colombia now can take the PCR test at private and public laboratories authorized by the National Institute of Health presenting their ticket as the negative result can be required before departure to some countries.
  • Passengers’ access to the airport will be allowed a maximum 3 of hours before departure to avoid crowds. Arriving 2 hours before is recommended.
  • Permanent mask-wearing (changing masks for flights longer than 2 hours is recommended)
  • Frequent hand washing/disinfection.
  • Social distancing of 2 meters minimum in airports.
  • Passengers must remain in the assigned seat throughout the flight.
  • For short flights, it is recommended not to use the plane’s toilets.

FAQs for Colombian citizens:

  • For information on the passport procedure in Bogotá, follow this link.
  • To book your appointment for the procedure, follow this link.
  • For the issuance of passports outside Bogotá you should consult directly with the Governor’s Offices in the departments where this document is issued.
  • Visa procedures should be consulted directly with the consular or immigration authorities of the destination country.
  • For any emergency occurring abroad, there is an online form for emergency and disaster registration that will facilitate the assistance of the consulates.
  • For citizen service, follow this link.

Requirements for domestic flights within Colombia

  • For flights to San Andres, a negative PCR COVID-19 test result taken up to 96 hours before departure is required.
  • For departments with low infection rates and whose main access route is by air, negative PCR test result, valid for no more than 48 hours.
  • Passengers’ access to the airport will be allowed a maximum 3 of hours before departure to avoid crowds. Arriving 2 hours before is recommended.
  • Permanent mask-wearing (changing masks for flights longer than 2 hours is recommended)
  • Frequent hand washing/disinfection.
  • Social distancing of 2 meters minimum in airports.
  • Passengers must remain in the assigned seat throughout the flight.
  • For short flights, it is recommended not to use the plane’s toilets.

Note: Airlines, airports, and Migration Offices are responsible for ensuring the biosafety measures and controlling the flow and health condition of travelers, but individual responsibility as citizens is the first key measure of control of the health emergency.

National and International Flights in Colombia

Update on December 20th, 2020:

Colombia announced the closure of flights from and to the United Kingdom after a new variation of the virus was detected. So, from December 21st, all flights from that country – whether direct or connections are banned.

Only the following travelers are allowed entry to the country: Colombians and foreigners with permanent residence in Colombia and their beneficiaries, people belonging to diplomatic entities, foreigners who start their flight to the country before the date of enforcement of the Resolution, and aircraft crew.  

Also, inadmissible foreigners must return to their country of origin immediately upon arrival. For such purpose, the airline will make the necessary arrangements to return them on the next flight and will assume the involved costs. 

Travelers that boarded before the measure was enforced will have to comply with isolation and 14-day quarantine, besides reporting to the health authorities whether they present any symptoms associated with Covid-19. People who entered the country since December 12th will also have to quarantine and be assessed by the EPS or regional health authority. 

Update on November 10th, 2020:

On Monday, November 9th, national headlines went crazy announcing that Colombia would restrict the entry of citizens from 7 countries. These were Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.

The news was spread after an internal memo from the Director of Migratory and Consular Affairs and Citizen Service – Fulvia Benavides- directed to the consulates abroad leaked into the media. The document stated that the government had decided to temporarily restrict non-essential travelers from the mentioned countries, as a reciprocate measure to the entry restrictions these nations maintained against Colombians.

So, as of November 10th, nationals from those countries would only be allowed to enter with a visa and not only their passport, as it was before. 

The good news is this measure was not implemented and the memo was an initial communication that needed approval from other government authorities. Benavides then issued a new circular asking consulate officials to ignore the previous communication and emphasizing that travel restrictions to those visitors will not be established. 

Update on September,2020:

Since 21 September 2020, 4 airports began to offer international flights again. These are El Dorado in Bogota, Jose Maria Cordova in Rionegro (Medellin), Alfonso Bonilla Aragon in Cali, and Rafael Nuñez in Cartagena. There are 9 destinations allowed for now:

    • USA
    • Mexico
    • Dominican Republic
    • Brazil
    • Ecuador
    • Bolivia
    • Guatemala
    • Chile
    • Panama

