Traveling to Nuqui Colombia by boat from Bahia Solano

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How to get to Nuqui Colombia

After looking at several hotels in Bahía Solano and evaluating the local tourism offers, I planned to travel to Nuquí. So I had to arrange a transport to get into the National Park Utría first and then look for a transport to Nuquí in Utría. After several conversations with different people, I finally found a captain, who would drive the next morning in the National Park Utría and could negotiate with him a good price. The next morning we drove in a nutshell for about an hour south. The boat was full of young tourists. The trip was combined with whale watching, using the technique “Full throttle on the whale”. Unfortunately there was no information about the marine mammals. I therefore excelled with my knowledge, which I had gained in the past few days and shared this with my fellow passengers who were on Colombia vacation.

We landed on a sandy beach with a beautiful panorama. It was planned to stay there and have lunch. My personal plan, however, was to find a boat that would take me farther south so I could get to Nuquí. Hours passed without a single boat from the south heading for this small island on which we stayed. Increasingly nervous, I discussed my situation with various Colombians. I learned that there was a festival in the south today, so probably only a few boats would be heading south from Utría. I already thought about ordering a personal boat in Nuquí and paying half a fortune for it. Fortunately, then there was still a transport option, with which I could go south.

The last free place was right at the front of the boat. The captain seemed to be in a hurry and set off at full throttle. However, the now heavy rainfall and the ever-increasing waves did not impress him. However, I, sitting in the front of the boat, was beaten up and down in the boat. Knowing that this transport would take 2 hours, I tried to get as good as possible. Fortunately, I had my rain jacket with me, which at least protected me a bit from the heavy rain. However, I was shaken up on the ride, as rare in my life.

Arrival in Nuqui Colombia

Arrived in Nuquí, I made my way to my hotel, which was about 15 minutes outside the center. It was still raining heavily, which did not impress me as I was already soaked. Fortunately, the climate on the Pacific coast is very warm. Arrived at the hotel, I was happy about a shower, a beer and especially dry clothes. After a sumptuous meal, I went to bed early. The hotel room was one of the smallest I have ever had. I felt like a hobbit.

The next morning after breakfast we went by boat to the beach of Guachalito. I left the group to visit various hotels on site. The rest of the group continued the boat trip to watch whales. Fortunately, the weather was very friendly and sunny. The beach of Guachalito is about 3 km long with about six hotels, of which I visited the most. The beach is incredibly beautiful, paradisiacal is probably the best name, and you can walk the whole distance along the beach without meeting a soul. The water is also pleasantly warm.

Hotels in Nuquí

The hotels visited are of good standard but do not have Internet access or constant power supply. Some hotels only produce electricity for a few hours in the evening. However, very much emphasis is placed on the food and it is indeed very tasty. Personally, I thought that the food in Chocó was the best during my Colombia travel.

In one of the hotels, a young, incredibly pretty girl led me around. She explained that she works at the hotel for one month to look after and translate the foreign guests who are on Colombia vacation. She usually teaches English and French in Medellin.

Unfortunately, I had an appointment for lunch with the rest of the group and therefore had to say goodbye to the hotel and the beautiful girl. On the way back, I enjoyed the walk barefoot on the beach. And again, I met no human soul except a few soldiers who camped nearby in the woods. If I get married once, I can imagine spending a part of my honeymoon here.

Not only is Nuqui a good whale-watching destination, it also offers an incredible experience on the Pacific Coast. We are a travel company in Bogota Colombia and will be more than happy to organize your trip.

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