Dancing Salsa in Cali Colombia

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Dancing lessons in Cali Colombia

During my visit to Cali back in 2011, I, I signed up for private dance lessons (yes, the teacher was a man). After a week of private lessons, I was ready for the Salsa World Cup, well almost. Cali is the capital of the department of Cauca and one of the largest cities in Colombia. Due to its proximity to the Pacific coast, there is a higher population of Afro-Colombian descendants, which is one of the largest ethnic groups in Colombia, than in other regions. Despite being having one of the highest crime rates in Colombia, it is a vibrant city built on the rhythms of salsa. One of my taxi drivers told me that everyone in the city could dance salsa, and as a man, you would never find a wife unless you are proficient in the dance. Thus, I strongly recommend that you make some time for salsa while you travel Cali.

My friends and dance teachers, whom I met back in 2011, have meanwhile rebuilt their home and installed a sensational dance school. They not only offer lessons but also perform shows with their troupe and compete in competitions. I had an unforgettable experience when I went to a teenage competition with my friends back in 2011.The mood was exuberant, and one could not help but join in the festivities. The participants were performing at an extremely high level, and I was genuinely struck with awe and returned to cheer them on the next day.

Apart from Salsa, the city had no major attractions that we were aware of at the time. We therefore arranged to meet with the tourism director to learn more about the area. Interestingly enough, the tourism manager has her own travel agency. For me, this is a rather bizarre pairing that seemed to be an obvious a conflict of interest. We, however, had encountered similar situations in other regions, but since Cali is a city of millions, this situation seemed all the odder.

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Going out in Cali

The following evening, we attended another dance troupe’s show. Once again, the mood was exuberantly vibrant, and I must confess that I found the costumes to be extremely sexy. On our last evening in Cali, we were invited to a well-known restaurant that was hosting a public dance competition. To our delight, many more women than men were present, and the ladies did not shy away from asking us to dance. Even Sebastian, who at first looked a bit shy, caught the rhythm after a short time, showed himself to be quite the dancer. I, however, struggled, after not having gone two years without practice.

Cali is a great destination for learning and dancing salsa, and with only a few days, you can surely pick up on a lot. In any case, I’ve made the decision that back in Bogota I will devote at least one evening to salsa dancing.

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