Bogotá, Distrito Capital, El Dorado International Airport, BOG

International Flights

National Flights

Medellín / Rionegro, Antioquia, José María Córdova International Airport, MDE

International Flights

National Flights

Cartagena, Bolívar, Rafael Núñez International Airport, CTG

International Flights

National Flights

Cali / Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport, CLO

International Flights

National Flights

Apartadó / Carepa, Antioquia, Antonio Roldán Betancourt Airport, APO 

National Flights 

Arauca, Arauca, Santiago Pérez Quiroz Airport, AUC 

National Flights 

Armenia / La Tebaida, Quindío, El Edén International Airport, AXM 

International Flights 

  • Fort Lauderdale Spirit  

National Flights 

Bahía Solano, Chocó, José Celestino Mutis Airport, BSC 

No flights at the moment 

Barrancabermeja, Santander, Yariguíes Airport, EJA 

National Flights 

Barranquilla / Soledad, Atlántico, Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport, BAQ 

International Flights 

  • Fort Lauderdale Spirit  
  • Miami  
  • Panama City Copa Airlines 
  • Curaçao once enter of Colombian citizens is allowed 

National Flights 

Bogotá / Chía, Distrito Capital, Flaminio Suárez Camacho Airport, GYM 

No flights at the moment 

Bucaramanga / Lebrija, Santander, Palonegro International Airport, BGA 

International Flights 

National Flights 

Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca, Gerardo Tobar López Airport, BUN 

No flights at the moment 

Cartago, Valle del Cauca, Santa Ana Airport, CRC 

No flights at the moment 

Corozal, Sucre, Las Brujas Airport, CZU 

National Flights 

Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, Camilo Daza International Airport, CUC 

National Flights 

Florencia, Caquetá, Gustavo Artunduaga Paredes Airport, FLA 

National Flights 

Girardot / Flandes, Tolima, Santiago Vila Airport, GIR 

No flights at the moment 

Guapi, Cauca, Juan Casiano Airport, GPI 

No flights at the moment 

Ibagué, Tolima, Perales Airport, IBE 

National Flights 

Leticia, Amazonas, Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport, LET 

National Flights 

Manizales, Caldas, La Nubia Airport, MZL 

National Flights 

Mariquita, Tolima, Mariquita Airport, MQU 

No flights at the moment 

Medellín, Antioquia, Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport, EOH 

National Flights 

Mitú, Vaupés, Fabio Alberto León Bentley Airport, MVP 

National Flights 

Montería, Córdoba, Los Garzones Airport, MTR 

National Flights 

Neiva, Huila, Benito Salas Airport, NVA 

National Flights 

Pasto / Chachagüí, Nariño, Antonio Nariño Airport, PSO 

National Flights 

Pereira, Risaralda, Matecaña International Airport, PEI 

International Flights 

Panama City Copa Airlines 

National Flights 

Popayán, Cauca, Guillermo León Valencia Airport, PPN 

National Flights 

Providencia Island, San Andrés y Providencia, El Embrujo Airport, PVA 

No flights at the moment 

Puerto Asís, Putumayo, Tres de Mayo Airport, PUU 

National Flights 

Puerto Carreño, Vichada, Germán Olano Airport, PCR 

No flights at the moment 

Quibdó, Chocó, El Caraño Airport, UIB 

National Flights 

Riohacha, La Guajira, Almirante Padilla Airport, RCH 

National Flights 

San Andrés, San Andrés y Providencia, Gustavo Rojas Pinilla InternationaAirport, ADZ 

National Flights 

San José del Guaviare, Guaviare, Jorge Enrique González Torres Airport, SJE 

No flights at the moment 

San Vicente del Caguán, Caquetá, Eduardo Falla Solano Airport, SVI 

No flights at the moment 

Santa Marta, Magdalena, Simón Bolívar International Airport, SMR 

National Flights 

Saravena, Arauca, Los Colonizadores Airport, RVE 

No flights at the moment 

Tame, Arauca, Gabriel Vargas Santos Airport, TME 

No flights at the moment 

Tolú, Sucre, Golfo de Morrosquillo Airport, TLU 

No flights at the moment 

Tumaco, Nariño, La Florida Airport, TCO 

No flights at the moment 

Valledupar, Cesar, Alfonso López Pumarejo Airport, VUP 

National Flights 

Villavicencio, Meta, Vanguardia Airport, VVC 

National Flights 

Yopal (El Yopal), Casanare, El Alcaraván Airport (El Yopal Airport), EYP 

National Flights 


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